crappy but i'm working on getting better

Ended up writing a really quick, really crappy fic so here ya go

They all knew that things would never really be fine. That’s just how life worked, especially if you were a Fox. Things would get better, of course. Things would always get better, sure, but they would always be carrying the memories of everything they had been through. No matter how much they wanted to deny it, that was just fact. Things would get better, keep getting better, but no one could really be completely fine when they were bearing as many ghosts as the Foxes.

It was rare for them all to be able to eat lunch together, but a series of classes cancelled on a Thursday afternoon left all nine of the Foxes sitting in the athlete’s cafeteria together, at Neil’s insistence, of course. Even after Baltimore, Andrew was reluctant at best to spend time with the upperclassmen. Dan and Matt were in a heated debate with Kevin over Exy strategies, Nicky and Allison poured over a magazine while Renee made comments every now and then over Allison’s shoulder, Aaron was silent where he was sitting across from Andrew, trying to pretend he wasn’t more interested in his phone than his lunch, and Neil was just happy to be surrounded by his family. It was almost blissful.

For a moment, anyway.

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I guess this is my contribution to jehanparnasse week (s/o to everyone who made me feel better yesterday

done on my phone at work, hope I’m not in trouble lmao

Sure, Hamlin was really just playing the role of the scapegoat, but he did agree to keeping Jimmy from getting a job he worked hard for, moved Kim to a crappy office for losing a stubborn client, and copyrighted a color as “Hamlindigo Blue”. I’m not saying he’s evil, but I just don’t exactly think of him as a sweetheart either.

  • Crappy people: Unbelievable you got something very minor wrong on my purchase, so I'm going to ruin your day by verbally harassing you because I think that because you provide me a service of convenience, you're beneath me!
  • Other people: pls don't do that I'm only human, it was a small mistake
  • Crappy people: I want to speak to your manager!
  • Same type of crappy people: Instead of asking for a higher wage for your crappy job, go to college because you'll be better off than working at [insert customer service job here]
  • Other people: Minimum wage used to cover living expenses, but hasn't kept up with inflation so people are barely surviving on minimum wage salaries at companies worth billions of dollars. In addition, my circumstances don't allow for me to get an education right now or to search for a better or higher paying job.
  • Same type of crappy people: Well whose fault is that???
  • Obama: Hey, lets make Community College free
  • Same crappy people yet again: WHAT IS WRONG WITH OUR PRESIDENT
  • Other people: *DEEP AND LOUD SIGHING*

Feeling really body confident today, and I don’t have a clue why! Like yes this is the ‘biggest’ I have ever been, but I am quite happy and healthy. I guess the hard work really does pay off😊 Everything else might be quite crappy but at least I’m happy with this result. Little steps at a time I suppose?

anonymous asked:

I don't really like myself at this point. I'm getting behind, my friends are kinda toxic, I feel numb and empty. I haven't consistently worked out in just over a month and I've been eating crappy in an attempt to save money (free food). I don't know how to fix it but I hate feeling this way.

(Hug) Hey anon. Here is what I do when I feel overwhelmed. 

  • Breathe - Seriously, take some deep breaths. In an out - will yourself to find calm. This will both make you feel better and prepare you to take your next steps. 
  • Assess - Take an objective review of where you are and what needs work. Write it down, try to be objective and focus on the facts.  Sometimes I find it isn’t as bad as I think. Even if it is, at least I have a real list to start a plan. 
  • Plan - Brainstorm different solutions to your issue. Once you have a good list, ask yourself “What is one thing I can do to help make this issue better?” You can either do the easiest thing (so you get a win) or the most important thing (so you can drive improvements.) Both have merit. 
  • Do - Take the first step toward implementing your plan. Sometimes taking this step makes me feel so much better. 
  • Check - Periodically check on your progress and adjust as needed. 

Let me give you a simplified example, from your note above. This is just example, since I don’t know the details of your situation. 

Problem: I can’t afford healthy food. 

Breathe - Done. I am calm and ready to fix this.

Assess - I am on a fixed budget of X. That barley covers my expenses. I can get free food from my work, though it isn’t the healthiest. While I could probably go on like this, it makes me feel sick and is holding me back from my fitness goals. 

Plan: I have a couple of options: 

  1. Look into the local food bank. It isn’t ideal but this is why they are there. Perhaps I could volunteer to help give back.
  2. Get a part time job. 15 hours a week would be enough to help me eat healthy. It will be hard with my course load but can be done. 
  3.  Stop spending $$ on XYZ. I like it but eating healthy is more important to me. 
  4. Ask my parents for help. I hate to do it, but may need to. 

Do: I am going to 3 and 2 for now and see if I can make it work. I will limit my spending on XYZ to $15 week and will start applying for jobs tonight. 

Check : 2 weeks later I will take a look at how things have changed and adjust as needed. 

This may or may not work for you, but I find using the analytically part of my brain to troubleshoot a problem helps me get out of the emotional overload I feel when I am overwhelmed. 

Good luck anon. 

P.S. Life is too short for toxic friends. (Hugs) 

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I know it's an annoying question, but I just thought you could help.... I love drawing and I'm okay at it, but not brilliant. Every time I try to practice, I get frustrated that the work looks crappy so I give up. Any tips on how to /not/ give up?

Ah yea.. I definitely understand the pain. Every artist has to go through being really bad to being really great. Just focus on yourself and don’t try to let others’ art put you down. Instead, look at the “better” art as a way of motivating you to improve. Artists that are “better” than you just have more experience than you and have made more mistakes than you. You just have to push yourself at this moment to gather as much experience as you can and try as many different things right here and right now. Focus on your own skill level instead of where others’ levels are. You’ll get there! Just believe in yourself and don’t put yourself down, because you’re learning— and that’s rad.

Really great motivation comic


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anonymous asked:

hey sai, i'm a rather new artist (i've only been really drawing for about a year or two) but i just feel constantly discouraged. I just never feel like i'm getting any better and i'm often frustrated at my inability. Do you have any tips for not feeling like your art is crappy?

sit back and accept the fact that youre still learning, and that theres no punishment for doing mediocre work. use this stage in your life to experiment and have fun free of the pressure to do good. you dont have to show your work to anyone if you dont want to, but once you feel confident enough i’m sure that people will respond to it better than you expect! this is not your job, it is not your destiny, you do not HAVE to do this. once you take that load off your mind, it will become a lot less stressful.