crappy art dump

Sketch thingie I started today because I had the day off for Mid Autumn Festival and Luce was telling me I should draw more things so I was like HAHAHA WHY NOT TORTURE MYSELF WITH TRYING TO DRAW HOECHLIN’S STUPID STUBBLE AND DYLAN’S RIDICULOUS NOSE AGAIN AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ;-;

So here, have a blurry snapshot of my sketch #1737484 of Stiles and Derek staring at each other with awkward looks on their faces. I’ll probably come back to finish it tmrw. Probably.

Happy Mid Autumn Festival! I lol’d at random mooncake-inspired Teen Wolf thoughts all day.

Attempted another Sterek fanart today but Hoechlin’s stupid face was giving me the HARDEST TIME I S2G WHY /flips table

Posting this sketch of Stiles’s face here since this bit at least turned out sort of okay and I need to get over this to be able to start afresh grrrrrrrrr but I’m gonna cut Derek out because that’s just embarrassing

(Also because Luce told me to ahaha hi Luce look I posted)

I’ll keep trying! Might eventually come back and try to fix this

/throws art down and runs away

So I was drawing Sterek fanart (again ahahaha why is no one telling me to stop???) and Hoechlin’s stupid face kept turning out wrong and Luce and I were pulling our hair out trying to figure out where I went wrong and I must have redrawn his stupid fucking jaw twenty times tonight so I got fucking pissed and did this and now I sort of feel better lol. Luce says I should post this, so here it is. FEEL MY RAAAAAAAGE >:[