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68/100 days of productivity: nine pm on a friday night and i’m writing a paper on oedipal desires in renaissance tragedies 😪

Your name is Vox Machina

Your name is Grog Strongjaw, and you’re still getting used to the idea of a family that supports you but doesn’t push you. You’re still not exactly used to someone supporting your ideas, and the love your found family has for you still blows your mind. You have literally defeated the man who made your past life hell. He wasn’t your family. The ones you love now are. You love the one you prank but still knows how to dish it back out. You love your other tiny friend, and the peaceful one you taught to control her rage. You love the two long-range fighters and you wish you could protect them but they’re too far away. But most of all, you love your tiny sister. If you ever hurt her, you would probably hurt yourself. You trust her with all your heart, and she’s never broken that trust, so you help her as best you can in battle. Since your childhood, you’ve learned how to control your rage and use it to your benefit. You do it for one reason: family.

Your name is Pike Trickfoot, and you would do anything for your family. You stay holy because Sarenrae wants you to, but sometimes there needs to be some vengeance for the people that hurt the people you love. You love the druid who helps you with healing your friends. You love both of the salty half-elves, both of whom you have brought back from the dead. You love your fellow gnome, especially the banter you two have. You love the only human in your little family, and you’re so proud that he is done with that little demon that had taken hold of his heart. And you especially love your goliath brother who you couldn’t be prouder of. You’ve done so much, and there’s still so much more to be done, but most of all-you’re going to protect your family.

Your name is Vex’ahila and you want to save everyone. You want to save your family most of all. You’ve gone through so much, and your mind sometimes tells you things you know aren’t true. A broken man once told you that you weren’t worth anything, that you were just a killer, an unproven ally. You know that isn’t true, and the people you love prove that to you every day. You love the biggest guy on your team, that he will fight so close but know exactly when to dodge your arrows. You love the tiny holy one, and would do anything to protect her. The other small one is absolutely hilarious and is basically the father you never had. The druid is the one you’re able to talk about certain things with, conversations no one else would get. Your boyfriend tinkers and you couldn’t be prouder than him for how far he’s come from that demon. And finally, you love your twin most of all. He was there for you when no one else was, literally traded his life for yours, and will be by your side forever. Your name is Vex’ahlia and this is your family.

Your name is Vax’ildan and you’re not exactly sure how you got here. Somehow, you’re the moral compass of this group you’re in even though you’re probably one of the angstiest people you’ve met. You traded your life for your sister, and you’re not sure if it was the worst or best decision of your life. Now, you’re a paladin for the goddess of death and you do everything in your power to keep your family from crossing into her domain because you never want to lose them because you love them. You love the absolutely hilarious gnome who has you in stitches when you’re not fighting for your life. You love the tinkerer, but if he hurts your sister he is a dead man. You love the only other one who serves a god directly, and it’s a little strange because they’re different gods, but it’s nice. You love the big guy you prank back and forth, even if the pranks are kind of stupid. Your girlfriend is amazing and can do so many cool things, but you love her because she is herself. You love your twin, who you would protect with your life. She has gotten so far and you love watching her progress. You trust these people with your life because they’re your family.

Your name is Keyleth and you couldn’t be prouder. Of yourself and your family. You have worked so hard to get to the point of completing your lifelong quest, and it’s done. Finally. The first time you tried one, you were alone. Now you have people you trust with you. You’re so proud of everyone you love. You love the small one, even if her complete trust in her god kind of worries you at times. You love the one who is always there to cheer you up, and strangely impart some wisdom if you need it. You love the one you can talk about your boyfriends with, because sometimes they’re stupid. You love the one who taught you how to control your rage. You needed that. You love your amazing boyfriend, and you love that he will always support you. Most of all, you think, you love your best friend. You thought you were the epitome of ‘opposites attract’, but it seems you have more in common than you ever thought. This family has helped you get to where you are, and you couldn’t be more proud or loving.

Your name is percival fredrickstein von musel klossowski de rolo iii, and that name comes with power you’re not exactly sure you’re fit to carry. You worry that you would be a poor leader, so you leave the actual leading to others in your group. You will put forward ideas, but typically let others talk about it if it’s only your family. When regarding nobles, however, you will take the lead because you know exactly how to speak to them in a way to protect your family because you love them so much. You love the singing one, even if he tries to fuck with you on a regular basis. You love the big guy, but it sure is fun to ‘title’ him-it makes him so happy. You love your holy friend, especially her hugs and one-liners. You love the only one who you are behind in amount of angst. You love your girlfriend, and you love being in the back with her, watching her notch and release every arrow. You love your best friend, who you couldn’t be prouder of. She’s the good influence, and you’re the bad. You are so happy that your family still stuck by your side even when there was a demon trying to take over your mind. You couldn’t love them more if you tried.

Your name is Taryon Darrington and you wish you knew what you are doing. But, you don’t. You want to prove to your family that you are capable, but that’s tiring out to be difficult. This group is amazing, and you wish you could be on their level. You can see the love they have for each other, and you can only hope to be a part of that love eventually.

Your name is Scanlan Shorthalt and you don’t really know what’s going on. You stumbled into adventuring and you don’t know if it’s for you. You love your family, but families can fight. You want to stay with them, but even though you love them, you’re not sure if they love you right back. You’ve come so far, fought so many physical monsters, but you have no idea how to fight the ones living in your mind. You can’t sing a fun tune at them to make them go away, so you left, trying to leave the demons behind. Little do you know, your family is still broken. It will always be a little broken, but you helped slowly mend it. Now the crack is widening without you there and you have no idea, so there is no way you will fix it. You came so far and accomplished so much, but apparently your mind has made you think your found family doesn’t love you. They do.

Your name is Vox Machina and you are a group of broken people making a family. It’s a broken family for sure, but you’ve seen the worst in each other and make each other better. The only problem is, there are a few giant cracks and you’ve lost your glue.

(100 days of productivity - day 15 to 18) 

5th april to 9th april - I’m sorry for completely abandoning the ship, I didn’t really mean to do that (maybe I did tho lmao) :^) I have been having pretty neutral days and that pretty much sucks bc this is boring me to death rip ;u; 

+ I’m officially a freshman at high school now and hoo boy; I’m dying with the work load even tho the real crazy homework hasn’t even started yet and it’s just been 3 days at school hahaha (someone save me, seriously) 

I hope everyone has a wonderful day, remember to hydrate yourself and take care of your bodies; you come first. 💞

Okay, so this might as well be the worst photo I’m ever gonna post, but I just wanted to put it out there that I’m being productive and I’ve really got into planning and to-do lists in the past few days. Guys, I’ve never in my life been so productive, I’m getting.shit.done!



The Toy Water Guns of Entertech

Entertech was a subsidiary company of LJN, most popularly (or infamously) known for making low quality video games for the Nintendo Entertainment System, many of which were based on popular movies in the 1980′s. While LJN is known for their video games, in actuality most of their business came from the production and distribution of toys.  During the 1980′s, they made several lines of action figures and many other toys that were very popular, making LJN a powerhouse in the toy industry.

In 1985, the company MCA Inc bought out LJN, which gave LJN the power to buyout smaller toy companies and create several subsidiary companies.  One of these companies was Entertech, founded shortly after the MCA buyout.  Entertech invented and produced a line of children’s water guns that went above and beyond the water gun technology of the day. Rather than just being your typical squirt gun, Entertech’s guns used a battery powered motor to pump and fire the war.  In addition, Entertech’s guns used detachable magazine’s filled with water, making loading realistic to a real firearm. With the electric pump, the toy guns could fire fully automatic, with a rate of around 60 squirts per minute with a range of around 30 feet. Several models were produced, made to resemble common military firearms such as assault rifles, submachine guns, machine pistols, rocket launchers, grenade launchers,shotguns, and pistols.

Entertech’s slogan was “The look! The feel! The sound, so real!” Problem was, the guns did look very real, especially with it’s matte black finish. In a few incidents, teenagers toting the toy guns were shot by police who mistook them for the real thing. Some other incidents occurred in which robbers armed with the water guns robbed stores and banks. As a result, states and local governments passed laws banning toy guns that looked like real firearms, mandating they were finished in bright colors or had an orange barrel cap so that they could stand out.  Entertech attempted to remedy the situation by finishing their water guns in different colors, or with blaze orange caps. However by then, the damage had been done. Entertechs sales decreased by 79%.

In 1990 Acclaim Entertainment purchased LJN, and decided to reduce LJN to video game production and distribution only. As a result, Entertech was sold in September of 1990, and eventually dissolved. LJN’s run as video game produced was short, as Nintendo only authorized licensed game developers to produce five games a year. LJN was eventually folded into Acclaim in 1995, and thus LJN ceased production of crappy NES game. Inexplicably, Acclaim produced a game with the LJN name brand in 2003, called Spirit of Speed 1937. It was the last LJN title.

TalesFromYourServer: The mother of all 1 star reviews

So this didn’t happen to our company but to a rival.

Lady left a review on Yelp, 1 star, saying the service was great, pizza was different but tasted great, but shit on them because she saw a delivery truck from a company she didn’t like.

“I have worked in food service a long time and know that the many boxes had food and not stuff like plates and glassware. I will never eat at a place that carries crappy products from (insert company here).”

Yes, they are my competition but really? You ate there. You enjoyed it. Then you called it crappy saying it is low quality product and you are trying to sway people from eating there? The company posted about it saying they don’t want her back in their locations if she doesn’t like the product, then explained why they love that delivery company.

I love it.

By: 100DollarDongle

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What's some good leftist podcast I'm bored of mine

i dont really have a favorite yet, im kinda listening to them all and seeing whats good, but i remember trying to find leftist podcasts a year or two ago and the landscape was kinda disappointing. despite the dozens you can find now a lot of them still have crappy production values and sound like shortwave radio instead of… a podcast. ill report back in a few days/weeks when i find a good one.

i like chapo trap house even if it’s a bit brocialist and they use slurs from time to time, the constant picking on annoying liberals redeems it slightly

also @twinkcommunist since you asked the same

Worried about nothing

Requested: yes this genius did. (hope it’s okay)

Words: 1734

A/N: ok so this gave me major feels and I was smiling all way though the writing. It’s so cute! but it was hard making them not similar, so sorry if they are a little alike. (I don’t know what happened with the Beyoncé references. It just kinda happened there, sorry.) Please request shit too ;)


Stupid ass periods. You always knew when it was coming because it gave you nausea the day before. But this morning you threw up. You didn’t want to wake Ashton up on a free day, so you hurried to the bathroom. The dinner from last night came out as you were kneeling down. Fortunately you didn’t miss the toilet, so you saw that as a win.

“Holy shit, Y/N! “ He yelled as he stormed down beside you. “What’s wrong? “

“Oh you know… just puking. “ You answered sarcastically sitting back, getting comfortable on the cold bathroom floor. Ashton looked concerned and his green eyes showed affection towards you. His hair was messy from just waking up.

“You’re not going to work today! “ He exclaimed. He knew you were tired of not being able to be with him for the day. You looked at him with wide eyes and a small grin.

“Yes I am. It’s just… girl stuff. “ You said, not knowing if you should say that it was your period causing you pain.

“You’re having your period now? “ He asked without hesitation. Ashton wasn’t the one to hold back. You nodded slightly. But if you took some pills, you knew it would be better in a half hour. But Ashton insisted on you staying home. His arms were wrapped around your shoulder, as you both sat on the bathroom floor, leaning against the bathtub. The smell from vomit, sweat and sleep filled the room, but neither of you noticed. Ashton was coming up with arguments for you to stay home. But you just shook your head at everything he said.

“You’re sick. You’re not going to work. “ He said. “Do it for me.” His green eyes were filled with comfort. You knew he wasn’t just worried about you, but he actually wanted you to stay home with him. He just saw a chance to make you stay.

“Ashton, there is no reason for me skip school. “ You murmured as he caressed your shoulder. He kissed your temple and whispered, “Do it for me”. You sighed. He already had you.

“Fine. “ You muffled. “But be careful with convincing me to do bad things. At some point I might write an album about you and call it Strawberry Juice. “ He laughed that adorable schoolgirl giggle at your reference to Beyoncé and kissed your forehead.

“I love you. “

“Love you too. “


You texted Calum, saying that you went home early due to fever. And boy, was that a bad idea. He responded immediately, asking you to bring anything home from work. You said no, since you didn’t want to eat at all. He responded that he was coming home from work early and you freaked out. He wasn’t supposed to leave the studio just because of you. You wouldn’t allow him, and you teaxted him saying that. But he ignored you.

You were lying in bed, trying to sleep when you heard the door smacking and Calum coming in. You heard his rushed steps towards the bedroom and him opening the door. You looked up at him, seeing him with a white plastic bag.

“I’m good. “ You murmured under the duvet. Calums big brown eyes were bigger than normal showing concerning. “Just a day off, so I can get better. “

“I bought you cookies though. If you want to lay and eat them all day. “ He walked towards the bed, standing beside it.

“Why did you leave the studio? “ You turned around in the bed, so you were facing him. His big body was shadowing down on you.

“You’re sick. “

“I’m fine!

“No, you’re sick! “ He raised his voice, just to make the statement. “You’re pale, your eyes are puffed, snot is running down your nose and you don’t look normal. “

“Maybe it’s just because I’m not wearing makeup. “ You joked, even though you knew Calum wouldn’t like that comment. He hated when you would tear yourself down. Calum looked at you with bitchface, before laying down beside you. He pulled you close to his body, so you could feel his warm breath hitting your neck.

“I’m sick. You shouldn’t be near. “ You cried out, trying to push him away.

“I thought you were ‘fine’” Calum said and even though you couldn’t see his face, you knew he had that corky smirk smeared over his face.

“I am. “ You whispered. “You shouldn’t have come home from work. “

“Bitch, you’re not fine. “ Calum yelled, making you flinch.

“Jeez, Beyoncé-Calum is back, huh? “ You smiled and touched your ear to make it clear he was being too loud.

“Beyoncé-Calum is here to protect my baby. “ he said, kissing your neck and jawline. You smiled and fell asleep in seconds. Having loved one around calmed you down.


All of a sudden, you were on your ass. It went real fast. You haven’t really tried skate boarding before, but Michael and Luke really wanted to go try this skate park. They weren’t pros either, but they knew how to keep the balance. Luke came storming towards you as the sun made you squint your eyes, making you lift your hand to cover the sun.

“Oh my god, are you okay? “ The skateboard was five meters away from you now. “I should not have let you try this without you holding my hands. “ Because that’s how it started. Luke would held your hands as you slowly moved forward. At some point you actually thought you were getting better. But apparently you weren’t.

“I’m okay. “ You said, putting your hand down as Michaels shadow was hovering over you. “Can you break your ass though? Cause I think that you just happened? “ You asked getting up, even though your butt still was hurting. You really wanted to learn how to skateboard. You ran towards your board, ready to do better the next time.

“Where do you think you’re going? “ Luke yelled from behind you, making you look behind you. He was standing with a confused look smeared over his face.

“To get my board. “ You grinned, because it was too obvious.

“No. “ You stopped up, turned around on your heel and looked at him with raised eyebrows. “You hurt yourself. You’re not skateboarding anymore. “ Luke walked towards you, but you simply picked up the board and stood up, making him run. Out of the corner of your eye, you could see Michael standing there laughing his ass off because of Luke being so protective.

“I’m a grown woman! “ You yelled with a grin, showing that it wasn’t serious. You and Luke were almost the same height at this point. Luke rolled his eyes at you and put his hands around your waist.

“Stop quoting Beyoncé. “ He smiled as he lifted you down from the skateboard. He pulled you closer and kissed you, making your lips linger when he pulled away. “We should go home. You’re way too clumsy to skateboard. “

He kissed your forehead and held your hand. You noticed he grabbed a little tighter than usual.


It wasn’t a big deal. You were clumsy and things like that happened all the time to you. Once you broke your leg, because you fell over a chair. The last couple of years you actually thought it was getting better: you were getting less clumsy. Until you were to jump down from the kitchen counter. You got your ankle twisted and you screamed out for help. Michael had seen you lying on the floor and carried you out to the car, driving you to the doctor. He looked so worried about your little accident, but you were relieved that you had only sprained it. But you thought he would have stopped carrying you everywhere when you got the crutches. He would carry you from the car to your house, bride style, making you giggle when he stepped inside the doorframe. He would place you on the couch without your crutches, so you were alone without the ability to get up. When he came in the door, he didn’t say anything, only bit his lip, concentrating in placing the correct pillow under the left foot.

“Michael. It’s the right foot. “ You smiled as he looked up at you with concerned eyes and a real smile.

“Oh. “ he mumbled placing the pillow under the right food. He then sat at the floor, the closest to your face and turned on the tv. There was a movie playing that you both just kinda watched and made fun of the crappy productions. After half an hour, he said something serious. “Want something to eat, angel? “

“Yeah, actually. Do we have pizza from yesterday? “ You nodded and sat up in the couch, because you had to pee. So when Michael went into the kitchen, you saw an opportunity to go to the bathroom. You grabbed your crutches and hurried to bathroom. You really wanted to be with Michael as much as possible and… you wanted to see the ending to the crappy movie. So when you were done, you humped fast back to the living room where Michael stood with wide eyes and open mouth.

“The fuck? Where were you? “ he asked, rushing towards you grapping your waist.

“Peeing. It’s what some humans do. “ You said, tilting your head. “Maybe not Beyoncé. But you know, she’s immortal. “  Michael didn’t even smile at your weird comment, which he usually would do. He just lifted you up, making you drop your crutches. He laid you down on the couch very carefully.

“You can’t move. “ He said with a small smile, but his eyes meant it. “I don’t want you getting hurt. “ He dropped to his knees, so his face was only inches from yours.

“Honey, it’s only a sprained ankle. “ You grinned, but he was dead serious. His grey, gorgeous eyes looked upset as if he didn’t understand how you could take it so calmly.

“I don’t want you getting hurt. “ He repeated. You cupped his face and kissed him, letting your lips moving over his. You pulled away looking him in the eye, with a slight smirk.

“I won’t. “

request - im running low on ideas ;)

masterlist - more shit like this

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you didn't smash the it's goin down guy? the verse on Killa by cherish guy? WHY .... where did you even meet his ass

Opera ATL when I was 21 lil crappy was there too production tried to get me to sign a consent form to be on the show. I cackled when his security asked me to the after party at his “mansion” looking like the gotdamn secret service with an ear piece and a black escalade bc joc was waiting on me when club closed but this is why:

do i look that desperate no ma’am 


one hundred days of productivity: day two

happy tuesday! here are my notes on impersonal verbs auf deutsch; i don’t know why i wrote ‘examples’ instead of ‘beispiele’ and ‘landfristig’ but oh well! this is quite hard grammar, but cute notes make everything better 🍊

AUs are a problem I have
  • you work the register at a store I frequent and I get super self-conscious that you’re judging my purchases AU
  • our kids got paired up to do a school project and I meant to just drop mine off at your house but we ended up talking for three hours AU
  • battle of the bands AU
  • made small talk while waiting for different flights and assumed we’d never see each other again AU
  • our grandparents are in the same nursing home and they hate each other AU
  • arrested at the same protest AU
  • classic literature professor vs. modern literature professor AU
  • I injured myself doing something stupid at a holiday party and you’re the doctor at the emergency clinic AU
  • volunteered to wait tables at your fancy charity fundraising dinner AU
  • how do you keep getting my name that wrong on my coffee cup AU
  • adjacent stands at the farmer’s market AU
  • risked my job by talking you out of buying a crappy product at the store where I work AU
  • only two people who bought tickets to see this movie AU
  • don’t really care if I win that giant stuffed animal but keep playing the carnival game you’re running just to see you AU
  • our dogs are in love with each other and it’s making things awkward at the dog park AU
  • who’s this asshole who keeps beating my high score on Pac-Man AU

How to take down Donald Trump.

Donald Trump, the racist misogynist demagogue denounced by all former Presidents but enthusiastically endorsed by the KKK, is going to be the President of the United States. His collective of 500 buiness entities, The Trump Organization, is valued anywhere from $3-$10 billion. The Trump Organization is being put into a blind trust. As President, it is a conflict of interest with political and legal ramifications for Trump to manipulate the trust through the entire length of his term.

That’s 4 years to destroy the Trump Organization while Trump is incapable of doing anything about it.

In that time, you could hit all his businesses and we’ll bankrupt him (again). And there’s nothing he can do. He said he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and still get elected, but now he’s no longer dealing with voters but the law. As he has successfully gamed the system, we can in return game him. If he improperly runs his business while President, his lost-the-popular-voters can’t help him. He’ll be impeached and jailed.

Here’s a thought experiment. A five point plan to bring Trump down. This is essentially a hack into the fundamental weakness of Donald Trump as President and break his dangerous con - he has a business to run that conflicts with running America.


Right now in New York, the block around Trump Tower  headquarters has been barricaded as protestors disrupt the area. That’s bad for business inside the tower. Residents are inconvenienced, businesses within it can’t operate normally. Protest there for 4 years and force businesses and residents to leave. Others may replace it but at much lower rates.

He has properties ranging from towers to golf courses all around the world. Protest at everyone of these properties. Make the name Trump synonymous with PROTEST. Rich people will prefer quiter properties for their vacations and meetings. Investing partners will distance themselves from the toxic baggage of his name.

Keep the protests going for his entire term. Fund these protests. Kickstart them. Whatever it takes. Be relentless. Kill his profits.


The core of Trump’s business is his name. He doesn’t even own many of the properties with his name on it, often just licensing his name for millions. Make his brand worthless.

Let’s be clear about this, everything I am saying should be legal. So hotel critics legally write a legitimate review of how terrible his hotels are, which they are. Wine critics legally write about how terrible and cheap tasting his wine is. Customers legally buy his ties but return them online after you test them because they’re horrible and legally make them pay for shipping. Let’s reveal how horrible this name is to the licensees and distributors and then boycott these crappy products, so that no new licensees would dare take him on.

Meanwhile anywhere Trump moves organize a protest. Literally anything he does, protest. The name Trump should be associated with protest. While a President may survive 4 years of protests, a business brand cannot.


New Balance shoes issued a statement 6 hours after Trump was elected praising him and shading Obama. Boycott them and any company that supports him. His supporters will promise to buy any product that we boycott, but we hold the advantage. They have to spend money, we don’t have to do anything. And he’ll only gain a small fraction of alt-right Republicans inside America while the rest of the world joins us. And the more companies we ban, it will be basically a ponzi scheme for his supporters that doesn’t pay them back. New Balance and Home Depot are a good start.

Total destruction of the economic ecosystem that feeds him.


She’s gotten a pass. No more. She is not a friend of women or minorities, otherwise she would have denounced her racist, pussy grabbing father with 20 current sexual assault lawsuits. She was used as a humanizing tool in the Trump campaign to soften his image, and she was complicit in this deception. Every argument how someone could vote for a racist misogynist xenophobe without being one themselves applies to her. She knows how insane her father is and chose to get him into the White House instead of psychiatric counseling. She didn’t sit by, she actively campaigned in the ugliest Mexicans-are-rapists campaign ever. 

Shut the backdoor entrance to normalizing this family. They’re Trumps. They’re all rotten. Boycott all her products. Spray it with Raid. Complete the absolute and final extermination of brand Trump.


This is where it all pays off. Journalists, DO YOUR JOB. Even without this theoretical riff, get those tax returns, report his lies, report his shady ties with Russia, and we wouldn’t need 1-4 anyway. But we’re here, so as his empire gets squeezed and create losses, they’ll need capital. They’ll need financing from foreign banks, and this is where the conflict intrinsic to the Presidency will come in. There will be no more scrutinized business on earth than The Trump Organization over the next 4 years. Every influx of capital to cover his losses is open to investigation, lawsuits, and blocks from the Justice Department. We’re shaking his rotten sandbox and his hands will be tied as his Trump Organization gets exposed. As we disrupt it into major losses and the brand goes to shit, Trump will be faced with a real question - does he want to be President, or billionaire?

4 years or less and he’s out.

I keep getting sponsored ads on Facebook for OUAT merch, and I’m pretty sure it’s all a scam. I’m sure I’m not the only one, and I know people have also been having their art stolen and put on shirts, so I want to make a post about it to avoid fans getting ripped off.

For example, here’s the one I saw today:

That’s a photoshopped image of Lana. She’s never worn that shirt. This photo is from when she was promoting her “Long Live The Queen” shirt, for charity, and tbh taking that photo and making it look like she’s promoting a shirt these guys are selling for profit is already kind of gross.

Then you go to the page where they’re selling the shirt and see this:

Oh, I guess people are buying it. It must be legit. Except, wait, if I click on the other shirt the same page was advertising

… there’s the exact same numbers. Because that’s not an actual tracker, it’s an image meant to trick you into thinking that these are legit numbers and that other people are buying these shirts.

So - be careful. Don’t take these things at face value. Look into who is selling these things and whether they’re resorting to any shady tricks like this, because if they are, chances are the product’s no good.

And another thing: stolen art makes for crappy products. The art you tend get on the internet is too small to result in a good print, so while it might look great on the product preview, in reality the print will be blurry and discoloured. If you want official merch, buy it from reputable places that carry it. If you want fan-made stuff, buy it from the artists’ store if they have one. Buy it from reputable sites and people you’ve heard of, not a Facebook “fan page” that doesn’t ever credit the artist who designed the shirt. You will get ripped off. There are even places out there who steal people’s art and pretend to sell it, but they’ll just take your money. Any page/site that posts a bunch of different products in a lot of different styles etc, without any artist name attached, is probably a bit shady.

So just keep a look out, and please make sure these things are legit before you give someone your money. And please signal boost if you can, this is something the fandom should know about!