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aizawa v dazai who would win

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Suck it idek what im doing and I hate this comic 

It’s actually the continuation of THISS 

i Don’t know how to end this Bc they have the same neutralizing ability and idk who will erase/neutralize the other’’s quirk’s firsthand buT DAMN THIS WAS A FUN ASKS TY ANON

Defying Expectations

The ATLA AU; in which Law and Sabo are waterbenders, Ace is a firebender, and Luffy bucks the world’s expectations and is an unconventional airbender. 

It’s funny how everyone considers earth to be the stubborn element.

As far as Trafalgar D. Water Law is concerned, air is the most persistent son of a bitch to ever exist. And he’s only saying this because he knows Monkey D. Luffy, Airbender and humongous pain in the ass.

In his ass.

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The evil trio! Rick Sanchez, Black Hat and Murdoc Niccals celebrating Mexico Independence. I know, we just know Rick and Murdoc are half latino but we don’t know from where. I like to think both are mexicans (if you don’t like my headcanon that’s perfect, but please respect my opinion).

I know this drawing sucks… I can see the anatomy problems… but it took me a lot of time and at the end it came out bad …but I did my best, is just I was really tired to fix it, and pretty dissapointed with myself.

Anyway, felices fiestas patrias compas Mexicanos!.

Rick Sanchez © Justin Roiland, Dan Harmon

Black Hat © Alan Ituriel

Murdoc Niccals © Jamie Hewlett, Damon Albarn

Fan-Made Encounter - Eridan Ampora (Understuck AU) [Pacifist]
Fan-Made Encounter - Eridan Ampora (Understuck AU) [Pacifist]

I dare you guys to try and figure out what the hell is happening here.

Listen till the end and use your imagination.

Song links are down below.

Toby ‘Radiation’ Fox - Karkat’s Theme (Tiny Crab Cover)

Toby 'Radiation’ Fox - Eridan’s Theme (Undertale Mix)

(With apologies to Toby Fox and Andrew Hussie.)