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Hebocon World Championship 2016

Event announcement for highest level competition of battling amateur crappy robots to be staged in Tokyo in August this year:

Hebocon is the robot competition for those technically ungifted. Since the first competition held in 2014 in Tokyo, Hebocon has spread over 25 countries and over 60 competitions has been hosted.
Finally, we are holding Hebocon World Championship in August 7th, 2016. Send your entries now!! 

There is 3 ways of participating this big event!!
1. In case you will come to Japan with your Heboi robot, Participation Registration Form is here. –>

2. In case you will come to Japan and just want to participate at the crappy robots battle, Spectating Reservation Form is here. ->

3. In case you will NOT come to Japan but want to participate in this big event with new teammates who live far apart, International Team Registration Form is here. ->

On the same day, the largest Maker’s festival in Japan, Maker Faire Tokyo, will be held nearby, so if you will come to Japan, you can enjoy both events.
Hebocon World Championship will be conducted in Japanese, but a simultaneous translation in English will be available.
There will be no pre-elimination. So first of all, send your entries now. Let the world see how technologically inept you are!!

You can find out more at the event Facebook page here

To all the gif-makers: it’s that time again! Enter the June round of The Supernatural Gif Battle, where the prompts will be about ‘season eleven’! 


  • Reblog this post
  • *IMPORTANT* Send the challenge blog an ask that says ‘i wish to participate’ if you’re going to enter.You will not be given a prompt/partner if you do not comply to this rule.
  • Reblogs will be counted until JUNE 6th.
  • You can follow the official blog and track the tag if you wish, but it’s not required to participate.
  • This will ensure that you get updates about the challenge, see the other participants work, ect.
  • To join the challenge you need to have example of your work on your blog already.


  • After the reblogging period is over we will pair everyone who entered up with a partner of equal skill level.
  • You will get an ask telling you your gif partner’s url, and a deadline to post your gif.
  • Make your gif based on the prompt.
  • Post your gif before June 30th. If you can’t get your gif ready by then or have an outlying circumstance that prevents you, send Rae or Raw a message and we’ll work it out.
  • Tag your edit with “gifbattlechallenge” and “your partner’s url” in the first five tags.
  • If your gif doesn’t show up in the tag make sure to send a message of your work to the main blog.


  • All posts will be reblogged to the official challenge blog.
  • Once you’ve posted your gif and see it on the challenge blog, you’re done! Good job!
  • Also this is a challenge to expand our skills and have fun. There are no winners or losers.

That’s it! Go nuts, feel free to send Rae or Raw an ask if you have any questions! Good luck!


Alola’s newest Pokémon announced!