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     Hi! Originally, i planned on posting a follow forever on my blog’s 2nd anniversary which was 3 days ago, but since i got a little busy this week because of a very important event in my life (no i did not get married) and with other (unnecessary) stuff, i failed to finish the gfx for this thing. 

     Anyway, for this follow forever, i would like to thank everyone who stayed with me despite my crappy content lol To the people i follow, to my mutuals (even if we haven’t really had a decent conversation), to the friends i met irl (you guys know who you are), to those who i’ll be meeting really soon (1 month left!), to those who i’ll be meeting eventually, to the people who send anons (esp those who send on a daily basis lol) and to the people who still follows me, thank you for everything and i love you all ♡♡  -mika

- friends (idk if you consider me as your friend but i do so…) coz you guys are a bunch of sunshines

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