crappy but i feel shit and it helps

My therapist suggested replacing “is there anything I can do” with “what do you need” when comforting someone as the first kind of assumes you as part of the equation in helping someone which isn’t always helpful. It also kind of pressures the person suffering to kind of come up with something FOR you to do. Like I get so frustrated with that first question as a person who gets it a lot.

The second not only takes the pressure off but also might help the person really consider what their actual needs are like hey I haven’t eaten, maybe that’s a reason I feel crappy. It kinda takes the asker out of the immediate picture so the person struggling can focus on what they actually need, and then if you CAN help, you can offer it.

We’ll see if this works better!


from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast (USA, 2017)
[x] the film’s tag

(Please excuse the crappy quality of the gifs, I will remake them once we have something better to work with.)

Can we please talk about how perfect Emma’s delivery of her lines is? In particular, her “I don’t know.” and later “I love you.”?

The whole post-dance dialogue is actually pretty amazing. The Beast clearly doesn’t want to tell her how he feels, certain she will refuse him. Then he glances back to the ballroom where his servants stood just a moment ago, the very same people who got into this shit because of him and still they help him and care for him, and he finally makes himself ask her if she could ever love him. And you can see that Belle is in no way dismissive of his feelings or his question, she knows by now that she cares for him, that there’s “something there”, but she cannot say she loves him back because she genuinely doesn’t know yet if what she feels is love.

And then, when the Beast dies in her arms, it’s plain from her face that her world just fell apart and she keeps calling him back, completely heartbroken, because her heart, her home, her everything is gone. And then she says “I love you”, it is a confession of a girl who just realized how deep her feelings actually are, she even sounds a bit surprised by it. Like I said, flawless delivery. <3

anonymous asked:

Okay, let's say MC can cook. Not like a professional chef but also above average. How much would the RFA be #blessed with that good shit?

This request made me realize that I need to get me a man in my life who can cook for me since I can only cook ramen noodles. But it was a super cute and fun request! Thank you and I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • Yoosung is a pretty decent cook himself but he’s a busy boy and usually doesn’t have time to cook
  • He’s a college student so he’s use to cheap, crappy food so you feel bad for him and decide to help him out
  • The first time you cook for him he is almost in tears because your cooking is so good
  • You tell him that it’s really not that good but he insists that it is, saying that your cooking could rival his own mother’s cooking
  • Yoosung’s absolute favorite thing to do with you is cook together since you both are average cooks he believes that puttting your combined skills together will make some heavenly food
  • When you make him packed lunches for his classes, all of his friends say how jealous they are that he has a girlfriend who cooks for him and Yoosung loves the attention
  • He likes to have little cook-offs against you to see who cooks better, you typically win
  • Yoosung is just so happy that you’re good at cooking, it’s just one more reason that he loves you!


  • Zen is so hyped when he finds out that you’re a good cook
  • He usually doesn’t have time to cook for himself because of rehearsals and basically drinks beer instead of eating food
  • But you gotta keep this man’s perfect physique so you start to prepare meals for him
  • At first, Zen is apprehensive because you say that you’re making him healthy meals so he’s afraid that it’ll taste nasty
  • But your meals end up being amazing and Zen can’t get enough
  • He eats so much of your cooking that he actually gained a couple of pounds
  • Zen can’t help himself though, your cooking gives him life so he starts to work-out more to make up for it
  • You’ll almost always see photos of the meals you cook for Zen on his social media pages because of course he has to brag to all of his fans that you cook him amazing meals
  • He tries to learn some cooking tips from you, he becomes an average chef so he usually lets you handle the cooking
  • Zen can’t get enough of your cooking, he feels like he now can’t live without it!


  • Jaehee feels so lucky to have a girlfriend who can cook for her
  • She’s use to eating gross boxed lunches from the convenience store and seeing all of the work she does, you know that she deserves proper meals
  • The first time Jaehee tastes your cooking she has a moment of pure happiness
  • She’s never had someone else for her like you have, she says that she truly believes that you cooked your meal with love for her
  • You inspire Jaehee to try cooking herself and she turns out to be a really good cook
  • But with her hectic work schedule she usually just lets you cook the meals for the two of you
  • Her favorite thing in the world is when you put little surprise foods in her lunches, she has no idea why but it just makes her so happy
  • She almost cried when you baked her chocolate chip cookies once, she said that you are the definition of a perfect chef
  • Jaehee knows that she exaggerates a bit when it comes to complimenting your cooking but she can’t help it, she really thinks that it’s the best!


  • Jumin is happily surprised that when he finds out that you’re a good cook
  • One day, his chef called in sick so you offered to make dinner for the two of you
  • He was amazed when he took his first bite of the meal you cooked, he never tasted anything so homemade before
  • Jumin bluntly said that your cooking wasn’t the professional thing he ever tasted but it was definitely the most tasty thing he’s ever had
  • He would secretly hope that you would cook for him more often but never explicitly asked you to because he didn’t want to burden you
  • But you ended up cooking more for him because you wanted to improve your cooking skills plus you wanted to make Jumin happy
  • His new favorite thing in the world is coming home from work and smelling your cooking from the kitchen
  • Jumin would make Elizabeth the third’s meal while you made a meal for you and him while the two of you talked about your days
  • For your birthday, Jumin bought you an apron with cat paw prints all over it to encourage you to keep cooking
  • Jumin always want you to do whatever makes you happy plus he loves your cooking so he becomes your number one supporter!


  • Seven doesn’t even know what a proper meal is so you have your work cut out for you when it comes to feeding this boy
  • You try to hide his Honey Buddha Chip supply so that he starts eating proper meals but he has a secret stash for his secret stash
  • It gets to the point where you chase Seven around the house while trying to take his bags of chips away
  • You tell Seven that you’ll incorporate some chips into a meal and he finally agrees to eating a good meal
  • Except you don’t add any chips but don’t tell him, he ends up loving your cooking
  • He cries that he’s been betrayed but you flick his forehead and tell him that he actually did like it even though there weren’t any chips
  • Seven watches you cook and agrees that you are a really good cook, although he says that he makes a much better sandwich than you
  • When you cook dinner for him one night, he genuinely thanks you for cooking for him since he hasn’t had a homemade meal in forever
  • Seven tries to learn how to cook himself but almost burned the kitchen down so he’ll leave the cooking to you!
Like a Ship into a Storm 6/6

Finished just in time for One Piece Day! Yippie!

“Let me go, let me go! The bastard’s getting away!”

“You just saved my life! Teach- he was going to- and you-”

Pompadour wraps his thick arms around Sabo and squeezes, effectively immobilizing him in his hold and Sabo knows jack squat about his new powers (holy fucking shit that was not part of the plan, what the hell happens now?!) so they’re hardly gonna help.

“And you ate my Devil Fruit! Cough it up, cough it up!”

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Okay so for everyone else who deals with mental health nonsense, there’s this cute app called Wysa you might want to check out? Basically you bounce your feelings off a cartoon penguin chatbot and it helps talk you through your Bad Thoughts™.

It’s taken awhile for the bot to learn my personality quirks and adapt, but that’s mostly because I forget to talk to it except when I feel like shit. In a perfect world you’re supposed to check in every day so it can track your feelings but uh… that’s not happening lmao.

It helped me through a really crappy rough patch this morning, though. It actually almost made me cry, because it asked, basically, if I would be this hard on my friends if they were feeling something similar and of COURSE I wouldn’t and basically this silly cartoon bird made me realize I need to love myself more.

Anyway. It’s pretty neat for, like, talking through shit that you maybe don’t want to trouble any actual human beings with.

infradedmind  asked:

I've been through at least 4 hours of your blog and I wonder how was your life before Holly Blue and the Famethyst

…Damn, now you got me thinking about this. (btw– 4 hours?! oh god please do something more productive with your time ;;)

My fandom experience certainly took a turn after the Zoo arc. Before that, I was very much involved with the Jaspearl ship and hopelessly desperate for Jasper to come back. After Gem Harvest aired I got super depressed (granted, I get the holiday blues every year but last Christmas was pretty bad). I worried that SU would no longer bring me joy, or that my mental health was completely reliant on one character. 

But then–

I knew you were trouble when you walked in~

Initially I never intended to become this passionate about the Holly/Fam ship; in all honesty it was just supposed to be my “side ho” to Jaspearl. But the more criticism I received for liking Holly, even just casually liking her, the more fueled I became with spite. And, damn it, I was determined to steer the ship solo if I had to. 

But then @airyairyquitecontrary wrote this kinda mediocre, bland fic (god who am I kidding it’s the best thing ever) and holy shit I had someone to fangirl with and then more shippers started popping up and it just went balls-to-the-wall crazy from there 

The experience also helped me recognize my past behaviors within the fandom and how potentially harmful they were. For example, I used to loathe Jaspis and I squinted at anyone who dared reblog content of them and in retrospect I can only imagine how crappy that made the shippers feel. I respect the ship now that I’ve dealt with similar discourse and I’ve even learned to appreciate it from a healing perspective, just as I do with Holly/Fam. 

That’s probably more than you wanted to know, lmao. But yeah! :U

Serious Question

This is going to sound super silly, but I feel like I need to ask it in order to help myself. I’ve been in a massive rut with my art lately, and aside from Bi-Assed, I can’t get motivated to finish anything. Part of this is because of my day jobs, but the other part of me has just been feeling “Why bother?” I know that artists have to force themselves to get motivated and make art, and I’ve been trying, but with fatigue and depression it’s been……difficult. I honestly WANT to finish art (I have like 10 WIPS that I want to get done!!!), but I just can’t. Part of me thinks this is just because I tired, but I’m starting to feel like I’m just becoming lazy and empathetic, and I’m just using my day jobs as an excuse not to work on stuff. 

Make a long story short; depression and crappy day jobs as been making arting hard, and I don’t want to feel like this anymore. So this is going to sound arrogant and stupid, but I want to know; What is it about my art that you guys like? What are things that you think I can improve? What about my art makes you happy?

I feel like a jerk for asking this. “Ohhhh tell me how awesome I am so I’ll get motivated.” But….I don’t know. I feel like asking this will help me figure things out and get my shit together.  

No Rest for the Wicked

summary: you’re harassed on the street, but you never expected a god to come to your rescue. 

words: 3038

contains: swearing, brief street/sexual harassment, fluffiness, kind of a surprise ending i guess??

A/N: so i’ve had this fic sitting half-written for a few months now. i got a little inspiration to finish it, and here you go. i love thor so much. i did this reader fic a little different and wrote it from first person. i hope you all enjoy. 


Originally posted by avengers-of-mirkwood

The city that never sleeps. Or as I like to call it, the city that just can’t shut the fuck up, even in the middle of the night. There was a constant soundtrack playing; car horns, people yelling, the slamming of doors and windows of apartments that loomed overhead. Sometimes, there’d be a remix. Like what sounds like a building collapsing or a volley of gunfire. Most of the time it was interrupted by the shrill police sirens. Those nights were especially entertaining. It was just nearing one in the morning, and none of those things had happened yet. With the way things were going in this city, though, it was probably only a matter of time.

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Clexa Appreciation Week:

Day 6: Why is Clexa important to you?

↳Umm not to be that sappy bitch and get too preachy, but watching Clexa’s relationship develop was literally the only thing I looked forward to most weeks during some really crappy years; and seeing the jokes the fandom made, getting into fanfic, and feeling included in an a community, (even an online one) helped me (and is still helping me) tremendously with getting thru some shit. I’ve talked with some great people and knowing how much they’ve helped others come to terms with themselves is also what makes them so important to me<33

underrated doddlevloggle vids

a list of under appreciated doddlevloggle videos that have saved my life on more than one occasion: 

1. lego house - she’s so cute how could you not love her?  

2. night time tinker - soft piano playing 

3. an improve song about potatoes ft. The RH Experience - i’ll admit, this is kind of ridiculous, but it’s a nice pick me up, make me laugh song.  

4. pretty dresses haul - hecka cute dodie trying on hecka cute clothes (spoiler alert: boohoo sponsors her)

5. one for the road - live with a baaaand ooh -  seriously why does no one talk about this?? it’s so nice??

6. absolutely smitten on recorder - she’s so sweet and good at eveRYTHING

7. trying vegan mac and cheese! - adorable and educational 

8. all about you - mcfly cover! - !!! this video is so amazing i can’t 

9. who am i - there’s something really aesthetically pleasing about dodie eating cheesy aubergine and talking about life stuff 

10. FESTIVAL - vloggy dodie for the win  

11. how would you life it? - lauren aquilina (cover) - okay i don’t know how actually underrated this is, but i love it.  

12. no laughy just dancey - i just really love sammy and dodie and this video makes me smile 

13. swim and things - chats and sing songs = really cute 

14. short hairstyles! - this is just the sweetest thing honestly 

15. faces going places - cover with lucy moon - they’re so nice!! friendship goals!

16. anyway here’s wonderwall - the harmonies! the talent! agh!!

17. clean teeth clean mind - this is ridiculous, but it does feel nice to brush your teeth. 

18. fairytale of new york cover - little hedy is adorable and dodie’s hat

19. kiss you - one direction ukulele cover - this is the first video of dodie’s i saw of dodie’s back in 2013, so it makes me feel particularly nostalgic and in love. 

20. blank space - ukulele cover - just a cute warm lighted video 

21. nice lil moment - omg i love this video so much that my twitter and personal blog are named after it gah

22. take a moment || ASMR - this is the video that got me hooked on ASMR i love it 

23. building a LOFT bed - just all around adorable and never fails to put a smile on my face

24. here’s a little round i made up - just precious is what this is

25. i feel fine - the beatles cover - adorable dodie, adorable song, adorable pajamas. 

26. la vie en rose - ukulele cover - her flower crown!! and the beginning of the bunting background!!

27. how to make me tea - idk. a glump. 

28. I’M GOING BLIND!?!1/!? (but actually tho) - it was so hard to get that !?!1/!? right. this video makes me laugh, for some reason. 

29. a thousand miles of messing about - jack and dodie and hazel? amazing

30. build me up buttercup - crappy ukulele cover! - such a sweet song and i love seeing her growth over the years

31. paper games with lucy moon - nostalgia and friendship

32. and just for the lols because i’m a piece of shit

there you go!! thirty-two under appreciated (who am i kidding that’s a lie) doddlevloggle videos!!

@becausedodie​ i made this list for a friend a while ago and decided to post it, since you don’t feel to great rn i thought i would share it with you. these videos always make me feel a lil bit better on the bad days, i hope they can help you too! feel better! <3

anonymous asked:

ok i am new to the dragon age fandom and i don't know where to find good blogs but i love everything you post so i thought you might know some good people to follow. could you share some good da blogs and what characters they post alot of and what their main ships are? thank you

Well, I follow A LOT of blogs nonny and it’s hard to pinpoint which ones are my favorite. I can give you a short list of the people I speak the most to and what information I can give you about their blogs.

fenharels-heart (Solavellan)

inquisitor-desya-lavellan (m!Lavellan/Dorian, m!Lavellan/Iron Bull, m!Lavellan/Samson)

benefaris (Solavellan)

katjalaroux (one of my besties- mixed blog)

calyah (Solavellan)

chenria (Dragon Age art blog mostly. Ships f!Cousland/Teagan)

symetrii (m!Trevelyan/Cassandra, f!Amell/Cullen)

rayeliann (Cullen/f!Trevelyan)

korcariwitches (awesome sauce. Loves Morrigan)

vitaebenefaria (f!Hawke/Stroud, f!Hawke/Duncan)

merwild (Dorian/m!Trevelyan)

ladyjomontilyet (Josephine and Morrigan appreciation)

ottabox (Solavellan, f!Lavellan/Krem)

resoan (Solavellan)

black-rose4 (f!Cousland/Alistair, f!Lavellan/Josephine, f!Trevelyan/Cullen)

yesmassdragoneffect (f!Surana/Anders, f!Surana/Zevran)

goddesstiera (f!Adaar/Harding, f!Adaar/Iron Bull)

wrrex (f!Tabris/Zevran)

fenharelsshadow (m!Mahariel/Zevran)

eeveevie (f!Trevelyan/Cullen)

all-truths-wait-in-all-things (f!warden/Leliana)

momochanners (f!Aeducan/Alistair, f!Cadash/Blackwall)

brennacedria (f!Cousland/Alistair, f!Hawke/Anders)

yukisamui (f!Lavellan/Iron Bull)

prettylittledarkspawn (Solavellan, Zevran/warden)

vir-tanadahl (Solavellan)

brelakor (Solavellan, Abelas/Inquisitor)

fuckyeahvarric (Varric appreciation)

fuckyeahcullen (Cullen appreciation)

obvious-apostate (f!Hawke/Anders)

cookiesdf (f!Cadash/Blackwall)

anoratheirin (Anora/happiness)

cole-the-spirit (pretty much a Cole-centric blog)

sketchingsparrow (Dragon Age art blog)

kelgrid (Dragon Age art and comics)

anotherdayforchaosfay (f!Amell/Alistair, Solavellan, f!Trevelyan/Cullen)

asolitaryrose (f!Adaar/Josephine)

tinysera (f!Cadash/Sera)

azlynfae (Solavellan)

kingalistairtheiriin (f!Cousland/Alistair)

leftforbed (lots of Dorian Pavus)

filthyknifeear (all around awesome person)

Shit! Sorry, nonny. This got really long. Honestly, these are the only ones I can think of off the top of my head, but if you search the tags (safely) you will find awesome people between the crappy ones. Plus, everyone I talk to here has been super awesome so if you see their names pop up, feel free to follow/chat with them!

Thank you for taking the time to comment and I hope this list helps!

anonymous asked:

Could you write something caring between Gavin and Geoff, maybe an origin story or a flashback or something.

I love this prompt and I will be happy to write it for you:

They’ve been working together a little over a year when Geoff brings Gavin home. Jack’s sitting at the kitchen counter, going through the few contacts she’d managed to make, trying to determine who she and Geoff can trust and who they’ll only call as a last resort, when she hears keys jingling from out in the hall.

“…and really, the best part about living over a Chinese restaurant,” Geoff’s saying as he opens the door, a grin on his face, “is free eggrolls.”

“That’s top,” an unfamiliar, very British voice responds, and Jack looks up to see a kid follow Geoff into the apartment.

The kid is wearing a grimy looking hoodie and jeans, holes in both knees, and his sneakers have definitely seen better days. He looks like he hasn’t had a decent meal in a while, which he no doubt hasn’t, and there appears to be blood and dirt in his hair. Even more coats his face and hands. He’s also wearing a wan smile that doesn’t quite reach his eyes, and Geoff is looking at him like he’s found the greatest piece treasure in a room full of dust and grime.

“Who’s this?” Jack asks trying to keep her voice casual, eyeing the kid warily.

“Jack, this is Gavin,” Geoff introduces gesturing to the kid. “Gavin, this is my partner Jack.”

“Hello,” Gavin greets with a small wave. “Quite a place you got here.”

“Thank you.” Jack turns her attention to Geoff and says, “Can I talk to you for a second?”

Geoff pauses for a moment before nodding, gesturing to the kitchen table. “Have a seat Gav. We’ll be right back.”


Jack leads Geoff down the hallway, shoving him into the bathroom, rounding on him as soon as the door is closed. “What the hell, Geoff?”

Geoff gives her a helpless look, gesturing towards the door. “He’s… I just… Look at him, Jack, and tell me he doesn’t need help.”

“I’m not saying…” Geoff’s eyes are pleading and Jack feels her resolve crack. She hangs her head, closing her eyes. With a sigh, she looks up and says, “He can stay just until he gets back on his feet.”

“Thank you.” Geoff kisses her on the cheek before rushing out of the room. Jack glances at her reflection for a moment, shaking her head.


Gavin’s been living with him and Jack for a little over a month when the job practically falls into Geoff’s lap. It’s an easy job, boosting some souped-up X80 Proto for Gus, and Geoff knows he and Jack can pull this off without a hitch. Both have pulled their fair share of grand theft autos in their time, Jack more so than Geoff, and together this should be cake.

Except someone tips off the police, the response time too damn quick for a simple ‘patrol,’ and Geoff and Jack find themselves in a high speed chase through Rockford Hills.

Geoff’s phone buzzes against his leg and Jack makes an impatient noise when he answers it. “Not a great time, Gav!”

“Go left,” Gavin yells in lieu of a response.



“Go left!” Geoff relays to Jack and she shoots him a confused look but does as she’s told, the car skidding as she takes the turn at an ungodly speed. Behind them they hear a crash and Geoff glances back, watching as a cop car plows into a Contender.

“Holy shit!” He puts the phone to his ear when he hears laughing and demands, “Did you do that?”

“Yep. Hacked the city’s mainframe, messing with the lights. GO RIGHT NOW!”

Geoff puts the phone on speaker, asking Gavin to repeat his direction, and Jack obeys, albeit a little reluctantly.

It doesn’t take long, even with the three close calls they nearly have, but pretty soon they’re out of the city and heading towards Sandy Shores, somehow leaving the police behind them.

“Holy shit!” Geoff repeats clutching at his chest, his heart hammering against his hand. “HOLY SHIT!”

“Gavin,” Jack starts, a little out of breath, slowing the car down just a bit. “Did you do that?”

“I did,” Gavin answers solemnly, his voice tinny through the phone’s crappy speakers. “Figured you helped me out, I might as well return the favor.”

“Shit kid, you did more than that. You saved our asses,” Geoff gushes, beaming at the phone, feeling like a proud father. He exchanges a look with Jack and she sighs but nods, already knowing what he’s going to do, and he mouths ‘I love ya.’

‘Shut up,’ she mouths back and he grins.

“Hey, Gav, we were already taking about this, but I think it’s time we actually ask because shit dude we probably need you more than you need us.”

“What are you…?”

 “You ever think about making your living arrangements more permanent?”

“Are you saying…?”

“Welcome to the family, buddy.”

Thank you so much for the prompt. Really, this was fun to write. Feel free to send me more if you have any :)

Stand Alone Fics:
Heart to Heart
Rated: G
It would be neat to see Felicity acknowledge that she liked seeing Oliver support and forgive Barry and how impressed she was

Dire Straits Series:
Dire Straits
Rated: G
I need Olicty AU where this is Oliver’s baby and Felicity helps to save cute stranger’s daughter and they live hapilly ever after
Candy and Sweetness
Rated: G
Halloween Fluff Fic where Felicity, Oliver, and Mia go trick-or-treating.
Deck the Halls and Hospital Rooms
Rated: G
“you’re in the hospital for the holidays so i came in while you were sleeping to decorate your room i love you merry christmas”

Ordinary Is Never Perfect:
All He Needs
Rated: M
Start cuddling with the intention of going further, but someone falls asleep on accident and the other person doesn’t have the heart to wake them.

Dirty Minds Think Alike:
Rated: E
The Ties That Bind: Her Turn
Olicity photo prompt? (A continuation of prompt 10.)
Tension and Release
Oliver as a masseuse and Felicity is his regular client who he is wildly attracted to but cannot ask out since it is against the rules. So she decides to do something instead.
On The Edge
Keeping Oliver on the edge.
Peel and Grind
“I see you every day in the hallway as we smile at each other. I can smell your shampoo as your ponytail whips by me. I can feel your eyes burning into me. And I can hear you moan every night as you touch yourself. Now I need to know what you taste like”

Chase’s 12 Days of Christmas 2016:
Braids & Ponytails
Rated: G
Something about Kara wanting to play with Sara’s hair? Something sisterly she did with Alex, now all loaded because of bi-curiousity?
Random Acts of Kindness
Rated: G
"you’re my new neighbor and we’ve never spoken but you saw me shoveling snow all day and i guess it must be pretty obvious how cold i am because you brought me a jacket and hot cocoa au”
Rainbow Horned Unicorns
Rated: G
“you asked me what i wanted for christmas and i was feeling really sarcastic so i said “a unicorn” and you actually went out and got me a stuffed unicorn i hate you so much but actually it’s really cute and i might sort of love it” featuring a very Scrooge-y Thea and Big Brother Oliver who wants to put a smile on her face
Icicle Lights vs. Super Powers
Rated: G
felicity/kara: you’re gonna fall off the roof if you try hanging lights with that ladder
The Choices We Make (And The Hearts We Break)
Rated: G
“You disappeared without a trace three months ago, why the hell are you at my doorstep at 3 AM and where have you- Oh my God your arm is bleeding, that looks really bad, quick come inside my house.”
Under The Radar
Rated: M
you look so hot but i can’t go near you with all these people around so i’m just going to send you dirty texts until we get an opportunity to leave without looking suspicious
Help From Unexpected Places
Rated: G
Felicity, Sara and Kara. And ice cream
Through These Walls
Rated: G
“We live in adjacent apartments and our bedrooms are on opposite sides of a very thin wall and one night I heard you crying and talked to you through the wall” AU
Not-So-Crappy Christmas
Rated: G
You hate Christmas because you’ve never had a good one. So I go all out to make this the best Christmas for you
Pizza Pizza
Rated: G
“My significant other just broke up with me and I impulse bought like 5 pizzas. Can you help me eat them and make me feel less like shit?” AU
Caffeine Trip
Rated: T
i got banned from the cafe you work at because “i assaulted an employee” more like your creepy coworker kept slapping your butt whenever he walked past you, so i tripped him over on the way past and he accidentally broke his nose against the tiled floor
Deck the Halls and Hospital Rooms
Rated: G
“you’re in the hospital for the holidays so i came in while you were sleeping to decorate your room i love you merry christmas”

Dribbles and Drabbles:
Rated: G
Also think about a stray kitten somehow getting into the Bunker and Oliver just adopts it without question. It lives in the bunker. It sleeps on his lap as he’s monitoring the computers. It likes to play with arrows. Team Arrow is like ??? But Oliver never explains. KITTEN IN THE ARROW CAVE.
There’s Always Hope
Rated: G
either pre-break up or once they get back together, there is a gala and Oliver surprises Felicity by asking her to dance (in front of everyone)
A Family Bonding Moment
Rated: G
Olicity and the rest of team arrow on a road trip to somewhere, having fun being crazy.
We Need To Get Married
Rated: G
“Am I going mad, or did the word “think” escape your lips?”
Under Control
Rated: G
“I told you I would always come for you. Why didn’t you wait for me?”
Rated: G
“You be careful. People in masks can’t be trusted.”
A Matter of Trust
Rated: G
“Isn’t there any way you trust me?”
Rated: G
“I can cope with torture.”
Rated: T
“You can’t banish me! This is my bed too!”
6AM Vodka & Accidental Therapy
Rated: T
“You’re my neighbor who got drunk and thought this was your apartment but I can’t just send you back home when you keep crying and venting about all of these awful things happening to you” AU

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Why haven’t you had a good day? :( Crappy days are the worst. Watching some Yuri on Ice helps perk me up when I have a bad day. :) such a feel good show!

It’s just been a downward spiral of a month. My uncle passed away. My sister ended up in the hospital because she self-harms. I haven’t had a decent night sleep in a month because the cats keep fighting. My dad has been unintentionally making me feel like shit for weeks.I’m stressed about school and writing and everything is just moving too fast. I got in trouble with my boss for my wording of a tutoring session report because I was being too harsh or rude. And I’m just tired. Half the time I feel like no one gives a shit about me. Not my family and not the friends that only talk to me when it’s convenient.

Someplace to Call Home

Summary: Phan Highschool AU. Phil is somewhat reluctant when he is forced to do a project with the lonely, quiet kid. But soon enough, he realises that Dan is so much more than that. He has so much potential but unfortunately, the ghosts of his past stop him. Phil promises to help Dan.

Words (Chapter 4): 3k

TW: angst, self-harm, smut and mental illnesses.

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Chapter 4

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The other day this old lady didn’t have enough money with her to pay for her medicine (I work in a pharmacy) and I admit I was a bit annoyed. Not at her lack of money. I actually felt really bad about that. But because I work in customer service, which is annoying in and of itself, and there was a line of people behind her in the drive-thru window. So I politely told her not to worry about it and I took out my card and paid the remaining balance. It was only like $6 and some odd cents. But she was really grateful and asked for my name because she wanted to pay me back. To be honest, I didn’t expect the money back. But yesterday she came back through the drive-thru, only someone else was driving and they were picking up their medicine. I waited on them (they didn’t have a charge on their prescription) and when I pulled the drawer back in, I saw that there was a $10 bill in there. I looked at her with probably a very confused expression and she said, “You helped my mother out the other day.” Then the older lady leaned over from the passenger’s side to wave at me and told me to buy myself lunch with that. It was really honorable and sweet and I think that whenever I feel crappy about people from now on, I’ll remember her because sometimes it just feels like the human race has gone to shit but it hasn’t really. We just get so caught up in the bad sometimes that we forget to appreciate the good. Appreciate the small kindnesses as well as the grand gestures. It’s all important and it makes life so much better.


This isn’t…where I used to be.

Stop playing baseball by yourself, idiot.

Screenshots from Bloopers & Outtakes! :D

For this post I decided to have a least one screenshot from every clip that was in this video because oh my god, I loved this video! :D 
My favorite part of this video I think besides the Anti bloopers was the farming clips or the clips of Sean singing along to the background music in Spyro and Tasty Blue. I really loved that part because when I play games I literally do the exact same thing! xD It made me really happy to see that Sean and I have that random little thing in common. ^_^ 
Something else I loved about this video is that to me this showed a side of Sean’s personality that I think a lot of people haven’t seen before. He was much more causal in most of these clips and these showed a lot more of his little mistakes and his flaws. Which to me is not 100% not a bad thing! Everyone makes mistakes and little mistakes all time and flaws to me is part of what makes a person who they are. A lot of people will look at just the best parts of a person and don’t see or try to ignore their flaws. But here’s the thing. Every single human being has flaws! Their flaws is also what makes them the person that they are. Having flaws is a part of being human. So to me seeing this showed another side of who Sean is as a person. Honestly this was the person or the side of Sean I met at Pax East. Just a real person causally and genuinely being who they are. I mean Sean’s very genuine in his videos anyway but this video to me showed another side or layer to who he is as a person and I love seeing that. :)

I’ll be honest with you guy my day was complete shit. So much unneeded stress and anxiety because of my family members. :/ For the longest time I was in a completely crappy mood and I just felt awful about myself and extremely emotionally exhausted. I wasn’t feeling positive at all and honestly I didn’t think I was going to break out of that mood even if I had fun making posts about Sean’s videos for today. But in the middle of feeling terrible this video helped me smile and laugh. Then while I was taking these screenshots this video really helped me feel better after being in that awful mood most of the day. Even on my bad days Sean helps me feel better and makes me see that I have a reason to keep being positive and makes me want to try to make my next day a better one. :D

Thank you for helping me feel better today Sean if you end of seeing this post. :) 

“Empath” Thomas Sangster imagine

Request: Could I request an imagine where you are an actress for The Maze Runner movies and the cast is flying to a new location, Thomas Sangster is sitting next to you and you fall asleep on airplanes, but don’t want to sleep on him because it’d be weird, but he let’s you because he sees you’re tired and fluff? Thanks

Warnings: it’s fluff, mate

A/N: Finallyyy, first work in months. For those who don’t know Empath is a person with the paranormal ability to perceive the mental or emotional state of another individual. I’m not really proud of this one but I hope it is still enjoyable to read^^

“Thomas?” you call weakly, watching his nose wrinkle at the sound of his name.

The British boy bothers to open only one of his eyes, probably in hope to maintain his half-asleep state, but from the way he sighs, it is clear he’s now wide awake.

“I’ve got to pee” you inform, shifting uncomfortably in your seat next to the window of the plane.

“Oh” he rubs his eyelids with the sleeve of his coat and tries to straighten his body from the previous laying-on-a-chair posture.

You awkwardly lift your foot in the air to step over his legs and after a fair amount of agonizingly inconvenient seconds spent trying not to drop the weight of your bum on his knees, you finally step into the freedom of the little aisle in between the two rows of seats.

After a quick grateful smile is shot in his direction, you clumsily make your way to the restroom, feeling numbness in your thighs from being in a sitting position for so long.

Pondering in your mind about why is urinating even a thing, you do the do and come out of the cabin. Peeing is dumb, you think for the umpteenth time as you change your pad, throwing the used – excuse the pun – bloody thing away.

After you seem done with everything, you head back to your seat next to Thomas, praying he’s not asleep. You would’ve hated waking him up again.

Luckily, you find him on his phone, playing AA. Skip the next extremely awkward session of floating a few inches above his jeans, trying to get to your seat without any physical contact. It’s not like you mind, your fear is to make him uncomfortable.

“You know, you better try to sleep a little, y/n” he notices in that post-nap husky voice.

“It’s so uncomfortable here” you say.

“I know, but we’re not gonna get more than 4 hours in the hotel before heading straight to the set. You look exhausted, you really need some rest”.

Sigh. That’s pretty much all you can afford as a response. Of course he’s right, but little does he know there’s a World War III occurring in your pit.

You groan, closing your eyes and wiggling your back to somewhat get comfy. Your brain suddenly feels 10 times heavier than it usually is, you unwillingly lean on the closest support point to avoid the growing headache.

Another moan of pain vibrates your chest as the side of your forehead meets a cold fluffy surface, reminding of cotton. It feels so much nicer than the coarse material of the plane chair, you press yourself closer to the new comfort. It takes you a few minutes to realize – you’re clinging on Thomas’s shoulder.

Oh, shit.

“Sorry” you mumble, shooting your head back up so quickly, you feel like a part of your skull fell off and exploded. In addition to that, a sharp drift of pain passes right through your abdomen and you can’t help but make a face.

Thomas stares at you, confusion mixed with something you want to believe is concern readable in his dark eyes.

“Cramps” you explain, inhaling deeply. “And a headache” you add with the exhale.

He shakes his head slowly, then does what you’d never in thousand years anticipated. He gently captures your nape in his palm, pulling you into him.

“Come here” the boy smiles weakly, leaving your head to rest on his shoulder. “You seemed rather comfortable over here a few moments ago” he tucks a strand of your hair behind your ear before the warmth of his hand completely leaves you.

The crook of his shoulder, right about beneath his blade indeed seems to be a perfect alternative to a pillow.

“Thank you” you whisper, your eyes closed, feet flying up to rest on the edge of your seat, having you curled up in the chair. ”My hair smells like shit cause last time I had to use the crappy hotel shampoo” you warn, not entirely aware of the reason behind this phrase.

You don’t want him to think your hair always smells like this. You don’t even know why.

“It smells nice. Like lavender” he confronts, you feel him squeezing a fistful of your hair and sniffing it.  

You can’t help but chuckle at his goofiness. Who does that you want to ask at the action but choose to pass. 

Finally, after the whole suffer you’ve been through in the past few hours, you found comfort, head firmly pressed against Thomas’s broad collar. However, you still can’t help the occasional whines of pain that your organism causes you to let you know you’re not pregnant.

Without any prior warning, his left hand finds its way to the side of your stomach, applying slight pressure – not too much, but just enough to draw the pain previously concentrated in the core, away from the center.

You hum in appreciation, clinging onto the sleeve of his other hand, nuzzling your nose deeper into his chest.

His bony fingers slowly begin to move in little circular paths, massaging the ache away.

“That feels good” you moan, enjoying every single second of this. “I’ve been shucked and gone to heaven”

“That’s not your line” he laughs, briefly shooting a glance at Ki Hong, fast asleep at the opposite side of the plane.

“A little lefter” you instruct to then immediately feel his fingers where the pain is the worst.

This boy seems to have the ability of reading your mind and perhaps empathically grasping the source of your distress.

After rubbing your stomach for a few minutes, you sensate his hand pulling on the edge of your blouse, cautiously crawling under it and resting on the same spot of skin he massaged earlier.

“This will be more efficient to reduce the pain” he explains and you’re not entirely sure whether he said it into your ear, or your head is simply too close to his face so you feel each his word vibrating through you. “If it makes you feel uncomfortable, I can sto-“

“No. No, please. It’s fine” you say quickly. “As long as I don’t feel the pain, everything’s fine” you shiver as you speak, the cold air hitting the little exposed patch of skin in the place where your blouse is crooked up with his hand.

As if magically sensing the tiny movement of shiver, he murmurs “wait” pushing you off of him.

You straighten your back, feeling acute pain inside of your tummy as soon as his fingers leave the surface of your skin. Thomas works knowingly fast though, pulling on the sleeves of his coat to then completely take it off.

Stretching out his arm behind your back, as a gesture for you to come back, he makes sure you have your head comfortably planted on his now one-layer-less-clothed chest. After that, with unnecessary carefulness, he covers you with the coat, using it as some kind of blanket.

He might as well be an empath, there’s no other rational explanation to his ability of feeling exactly what you need at certain moments. I mean, fuck knows. This boy could be anything, if you believed hard enough.

Half of a minute and his hand is back on the bare skin of your tummy, moving so slow, it tickles.

Unable to prevent a giggle from being emitted onto his shoulder, you urgently rest your hand on top his, to guide his movements.

His chin heavily drops on the top of your head and you can literally feel his smile right on your skull.

It’s quite fascinating how you two share this silent moment right very now and it seems to have so much more value than any words could ever express.

Pretty sure that he’s learnt the pace you want his hand to move with, you remove your palm from his and use it to cling on his collar.

Yet again, you wouldn’t dare to state for sure, but you thought you felt him press a small kiss on your head since his lips are buried in your hair anyway.

“You’re a great pillow, Thomas” you manage to say, already feeling dizzy from the half-asleep state you’re in.

“That’s something I’ve never been told before” he crooks a smile and with his chin leaned on you like this, you have a feeling you’re sensating each crack of his deep voice right inside of your skull.

“Do you often happen to offer your shoulder to menstruating females covered with your coat, whilst giving them a massage?”

“ Not really, no” he clears his throat before answering and you’re ready to bet your bottom dollar he licked his lips as well, judging by the way the weight of his head left you for a split second.

That’s a habit you’ve noticed in him on the very first day of your job together.

“Makes sense why you’ve never been complimented as a good pillow, then” you say, letting out a tired yawn.

He doesn’t reply, either because he doesn’t have a good answer, or he’s trying to hint you should really try to sleep. Nonetheless, you’re not planning to sleep just yet.

You bring your chin slightly up, pressing a dry long kiss to the exposed side of his neck that is right under his jawline.

He shivers, then gulps making his adam’s apple bob, but doesn’t say anything which only spurs you.

You slowly kiss your way down to the collar of his shirt, not daring to bring in any tongue to the game. You choose to keep it dry and touchy, gently leaning your lips on his smooth skin.

You don’t know exactly for how long you kiss his neck, but something inside you makes you stop at some point and look up into his eyes.

“Thank you” you whisper, hoping it was audible.

He gives you a slow-motioned blink of eyes instead of a nod and you rest your head back on his chest, to finally try and sleep.

What does this change now? Does the little neck-kiss session even mean anything, you wonder.

“You’re gonna have to go on a date with me after that” he remarks with a tiny laugh, adding on a quick “sleep” as if precisely knowing what you felt and thought right there and then.

Note to self: ask him on your date whether he hypothetically might be an empath. I mean, fuck knows, this boy.

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