crappy doodles

So this is my character from the superhero rp group kinda thing @hisomis and I have been plotting!

His name is Venosus and he’s a villain and basically a blood mage / blood manipulator- he really wanted to be a hero, but due to his powers and his coming from long line of villains, he was pretty much bullied into accepting it and has never stopped being salty towards heroes since.
He’s the henchman of his older and stronger villain cousin (basically his brother, they grew up together), partially because they were expected to stick together but also because it’s much easier to stand back in the shadow of someone else who can take the heat. He’s also salty about having to babysit his cousin from the background
(He’s also actually really nice and he’s got a lot of potential as a good guy, he’s just got a strong sense of self preservation and is fueled by spite)


Pegasus Fantasy, string quartet arrangement

wasn’t actually me playing, I used Sibelius First. And drew the crappy doodles in the background

Saw this post earlier. Couldnt resist doodle a bit.

I imagine they went shopping and found these and probably bought them without the other looking to surprise each other. or idk, they like being weird together ¯\_(ツ)_/¯