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Tf2 fandom, hear me out

Merc work is full of unsavory, morally questionable crap. However, we’ve seen some guys go to heaven upon death. 

Despite any sins they may have committed, they’ve been welcomed to the good beyond.
 Now, Medic has surgically affixed the other eight souls of his teammates to his own.

 What I’m saying is: essentially, Medic has, in taking their souls, absolved them of sin and assured them a peaceful afterlife. And if that ain’t the sweetest, most selfless shit you’ve ever seen, I dunno what is.


Where are you now?
            Was it all in my fantasy?
Where are you now?
            Were you only imaginary?
Where are you now?
                         A n o t h e r        d r e a m…


This is what happens when you become utterly obsessed with a show, have access to a Silhouette with Sketch pens, premade all the gem designs in AI, and have family members with awesome watercolor paints. (Who then borrows one to test it out - can you guess which one?)

The three Lapis gems were more for test purposes than anything, tried different colors of the sketch pens vs plain black. Plain black won. And as for Pearl’s…. yeah I went a bit strong on the pink at first so I figured: RAINBOW. That counts right?

Update: The Homeworld Gems Set is here!

The Word That’s a Little Like Love; a ‘The Lake House’ AU.

Victor says you aren’t real; that I should forget you, focus on other things. But you are here. I know you are. In reality, you are nothing more than paper folded into an envelope with words scrawled onto paper. But – but… We sit in the same chair. We lie in the same bed. We sit at the same kitchen table. You even stare out of the same windows as me, at the same street, the same skyline. (I imagine they’ll build a range of skyscrapers in the next two years; ever more clutter.) We are sharing this space, Molly. And I’m always behind. Ten steps, two years behind. It’s… it’s maddening.

In 2008, Sherlock Holmes has recently been released from the pit that is rehab, having been stuffed away there after his graduation. His brother, ever the protector, has acquired for him a new flat in London at the address of 221b Baker Street. He discovers a note left by what seems to be the previous owner, politely requesting that all letters be forwarded to her new address in another part of London. They sign off with “Thanks, from Molly Hooper”. In the note, Miss Hooper playfully leaves a detail about the fact she was not the one to burn a hole in the living room carpet. Sherlock is puzzled, as the living room carpet is pristine. He is further puzzled when only a few days later, after he’s finished putting out the flame caused by his dropping a rather dangerous chemical substance onto the floor during an experiment, that the mentioned burn has now appeared – and in the exact spot mentioned by Miss Hooper.

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Here I am back at it again, sorry not sorry. I drew @blurryghosts oc Oliver. I can’t draw lines with pens. I also colored this with colored pencils because I can’t use Copics or watercolors. I drew him (?) In a crop top, because I was wearing a crop top today, also it’s fun drawing characters in crop tops. Hope it’s not super awful.

oooook so my scanner ruined this painting but i tried my hardest :’)

process video on my youtube channel


rapper line being cute as hell (ft. jungyeon)