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So what would happen you think if Link met Sora?

instant bros. ˢᵒʳᵃ'ˢ ⁿᶦᶜᵏⁿᵃᵐᵉ ᶦˢ “ˡᶦᵗᵗˡᵉ⁻ᵇᵒˢˢ⁻ᵏᵉʸ”


ummm?? So i was sick all last week so i havent been caught up with @miraculousfluffmonth…. So heres a sick marinette!!!

Day 23: Sick day

Saw this post earlier. Couldnt resist doodle a bit.

I imagine they went shopping and found these and probably bought them without the other looking to surprise each other. or idk, they like being weird together ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Meanwhile the mess is happening there, another mess is happening here.

Will Brook die? :D Probably? Was Blake right on that? Discover all in the next episode Sorry the crappy doodles


Brook: …

Scruf: Al parecer Blake estaba equivocado sobre Bendy, dejo su hijo con los demás y preferio estar frente al publico, bien, AURC estará focada en Bendy y-

Brook: !

Scruf: ! … Solo… No olvides que nuestro foco no es Dylan, seguro los demás se encargaran de el. Te siguiré en el auto

Bendy’s Mafia belongs to @eliana55226838 >:0

Brook the squirrel and Scruf belong to me