crappy attempts be crappy

Your name is Vox Machina

Your name is Grog Strongjaw, and you’re still getting used to the idea of a family that supports you but doesn’t push you. You’re still not exactly used to someone supporting your ideas, and the love your found family has for you still blows your mind. You have literally defeated the man who made your past life hell. He wasn’t your family. The ones you love now are. You love the one you prank but still knows how to dish it back out. You love your other tiny friend, and the peaceful one you taught to control her rage. You love the two long-range fighters and you wish you could protect them but they’re too far away. But most of all, you love your tiny sister. If you ever hurt her, you would probably hurt yourself. You trust her with all your heart, and she’s never broken that trust, so you help her as best you can in battle. Since your childhood, you’ve learned how to control your rage and use it to your benefit. You do it for one reason: family.

Your name is Pike Trickfoot, and you would do anything for your family. You stay holy because Sarenrae wants you to, but sometimes there needs to be some vengeance for the people that hurt the people you love. You love the druid who helps you with healing your friends. You love both of the salty half-elves, both of whom you have brought back from the dead. You love your fellow gnome, especially the banter you two have. You love the only human in your little family, and you’re so proud that he is done with that little demon that had taken hold of his heart. And you especially love your goliath brother who you couldn’t be prouder of. You’ve done so much, and there’s still so much more to be done, but most of all-you’re going to protect your family.

Your name is Vex’ahila and you want to save everyone. You want to save your family most of all. You’ve gone through so much, and your mind sometimes tells you things you know aren’t true. A broken man once told you that you weren’t worth anything, that you were just a killer, an unproven ally. You know that isn’t true, and the people you love prove that to you every day. You love the biggest guy on your team, that he will fight so close but know exactly when to dodge your arrows. You love the tiny holy one, and would do anything to protect her. The other small one is absolutely hilarious and is basically the father you never had. The druid is the one you’re able to talk about certain things with, conversations no one else would get. Your boyfriend tinkers and you couldn’t be prouder than him for how far he’s come from that demon. And finally, you love your twin most of all. He was there for you when no one else was, literally traded his life for yours, and will be by your side forever. Your name is Vex’ahlia and this is your family.

Your name is Vax’ildan and you’re not exactly sure how you got here. Somehow, you’re the moral compass of this group you’re in even though you’re probably one of the angstiest people you’ve met. You traded your life for your sister, and you’re not sure if it was the worst or best decision of your life. Now, you’re a paladin for the goddess of death and you do everything in your power to keep your family from crossing into her domain because you never want to lose them because you love them. You love the absolutely hilarious gnome who has you in stitches when you’re not fighting for your life. You love the tinkerer, but if he hurts your sister he is a dead man. You love the only other one who serves a god directly, and it’s a little strange because they’re different gods, but it’s nice. You love the big guy you prank back and forth, even if the pranks are kind of stupid. Your girlfriend is amazing and can do so many cool things, but you love her because she is herself. You love your twin, who you would protect with your life. She has gotten so far and you love watching her progress. You trust these people with your life because they’re your family.

Your name is Keyleth and you couldn’t be prouder. Of yourself and your family. You have worked so hard to get to the point of completing your lifelong quest, and it’s done. Finally. The first time you tried one, you were alone. Now you have people you trust with you. You’re so proud of everyone you love. You love the small one, even if her complete trust in her god kind of worries you at times. You love the one who is always there to cheer you up, and strangely impart some wisdom if you need it. You love the one you can talk about your boyfriends with, because sometimes they’re stupid. You love the one who taught you how to control your rage. You needed that. You love your amazing boyfriend, and you love that he will always support you. Most of all, you think, you love your best friend. You thought you were the epitome of ‘opposites attract’, but it seems you have more in common than you ever thought. This family has helped you get to where you are, and you couldn’t be more proud or loving.

Your name is percival fredrickstein von musel klossowski de rolo iii, and that name comes with power you’re not exactly sure you’re fit to carry. You worry that you would be a poor leader, so you leave the actual leading to others in your group. You will put forward ideas, but typically let others talk about it if it’s only your family. When regarding nobles, however, you will take the lead because you know exactly how to speak to them in a way to protect your family because you love them so much. You love the singing one, even if he tries to fuck with you on a regular basis. You love the big guy, but it sure is fun to ‘title’ him-it makes him so happy. You love your holy friend, especially her hugs and one-liners. You love the only one who you are behind in amount of angst. You love your girlfriend, and you love being in the back with her, watching her notch and release every arrow. You love your best friend, who you couldn’t be prouder of. She’s the good influence, and you’re the bad. You are so happy that your family still stuck by your side even when there was a demon trying to take over your mind. You couldn’t love them more if you tried.

Your name is Taryon Darrington and you wish you knew what you are doing. But, you don’t. You want to prove to your family that you are capable, but that’s tiring out to be difficult. This group is amazing, and you wish you could be on their level. You can see the love they have for each other, and you can only hope to be a part of that love eventually.

Your name is Scanlan Shorthalt and you don’t really know what’s going on. You stumbled into adventuring and you don’t know if it’s for you. You love your family, but families can fight. You want to stay with them, but even though you love them, you’re not sure if they love you right back. You’ve come so far, fought so many physical monsters, but you have no idea how to fight the ones living in your mind. You can’t sing a fun tune at them to make them go away, so you left, trying to leave the demons behind. Little do you know, your family is still broken. It will always be a little broken, but you helped slowly mend it. Now the crack is widening without you there and you have no idea, so there is no way you will fix it. You came so far and accomplished so much, but apparently your mind has made you think your found family doesn’t love you. They do.

Your name is Vox Machina and you are a group of broken people making a family. It’s a broken family for sure, but you’ve seen the worst in each other and make each other better. The only problem is, there are a few giant cracks and you’ve lost your glue.

Solangelo: Not All That Bad

“I don’t understand the point of this.” Nico complained through the door of his bathroom as he pulled off his usual black t-shirt over his head and tossed it on the floor. “I mean it. Do you guys really think something as trivial as a makeover will get people to not be so scared of me?”

“Absolutely! Now hurry up so we can see how you look!” Piper’s voice said from somewhere outside the door.

With a sigh, Nico compiled and pulled on the black tank top and red-and-black checkered flannel that Annabeth and Piper had gotten for him. Next went his black skinny jeans that were replaced by dark blue already-ripped skinny jeans. Okay maybe makeover was exactly what was happening. It was more like a wardrobe alteration. The only reason Nico agreed to it was because the two girls promised to start off with small things.

After successfully putting on the pants, he simply slipped on his black converse and finally took a look at himself in the mirror.

He studied himself as though he was not actually looking at a reflection. It had been a couple years after the whole battle with Gaea and he had to say he was actually looking healthier and better. His skin was returned to his olive-green complextion, though still a bit pale, the bags under his eyes were still there just slightly faded and his once unruly mane was now an undercut.

With one last look over he stepped out and let the girls swoon at how good they did.


Okay so maybe the girls were right. The change in clothing had actually made people come and talk to him. At first he was a bit uncomfortable with all the socializing but as the day progressed he got used to it.

What he wasn’t used to was seeing a red-faced and spluttering Will Solace.

“I…uh…you….you look….you look good Di Angel….I mean…it’s not…not bad….at all..” The blond boy finally managed.

Nico chuckled lightly before winking at the boy before him and walking off to his cabin. “You’re not too bad yourself, Solace.”

As he walked he did not witness just how red Will had gotten. And he also was not a witness to see how Will practically fainted. But if you asked him he would absolutely and 100% deny the fact that he passed out due to how hot Nico Di Angelo looked or how he had winked at him, no he would swear it’s because he was feeling dizzy and ‘Wow was it hot.’


“People have a hard time accepting when someone displays even the slightest amount of discomfort in the spotlight,you’re supposed to soak up every bit of fame like it’s sunshine. But I think it’s genuinely scary that fame is valued so highly, even above happiness. I love making movies, but I don’t do my job to be a famous person.”

It was stolen glances
from across the room.
It was music you said you hated
shaking the forest that afternoon.
It was your hand in mine
and fingers on wrists.
It was that consuming fire
from all the oil that had spilled.
It was all my dreams,
recognising you.
It was all my nightmares,
bowing down to you.
It was all that I love,
loving you even more.
It was all that I feared
and all that I hoped for.
It was the blood in my veins
while you had your eyes closed.
It was me driving,
and you telling me where to go.
It was the car halting
and time with it, too.
It was your own demon,
taunting one of my own.
It was being on the verge of death,
burning acid and burning lungs.
It was you kneeling,
desperation and salvation.
It was you on the bed
with a dream in your hands.
It was me gathering courage,
replacing dreams with lips.
It was you tracing ink -
claws and beaks.
It was nails and teeth,
defending themselves by all means.
It was me dreaming,
and you coming with me.
It was despair stilling me.
It was you sitting beside me.
It was your hand around my neck,
and a choice I would never make.
It was you begging to be stopped -
It was me letting you -
It was you but it isn’t -
It was me whispering desperately -
It was you and me,
and the world tumbling down.
It was you leaning on me.
It was me holding on.
It was the darkness
unmaking me.
It was your voice
shaking me.
It was leaves and petals
and a hastily written note.
It was claws and beaks
and nails and teeth.
It is you giving me a fairy tale.
It is me believing every word.
It is the forest coming down.
It is you becoming you.
It is me, always me.
And then it was you and me.
It was me staying,
knowing this is my home.
It is you leaving,
promising you’ll be back soon.
—  the dreamer and the magician at 2.27am