crappy gifs to make you feel better

When Castiel lost his grace - became well and truly human - his immune system was practically non-existent.

Not only was he learning to cope with needing to eat, drink, sleep, shower, and use the bathroom, but he also developed a cold almost instantly.

You put him on bed rest, going out to the store to buy ingredients to make chicken soup, knowing that always made you feel better when you were feeling crappy.

Once the soup was made, you brought a bowl through to Cas’ room, knocking on the door to come in.

Cas opened the door in his robe, the belt unfastened revealing he was naked underneath.

“Cas,” you laughed slightly, shaking your head, “Cover your junk.”

He paused, slowly looking down at himself before tying his robe, smiling awkwardly.

“Sit down, sweetie,” you told him, walking him over to his bed, “I made you something to eat.”

gif submitted by @stephizzle94

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