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got my first DSLR, a Canon Rebel, for graduation, and I tested it out today on my woods walk through the preserve where I work. IM SO HAPPY LIKE I CANT AFFORD A LENS OR ANYTHING BUT S TI LL

Tf2 fandom, hear me out

Merc work is full of unsavory, morally questionable crap. However, we’ve seen some guys go to heaven upon death. 

Despite any sins they may have committed, they’ve been welcomed to the good beyond.
 Now, Medic has surgically affixed the other eight souls of his teammates to his own.

 What I’m saying is: essentially, Medic has, in taking their souls, absolved them of sin and assured them a peaceful afterlife. And if that ain’t the sweetest, most selfless shit you’ve ever seen, I dunno what is.

IS Daehyun V?

Well it’s possibly still too early to tell, but here are some hints we already have.

These are the solo teasers we have so far and already I spot some differences. Notice how Jongup is holding his rose, Daehyun, on the other hand has his rose in a vase beside him. In V for Vendetta, V placed a red rose on the chest of those he killed to commemorate their death. Jongup holding his rose could mean that he is killed by V. There is also a difference in background. Jongup is in some sort of alley, Dae is inside of a house… that looks sort of familiar.

The gray colored wall paper looks quite similar to the one behind Daehyun, perhaps this is his house? Daehyun’s picture is also cropped a bit, there’s a lamp peaking in the side of his photo but you can’t see it because of the cropping.

Daehyun was kind enough to post the uncropped image on his instagram! As you can see the lamp in his photo is also similar to the lamp in the puzzle, and what’s that? Is that a mask? Well it seems as though the V for Vendetta theme is indeed confirmed, but is Daehyun V? I believe so, but we’ll see what other teasers might tell us.


New teasers! Time for an update!

Alrighty!!!!!! So starting with Zelo’s teaser! Backgrounds might not mean anything, but it does look like his is similar to Jongup’s. Zelo also has a rose, though we are only able to see the stem…I’m not entirely sure why. It could mean something, but it could also be a crappy cropping job. 

And here we have Youngjae, the only one so far not to feature a rose in his photo at all. Daehyun has a rose in his image, but he’s not holding it. Youngjae is wearing red though, much like Daehyun. If Daehyun is indeed V, perhaps Youngjae is someone who helps him, an ally. In V for Vendetta, V finds an ally in Evey, so it’s possible. If Youngjae is the ally character, it could make sense that he wouldn’t have a rose. Evey in the end is the one who makes sure that V’s plan is fulfilled, but roses are more related to V and those in power that V kills. 

C-ta and Mika

I feel Mika is similar to C-ta from Shuuen no Shiori. 

The two are trying their best for their childhood friends. 

And get ‘freaked out’ when the childhood friend drifts away from them.
They’re the “I’m your only friend!” people. 
C-ta doesn’t like the fact B-ko gets near A-ya and Mika doesn’t like how Shinoa gets near Yuu.


Where are you now?
            Was it all in my fantasy?
Where are you now?
            Were you only imaginary?
Where are you now?
                         A n o t h e r        d r e a m…


Here are some scans from the April 27, 1987 issue of Time magazine, courtesy of my wonderful friend Donna, who found it—the real, actual, almost-untouched magazine!—while helping to clean up her parents’ old house. And then she just slid it across the table to me at lunch and said, “keep it!” Twist my arm, Donna.

(Everybody check out dat almost-nakey Edge.)

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Hicstrid will be the death of me

Guys, can we talk about this screenshot?

(Ignoring my crappy crop skills)

Do you see this? This is Astrid drawing. Not some bullshit “I’m just messing around. Oh look at my pretty doodles” drawing. Some real “I’m observing the shape and color and trying to capture its likeness as best as I can” drawing. I mean just look at her eyes. She’s so focused while listening to her baby talk about his problems.

Now I don’t know about you, but Astrid being a drawer was not in my headcanon in the first movie. She was more of an axe-slinging, “eat-my-fist” kind of gal. So you know what that means?

She learned how to draw in the past five years, from her sweet more artistic boyfriend who’s probably the only one on Berk to fashion a pencil.

Can you imagine? 

Maybe at first she would draw little doodles on his paper, but compared to his drawings, they were really sloppy and ugly. Then from her own insistence or maybe light teasing on his part, he starts to give her lessons. He teaches her how to hold the pencil for a light hand, how to search for the right shape, and how to capture light and shadow. He’s super supportive of her even when she makes the ugliest drawings, and she’s persistent: partly from her stubbornness but mostly because she really wants to be part of his world, no matter how different it seems from her own.

Guys this ship is the sweetest, and perhaps one of the greatest couples I’ve seen on screen. I think I’m in heaven.


rapper line being cute as hell (ft. jungyeon)

oooook so my scanner ruined this painting but i tried my hardest :’)

process video on my youtube channel