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Nyssara Arrow season 4 trailer

Okay, but I am IN LOVE with the way he’s looking at her here (1x11). All she’s done so far is put down her food (in order to give him her complete attention). All she’s done so far is SMILE AT HIM. She’s barely begun to TALK. The way he’s already looking at her, mere seconds after walking into her office, is making my heart melt. There’s so much adoration in the look, so much JOY. He’s just so happy to be with her again, to see her smile, to hear her voice. It’s like he’s charmed just to be in her presence. He’s already smitten and he doesn’t even know it.

“Is that your way of saying you miss me?”

“No. But if it works for you, go with it.”

Oh, it works for him, and he will absolutely go with it.