crappy doodles of mine

super fast and rough, but i needed a break to draw not work and not rwby angst, so here’s team evil mom raven

(based off of @theoriginalmysteryincorporated‘s tags about raven being a shitty mom who leaves first family, only to end up with an even worse second one)

Magnus is here to motivate you! So let’s work our magic now and fight like he fought for Alec! Don’t give up; if we go down we do it in a fight that will be remembered! These tow are so awesome, remember how their kiss even made people happy that didn’t even watch the show? They deserve to win so let’s give it our all!

Spread motivation to keep going by spreading this crappy doodle of mine (even though it could never do Magnus justice!) listens to ‘war of hearts’ and KEEP ON VOTING!