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IDK I’m experimenting with these neat new paint pen things that have awesome splatter possibilities and also work on black paper.

also still loving the silhouette


Okay here is a tiny tutorial just for ya’….

Materials : 
-hot glue gun
-hot glue sticks
-crayons-any color-any brand
-a flexible mold ***
-a clean and happy work environment - unless you are like me, and thrive among chaos.

Some optional items include:

-extra fine glitter 
-amazing mold putty****
-colored hot glue sticks 

Now I will explain the flexible mold. 
This trick/tip/tutorial is basically showing you the cheap-o way to fake a resin charm out of hot glue.
(It is also teaching you how to color the hot glue if you don’t have colored glue already, making colored hot glue sticks from crayons is also pretty easy and cheap, but not covered here) 
To make a charm in this style you will need a flexible mold. You can buy flexible molds at almost every craft store in the polymer clay and soap making sections, and there is also a huge huge amount to buy online, 
However, I recommend making your own, it seems cost effective for me personally and I would recommend amazing mold putty for the brand. -google if you have to- (you could also use flexible ice treys) 

This process will not ruin your mold (that’s why we use flexible!!) 

Step one: gather materials heat up hot glue gun and prepare mold 
(optional step one and a half: fill mold with glitter, spread evenly around the base/front) 
Step two: once the glue is good and hot (don’t burn yourself now) start squishing it out into the desired mold
Make sure you go nice and slow and fill in any gaps, because it will leave a hole. 
Step three: pick desired crayon color and dip it into the soon to be dried hot glue
You will notice that the more/longer you leave the tip of the crayon in, the deeper or lighter the charm will become. 
…depending if I am using more then one color, I will do a little bit at a time, filling the mold with some glue
And then coloring, letting it dry and then filling and coloring.
Make sure you don’t dip the whole crayon in because it only needs the tip, and once you start to swirl it around you will get the hang of it.. 
Step four: repeat step three as many times as needed until you fill up the mold. 
Once the glue is semi dry and cool enough to touch, I like to smush it down into the mold and then crayon and glitter the back so there are no fingerprints. 
Step five: wait as long as you see fit, but make sure the actual mold is cool and then proceed to pop the charm from the mold! 
Step six: cut or trim or pull away the extra fly-away glue strings
Step seven:optional: you can finish your little charm with a nice glaze, I tend to use a good old floor varnish for these guys.

****also if you want to make your little charm into an actual charm (heh), not just with a flat back cabochon for deco-den etc.
Then whilst the hot glue is drying you can stick any finding you want in the glue and it will harden over it.
For instance if you had a ring back, you would just gently push the ring back into the glue inside the drying mold, wait for it to cool
And then pop it out like normal..voila a cute ring!!
Another example being that you could plop a eye pin on the back and then turn it into a pendent or whatever.

So yay. There ya go. Cheap resin.
And don’t worry if you F it up a couple of times, because you will get the hang of it eventually.

I don’t know what to do with all the freaking charms I made haha so it might not be worth the time, but if you like to just keep busy
Then this is a super fun little project.