crappy comic time


can you imagine monsters finally seeing the sun for the first time and then a few hours later it sets and all the ones who don’t know any better are running around yelling like “WTF, WTF, DID WE BREAK IT, OH MY GOD” until the ones that do know better can calm them down

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Trapped in a parallel universe, how many times do you think Rose mistook someone as The Doctor, only to realise it’s not him?


Day 3: spending time with family

Crappy comic AU where Kakyoin and Jotaro want to restart their relationship after years apart (and a divorce).
Jouta is still bitter about Jotaro and cares too much about his dad.
Jolyne is the only one who can save the day.



ask-jyushimatsu-matsuno  asked:

*read the ask caption* o7o.. I'm definitely not Karamatsu nii-san girls!! But my sweater got a hole on it. Will Karamatsu nii-san sew it for me?

/ ! \ There are some gifs so try to not miss some stuff while reading o7o

Rest in peace Karamatsu.


Drew some test comic panels for today to try out some old and new styles. I based them off a conflict/tension prompt to keep them short and simple.