crappy doodle and crappy story

“I can’t do this! He’s not here!” Kurt was pacing around the room, watched by Mercedes. Over time, he’d come to trust her more than he trusted most of his own tribe, which was surprising considering she was Fire Nation. But right now, he didn’t believe her. Their bags were packed. They had to leave.

“He told me he’d come here as soon as he could, he’s probably just lost.” She said softly, “Just wait a little bit longer, okay?”

“Well, what if he won’t?” Kurt threw his arms up in the air desperately “What if he’s not lost, but just got caught or killed by the Fire Nation on the way here? Or what if he didn’t want to come after all and is just happy with his family and friends. What if he’s not coming…”

“Don’t think like that, Kurt. He’ll be here.”

“I’m not so sure.”

“I didn’t think you’d lose your faith so quickly.” Blaine was leaning against the doorway, cracking a smile. Kurt froze.

“You- You’re here…” He whispered, staring at Blaine.

“Of course I am, I told Mercedes I’d be here and here I am.” He shrugged and then frowned as he saw Kurt’s face darkening.

“Weeks…” He started, voice low and dangerous, “Weeks and I don’t hear anything from you. No letters, no messages, nothing.I tried to write you, but I never heard back. And now you just show up cause ‘Mercedes told you to’? We travelled, we laughed, we sang together. We found your family together. The two of us. And was I supposed to think that all that meant nothing? Well, apparently, because you don’t seem to give a damn about me.”

“Kurt-” But the waterbender had stormed off to the balcony. Blaine turned to Mercedes, who had crossed her arms and was giving him a look that he knew all too well.

“Go talk to him.” She said, an amused look on her face.


Go.” Blaine sighed and walked outside, following Kurt into the sunset.

He was so stupid.