crappy love poem

I miss you

I miss you in every way, I miss you more and more each day, I wish there were some words to say, which would have made you stay, the world is Cold and colorless without you, time is a blur without you, and I don’t wanna be without you. But you made your choice and it wasn’t me. I didn’t get a choice, it was always you and will always be. You’re the voice inside my head, you’re every book I’ve ever read.and the days go by and the months pass, still I can’t get you out of my head, can’t get you out of my heart, you’re name is the first thought when I awake with a start,and the last when I fall sleep. And everything in between. You haunt me. All because you didn’t want me.

The Monkey

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5)      Describe your writing in 9 sentences: Pretentious, intellectual, narcissistic, and masturbatory word puke comprised mostly of surrealist garbage, crappy haiku, cheesy love poems, sestinas, and limericks. Pure genius. I think I just needed those two sentences. All these other sentences are completely unnecessary and are a waste of space and time. Oh look, four more sentences to go after this one. Does “pure genius” count as a sentence or is that just a phrase? The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. How many ducks would a wood chuck duck if a wood chuck could duck ducks?  Stupid autocorrect. 

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Waking up to you would be like a dream
Your hair would smell delightful, like coffee
Your face turned to the side, as though scheming
Chest slowly rising, breathing languidly

I would snuggle up against your body
Soaking up all of your wonderful warmth
You are becoming my favorite hobby
My sunrise, my sunset, my everyday

You are a breath of fresh air in this world
Your sighing breath is the mighty ocean
And your pretty sleeping face is my home
You fill me up with so much emotion

Let me gaze at you a little longer
Let me stay here forever, forever…

I’m so in love 

every drop

every clap of thunder 

every flash of lighting

its so beautiful

the claps send adrenaline throughout my body

your scent is intoxicating

it pulls me in 

to the point of no return

you’re like a drug and i can’t get enough

i’m an addict for you

you may leave for a while 

leaving me wanting more 

but you always come back to me

never leave me again my love

please bring me home 

I'm Not Doing Great

I’m not doing great
but that’s okay
although it hurts and I hate
that we’re not doing great.
Me and you
or what’s left of us anyway
it’s not the same and i’d kill
just to see you for one day.
But i’ll sit here
and i’ll wait for you
to think of me
like you used to.
In the rain
do you remember?
When you would complain
about the chill down your spine
so instead
we would go home
and get drunk off cheap wine.
I’m not doing great
but that’s okay
because neither are you
are you?
One day you’ll remember
when you light your cigarette
in the rain
you’ll remember me
and you’ll think of me
like you used to.
And you’ll feel the same pain
as I do.
You’ll come back to me
like you used to
when you walked out
you’d return, lips blue
from the cold
and heart red
from the affection.
That’s what we thought.
But now
I’m not doing great
because you’re not here.
And you’re not doing great
because I’m not there.
We are two halves
a yin yang
together completing a whole.
We need each other
like a sister needs a brother.
But that’s okay
I’ll sit here and I’ll wait
I’ll stay.

Harry and Louis

We’re hiding in the dark.

Trying hard to survive this.

Waiting to see the light.

I can feel us breaking.

He’s close to the edge.

I’m constantly worrying about him.

Wondering what will break him.

Will it be the fans?

Will it  be the paparazzi?

Will it be the lying?

Will it be the hiding?

I despise having to hide.

I want to be free.

I want to love him.

But they say I can’t.

They say that it’s wrong.

They say it’ll ruin everything.

They make us hide instead.

Lying to our loved ones.

Lying to our loyal fans.

We give them hints daily.

The tattoo’s should be enough.

The compass guiding the ship.

The arrow through the heart.

The rope holding my anchor.

The “Opps” to my “HI”

The bird to my cage.

But apparently it’s not enough.

They still don’t see us.

Our shared stares on stage.

The wanted and needed touches.

The playful banter that disappeared.

Ones who believe gets blamed.

The tweets should be enough.

“I miss you too sweetcheeks”

“I’ll meet you poolside pumpkin”

“And don’t forget my armbands”

“Always in my heart @Harry_Styles.”

“Yours sincerely Louis.” Not enough.

I wonder what it’ll take.

Trying hard to be ourselves.

It’s hard when we’re watched.

It’s hard following their orders.

Our dreams have faded.

The flashes have dulled them.

They’re still there but barely.’

He looks up at me.

Eyes are kept wide open.

“Please don’t let me go .”

“I’m tired of feeling alone.”

“I’m tired of sleeping alone.”

My arms are wide open.

I’ll hold him close tonight

We make promises for forever.

We remember the easy times.

When we loved not hid.

We laugh at old movies.

We slept closer than ever.

He sleeps while I think.

I’ll make us okay again.

The day will come soon.

Where we can love openly.

When we won’t hide away.

When they’ll finally realize.

We’ll always love each other.

No matter what they do.

But until that day comes.

I’ll bring him the stars.

I’ll watch him from afar.

Trying to make them understand.

Because I know we’re fireproof.

And I know we can survive.

Because he makes me strong.

And he’s all I need.

When we met I said I didn’t need you
I said I wanted you in my life
So I would keep you and that was that.
Somewhere along the line that has changed though;

I don’t need you the way the tides
Need the pull of the moon
To tell them where they belong,
Where they should run to and fro.

I need you the way
Night blooming orchids
Stretch their beauty towards the moon
Dancing their delicate, fragrant dance
In worship of its silvery motes
Spinning through the air.

I don’t need you the way the Earth
Needs the sun to set its path with such rigid finality
That is never swayed or altered at any point,
Only captured in an endless lull of obedience.

I need you the way
A plant reaches for the sun
Finding balance and fulfillment
When met with the golden rays
That smile encouragingly upon it
As it seeks to reach out for the sky and grow.

I need you because the very thought of you
Warms me from head to toe
Better than any fireplace on a winter morning.
Because the reality of you by my side
Is more calming, more peaceful, more sure
Than life has shown should be real.

I need the sunshine and laughter you cause
To bubble from within me
As you whisper the happiness from my veins
And the nights when I could swear we two
Are the only people in the universe at that moment.

I need you because I cannot imagine a day that you don’t make better,
A night you do not make more peaceful
An adventure you will not make more full
A kiss that could be sweeter
A memory that would not be better
A love that could be richer
Than what you gift me with every day.

© Courtney Turley 2016

I’m bi,

I have a creative eye,

I believe I see the world through an open mind.

I believe you love someone for who they are.

not just their battle scars.

Gender and skin colour seem to vanish,

I claim my love for their inner beauty.

How I know is their outside banishes,

and their true self shows,

that’s how I will truly know,

I love that person, I really do,

because all that matters to me is whats inside of you.

Girl or boy who really cares?

All I know is I love the person I see there.

It’s 6 in the morning
and I can hear beautiful guitar riffs.
I can smell the smoke of
hidden cafes in Paris,
and I can hear men’s voices
as if I’ve been to the coldest depths of Russia.

Falling in love with you is,
hearing beautiful things,
falling in love with you
takes me to places I’ve never been.

But oh god, it feels like home.
Orbit for my Dirty Mouth

I wring my wrists, sure,

but I blame you because I saw your name pop up on my cellphone screen.

I slept on my right shoulder wrong. Again.

So? I wasn’t sure how right I was anyway.

There aren’t many things I am wrong about. We all think that, right?

Sometimes I want to break you in my teeth like expensive toffee, but I can find you on any street corner like a common prostitute or college kid wanting a beer and something to stick his penis in.

I chew gum instead. 

Stop making me remember why my insides tightened every single moment of being in your goodwill. 

Stop being charming and aggressively handsome.

Alright, I lied.

I couldn’t find you on a street corner. I couldn’t find you in the sky. You’re not a penny. You’re not a damn coupon.

You’re the Saturday special between the hours of 7 and 8 am that no one wants to wake up for.

But I roll out of bed, brush my hair, and I’ll meet you with my bruised arms the moment you text me to meet you in our booth.

Like You Know I Would

I want to make you smile

I want you to know I love you

I want to kiss your forehead

When you are frustrated

Rub your hands when they are cold

Fight for the blanket when you want it all

Hold you when you are pained or happy

Stare at your eyes while you complain

Scream nonsense as you scream defeat

Encourage you when you’re down

Lift you up when you are weak

Cook for you when you don’t expect it

Call you when you really want it

I want to love you like you know I would

There is stardust in your eyes
And honey on your lips.
Your hair is the silky night sky,
Framing the pale face of the moon.
Your voice is thunder stemmed from
The lightning in my heart when I see you.
I see you in everything
for you are my world.

You are the ground beneath my bare feet,
You are the tranquil silence of the forest in the early dawn,
As sunlight breaks through the canopy to nourish the star-starved saplings.
You are the gentle gliding water over the smooth stones of a brook.
You are everything I find beautiful in this mortal world we are but temporary residents of.

—  Jill Fate (mythical-being-jill)