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The Mentalist series finale is airing in the UK on 30th April, here’s what it says in the Radio Times.

“There’s absolutely no point in watching these two final, back-to-back episodes unless you’re a fan of the show. But if you are, they’re irresistible, wrapping up the series with all the sweetness and wit that made it a global hit.

Showrunner Bruno Heller has an unusually secure grip on exactly what his quirky, real-seeming characters would and wouldn’t do. So as Patrick Jane goes after one last serial killer, just as his relationship with Teresa Lisbon reaches a crisis, we’re quietly confidant the emotional loose ends will be tied just as they should.

Meanwhile, there’s the prickly character comedy The Mentalist has always done so well (look out for a scene where Teresa goes clothes shopping with, of all people, Kimball Cho). But we’re also reminded of the tragedy that has been at the heart of the series: it always had a light touch, but it took us to the dark side.”