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Some more of the no.6xyoi au! 

Admittedly inukashi could never reach the level of pure teenage rage Plisetsky possesses, but some self driven motives might be a bit relatable lol. Also I have no freaking explanation for shion’s transformation

EDIT: edited inukashi’s skin tone since I’d got it totally wrong argh. 


This is a love story. Twisted and messy. Flawed and screwed up. But it’s ours. It’s us. I don’t know how our story will end. but I know it will start. I pick up my pen and begin to write:

My name is not Mara Dyer, but my lawyer told me I had to choose something.


I worked with my Red Queen Coloring Book part II

Elara’s dress was a drag, but it was worth it. While colouring, I’ve noticed that the boy on the second pic is probably not supposed to be Maven (his clothes are ragged), but he looks neither like Kilorn or Tristan in the other pics, and I launch into every Maven pic where he doesn’t look like old Brad Pitt.

I paid a lot of attention to Farley’s scarf. Unfortunately, the colours aren’t so intense here -.-

(I try to show Mare’s earrings, but they’re difficult to see on a photo)

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Let him be everything because he is everything.


Hey hey hey!! So, a few weeks ago my blog turned 2 years old and I decided to celebrate it by making another follow forever!! These last 2 years have been amazing thanks to all my amazing mutuals, wonderful followers, and other incredible blogs. (ノ◠ヮ◠)ノ*:・゚✧ I’d love to give a big warm hug to everyone but unfortunately that’s impossible, so here’s a bunch of high-quality blogs that make me smile everyday!! ☟ (◕‿◕✿) ☟

Also, I recently changed my url to jeanjcques, but it’s only temporary!!!

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