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I’m happy that roles are now being written with girls in mind. The good thing is, that the audience is now opening up to watch these kind of films as well.


Jane & Kurt - What is this thing that we call love? {+2x21}

What is this thing that was such a rush?
What is this thing that we called love?


buffy + buffy the vampire slayer: chaos bleeds [2003 video game]


“I wanted to present my female characters in great diversity, even in a society as sexist and patriarchal as the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. Women would find different roles and different personalities, so women with different talents would find ways to work with it in a society according to who they are.” – George R. R. Martin


Sherlock Hound series with BBC Sherlock theme

The idea was to follow the original opening titles as closely as possible, but then I realized I don’t have mad after effect skills. So, I did what ever I could and just rolled with it.

Animating is much more fun than trying to edit existing shots. Another reason why I don’t edit films or do AMV’s anymore.


Ella Henderson - Hard Work