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‘The Last Time’ is a song that I wrote with Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol. I’d always wanted to work with Snow Patrol, they’re my favorite band. And this was a song that I wrote about something I had been going through, where you’ve got…I picture, like, a door, you know, and you’ve got on the outside of the door, standing outside in the cold, it’s this guy who’s left his girlfriend over and over again and come back and ask for a second chance, over and over and over again. And on the other side of the door you have this girl standing there, with tears in her eyes, wondering how she could possibly turn him away when she loves him this much, but she can’t get hurt again. And it’s both of these people swearing that this will be the last time. She’s swearing it’s the last time she’s gonna take him back, he swears it’s the last time he’s gonna leave her and hurt her. So it’s a really intense song and I’m so proud to have Gary on the record. 


"Hold each and every soul dear. Because you hold great power, 
you gradually fail to understand the importance of things that 
cannot be recovered. You will realize once it's too late."
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“But you see, when your only child dies, then you’re not a mother anymore.  You’re not anything really.  And that’s what I’m trying to get used to.”

30 Day Kuroko no Basket Challenge 
     ┗Day 5 ~ OTP

Swan, […] it’s good to see you again.


This isn’t…where I used to be.

Stop playing baseball by yourself, idiot.