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Summary:  He didn’t realize he was slowly hurting you, piece by piece breaking your heart. 

Warnings: I shouldn’t really have to say this anymore but it’s short.

Word Count: 520

Note: This one is pretty shit, and I really should’ve written something better.

*Realized I should probably write the fandom somewhere on here*         Tom Holland x Reader.

His laugh

You watched as he told the story, always so animated in how he spoke, it was no surprise why people always listened and found his stories to be interesting. He could talk about grass growing, and with his excited voice you and everyone else would probably find it interesting.

“And Tessa, being the little troublemaker she is, got me and the girl tied up in a mess with her leash.” You tried to hide the automatic wince as soon as he went on about this mysterious girl.

“So you like her?” You looked down trying to avoid Tom’s eyes when you heard your voice raise slightly. “Well I guess I’ll find out on the date I have coming up.”  

Your heart.

“It’s not healthy Y/N.” You heard Harrison sigh as you continued to stare. It was their 4 month anniversary and seeing them still in the lovey dovey fase made you feel sick.

But not the type of sick you wished it was, instead it was a gut wrenching feeling. Like a bunch of weights settled in your stomach, ready to pull you down to the ground at any time. Making sure you knew, you would never be as good as her. Never able to make him feel as happy as he was with her.

You wanted to hate his girlfriend, wanted her to be evil so you would have a reason to hate her. But you couldn’t, because she was so damn perfect.

You cuddled up in the blanket on the window seat. Watching him hold the door open for her as she laughed. You nodded at Harrison’s statement, not fully listening. Everything was blurred out for you, the background sounds of the TV muffled as if cloth were put up to your ears.

They drove off and you focused back in on everything around. Sighing you got up from the window seat, clutching to the blanket, trying to focus on anything other than them. Piece by piece he was ripping your heart. And what hurt the most?

He didn’t even realize it.

You thought you were finally better. You thought were finally free from a punishment he didn’t even know you had. But that didn’t mean it didn’t hurt to see them together, so you did something you’d knew would come back to bite you.

You left, without a word to anyone, just packing up your things and going.

“Yes, yes I know. I’ll grab them on my way.” You said to your roommate over the phone before hanging up. You weaved between the crowd of people, trying to see what the screaming and fuss was about.

When you made your way closer to the front, you heard someone’s laugh. His laugh was all you needed to hear to confirm it was him. You felt a pain in your chest as you slowly backed away, trying to leave the crowd.

Your head started to hurt and your mind flooded with memories of you and him. Everything was slightly blurry and you heard your heart beat faster. So You did what you’ve done before.

You ran.


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God, this show is so incredibly breathtaking - I haven’t watched it in awhile, that will definitely be on my to-do list once school is out for the summer. The day I sketch this was the day I possessed the ability to construct Mads Mikkelsen face with a pencil with literally little to no erasing.

Summing up the shows

Supernatural: Two brothers start hunting the occult end up in a soap opera that never ends

The 100: Showing that teenage girls make for far better rulers then old white men

Orphan Black: A precious little hobbit finds out she has sisters in the most unusual of ways. Also French bisexual puppy

Agent Carter: is perfection. Is everything

Legend of Korra: The Anthropomorphic personification of an uber powerful god like creature is going through her teenager years and doing all the usual things. Stopping communist, starting civil wars, bringing down tyrants and falling for a girl

Arrow: Up to season 3 a fun modern super hero show with a lovely core family. From season 3 aka the post Sara Lance period utter crap that barely keeps it together

Hawaii 5-0: There should be no laws for the police. The only way to get things done is to give them absolute power and let them do whatever they want

Sense8:  What will happen if instead of internet friendships we got telepathic friendships.

Legend of the Seeker: Basically Xena although the lesbians are not just implied but shown

The Flash: Precious cinnamon roll gets superpowers ends up doing well until the end when he screws up enormously

Faking it: Ever tried to help your best friend with something only to end falling in love with her,realizing you are a lesbian and embarking on a complicated and ridiculously weird journey

Dead Like Me: bored sarcastic aimless teenager is killed by a falling space station. Becomes a grim reaper. Is still a bored sarcastic aimless teenager but slightly more angry

Person of Interest: Ok here is the plan. We pretend that this show is your usual procedural with a  slight twist and then we lay down for a while till the network doesn;t suspect anything and bham. Social issues, well developed female characters, anti goverment messages, discussing humanity and so much more

Once Upon a Time: What happens if you combines amazingly rich and iconic characters with incredibly talented and charming actors and with horrible writers

Carmilla: Tiny curious gay hobbit falls for an useless broody lesbian vampire

Community: An accurate representation of college

IZombie: A sarcastic tiny zombie solves crimes by eating the brains of murder victims and absorbing their memories and personalities. Also has shirtless Arthur. if you have loved Veronica Mars you will adore this

Leverage: Hardened criminals look at how fucked up our society is and go “ Holy shit come on’ and start fighting for the people by taking down corporations and other assholes

Lost Girl: It’s like Buffy but the main characters uses her vagina significantly more. Especially on women

Fringe: Say why not break the universe and watch as things get really weird? Also there is a cow as a supporting character

Sherlock: An anti social …sociopath  whom everybody tolerates for no obvious reason gets a grumpy doctor to obsess over him. He solves cases that are so badly written that you cringe when you say them outloud. Is a crappy show but the actors are so charming and talented that you can’t help but watch it

Orange is the New Black: Tumblr chick goes to prison remembers how much she loves girls, realizes that she is engaged to a pie fucker

Teen Wolf: ridiculously buff boys in their mid twenties play teeangers who are constantly shirtless due to being werewolves. Women tend to get screwed over a lot. Guilty pleasure for a lot of people

Rizzoli & Isles: Come for the cool female friends who solve crime together stay for your lesbian headcannon

Penny Dreadful: You know how sometimes you imagine crazy things like Frankenstein and an American Werewolf getting together and hunting down Dracula with the girl who is being stalked by Satan? Yeah…you should watch this show. It has Eva Greeen and Billie Piper

Game of Thrones: Blood and Boobs. Also ice zombie(so far we haven’t seen female ice zombie boobs but it’s just a matter of time)

Merlin: A world in which  emotional readiness of Arthur is more important then continued genocide and the destruction of a poor precious woman who only wanted the good of everybody. Yes I am still bitter

Vampire Diaries/ Originals: Here we have some incredibly toxic people and relationships. Worship them

Haven:X-Files the small town version

Happy Endings: It’s like Friends if black and gay people existed there. And if Friends had much better writers

Outlander: A woman from the 20th century travels back in time to the year 1743. Can’t stop herself from constantly telling people to fuck off

Elementary: An accomplished woman helps a broken detective gets his life together and shuts the shit out of him down when he is rude. She finds detective work fun and becomes a detective herself. Natalie Dormer appears halfway through the show and fucks you up with her perfection

Misfits: What will happen if you get superpowers

Being Human: A werwolf, a vamire and a ghost decide to become roomates. Yes it’s exactly as hilariously awesome as you think  P.S : You will end up crying a lot

Powers: The first realistic representation of what the world will be like if things like Superheroes and Super villains have existed for decades

Doctor Who: Starts out with a sad ancient alien teaching his humans companions that everyone is special and everything matters . Halfway through it suddenly changes to pointless stunts that make no sense but look pretty

Imagine a fic where Jack moves into an older house which Shitty tells him is “totally haunted, bro” but Jack is looking at it with history eyes so ignores him. And the first week he’s there, stuff keeps getting knocked over - like the lamp on the side table - or falls off his wall - like the painting he just hung in the front hall. And Jack is a bit freaked out because his place is totally haunted and what if this spirit wants to kill him or something. Eventually the ghost appears because why not and it’s Bitty! Who starts apologizing for scaring Jack but he just wasn’t used to all the new stuff yet and kept running into everything. And then there’s weird ghost/human relationship. the end.
‘Cowboy Bebop’ Live Action TV Series in the Works
“Cowboy Bebop,” a critically and commercially successful 1998 Japanese anime series, is set to be adapted into a live action television series by Tomorrow Studios, a partnership between…
By Erin Nyren

Written by the guy who wrote the Max Steel movie.

Yes, there was a Max Steel Movie.

Writers Block


Summary: You’re an author and you have writer’s block. Tom decides to help you with that.

Word Count: 487 (Short, yes I know)

Warnings: None, this isn’t smut ya nasties

Note: Writers block has been kicking my ass, hence the lack of updated posts, (sorry about that) But I have another post in my Queue to go up hopefully tomorrow. As I’ve said in every one-shot, I hope you guys enjoy this mediocre post.

You glared at your computer screen for the 10th time frustrated that you couldn’t come up with anything to write and you were getting sick of staring at the illuminated screen.

“Love, stare any longer and I think you might blow up the damn thing.” You heard the tired voice of your boyfriend come from the other side of the bedroom. You huffed and turned around in your seat, now glaring at Tom instead.

“I’m not leaving this chair until I finish this chapter.” You turned back around to continue staring at the blank screen. You heard the ruffling of the blankets, but kept your eyes trained on the screen until you felt his half naked body join you on the seat.

“Love it’s 12 AM.” His raspy voice let out, but you were too angry at your computer to even realize you had woken him up. “I’m not leaving this seat Tom unless it’s for coffee or the bathroom.”

You felt Tom’s body straighten up as he got up from the seat. He wrapped his arms around your waist and gave your neck a quick peck, making you think he was going to leave you and head back to bed, But he didn’t.

Instead he lifted you up from you seat, causing you to gasp and hold onto his arms, trying to make him set you back down. He walked over to the bed in your shared apartment and softly laid you down, kissing you cheek and tucking you in the blanket. You glared at him when he decided to grab your now closed laptop and leave the room.

After a few minutes later he came back in, no laptop in his hand and laid beside you underneath the blanket. “I hope you know i hate you.” You glared at him and he gave you an innocent smile in response before leaning in and kissing you.

“I love you too.” You noticed him grabbing someone on your side of the bed and tried to stop him. He kissed you again, distracting you and taking your phone. “I’m not giving this to you until morning, and the laptop is staying hidden for the rest of tomorrow.”

You childishly stuck your tongue out at him and tried to explain your reasoning. “The project is stressing me out right now, I have no idea what to write, or how to even continue it.” You sighed, looking at Tom.

He gave you a small smile. “It’s called Writer’s block, and it’s a normal thing. Why don’t we go out to a couple places tomorrow? I bet you’ll get some ideas?”

You nodded. “What would we do? I know a couple-” You were cut off by the sound of a light snore. You shook your head smiling at how easy it was for Tom to nod off. You smiled and slept off too, excited for the day the ahead of you. 

Sam the Sunflower

Bringing this oldie but goodie back. I wrote it more than four years ago and I think it was one of the first fic(let)s that I ever wrote. Short but oh so sweet. Enjoy!

read it on ao3

Sam was going to kill Dean. He was used to going undercover, they did it all the time. Cops, FBI, pest control, antiquers, whatever it took to get the job done. But this…this was so much worse. And this was all Dean’s fault.

Sam stood backstage, looking at the outfit that the costume designer had just handed him. Dean strolled over, paintbrush in hand and a sick smile on his face.

“Heya Sammy, whatcha got there?” he asked innocently, but his eyes betrayed him.

“I’m going to kill you, Dean,” Sam answered, throwing his best bitchface at his brother. “Why do you get to be on set design and I have to be a fucking…” he trailed off, looking at his costume again.

“Cheer up, Sam. We ganked the ghost that was killing off all those actors. Now we just have to put on a spectacular play tonight and then we can leave.”

“Why can’t we leave before the play?” Sam pouted.

“Now now, Sam, you made a commitment. You can’t just disappear. They need your expert acting skills or this whole play is a bust!” Dean said, every word dripping with amusement and sarcasm.

“I swear to god, you better watch your back,” Sam hissed. Dean just grinned at him.

“You better go change, you know, curtain rises in 30 minutes,” Dean said, slapping Sam on the butt as he walked away. Sam gritted his teeth. He knew he was never going to live this one down.

He found a tiny dressing room, just a counter and mirror and chair, and stripped off his clothes, pulling on the hideous costume. After wriggling into it (and it took a lot of wriggling) he looked himself over in the mirror.

The so-called costume consisted of a bright green body suit that left practically nothing to the imagination, and a ridiculous headpiece, with great big yellow sunflower leaves surrounding his face. He was in a podunk town taking part in some low-budget play where he had to stand around for an hour dressed like a fucking sunflower. He felt ridiculous. He looked ridiculous.

He took a deep breath, readying himself for the onslaught of teasing he was sure to get from Dean, and opened the dressing room door. And of course Dean was standing right outside, just as Sam knew he’d be, already doubled over in laughter.

“Oh, Sam, that’s just…well that’s just awesome!” gasped Dean, dragging his phone out of his pocket and snapping a picture before Sam even realized what Dean was up to.

“Oh, screw you,” snapped Sam, and stalked off.

The play went as smooth as a crappy play with crappy actors could go, and when the final curtain fell, Sam hightailed it off the stage towards the tiny dressing room, anxious to get out of that costume as fast as possible. He snuck into the room, and closed the door, but a hand stopped it before he could get it all the way shut. Dean was there, pushing the door open so he could scoot inside with Sam. Dean shut the door and locked it with a click.

He was grinning again, but this grin was different. There was something in his eyes, and it wasn’t amusement. His eyes had turned dark green and he looked…hungry. Sam swallowed audibly.

“Dean, what’re you…” before he could even finish the question, Dean was on him, lips smashed together, all teeth and tongue and rough and damn, it felt good. Dean was groping Sam’s arms, back, waist, ass. Sam gasped.

“Dean, what the fuck—“

“Shut up,” Dean said, and started pulling the bodysuit off of Sam. The thing came off a lot faster than it had taken Sam to put it on. Dean started stripping off his own clothes, and Sam reached up to take off the sunflower headpiece.

“No!” Dean growled, stopping Sam’s hands. There was a fire burning in Dean’s eyes, an evil smirk playing at his lips, and his voice was low and gruff. “Leave it on.”

On a starship...

Wow. I have been doing some reading while I’m sitting here and I can’t believe some of the verbiage that is floating around! Fake accounts tagging Sam and Cait, saying horrible things about certain shippers and aligning themselves with the king of crap, WS. Every time this happens in this fandom it’s as bad, if not worse, than our political situation here in the states. Everyone scrapping and biting.
We been dealt another blow, that is for sure, but we shouldn’t be surprised. It’s so blatant, uncharacteristic, and crazy unnerving! I can tell you that I did have a few hours of regret, but it didn’t last long. Not for shipping and believing in Sam and Cait. Granted, I haven’t seen “the picture” (at the wedding and in a kilt?) or “the picture” (with the sign and a map), but I don’t care. I’m here floating around the galaxy in a starship called the HMS Royal Kilt and Shamrock. Let them try to effect me and my shipping way up here among the stars.
I don’t know what is going on, as none of us do. Maybe Sam is a friend of the groom, maybe he has some role in MPC. I don’t know and don’t care. Sam is a crappy actor when it comes to making me believe that he loves the girl from the south. And I know for a fact that he is NOT a crappy actor. So, I’m still sailing.
One more thing about my sailing and your’s. We may get some more shite slung our way, especially with the Oscar Wilde awards coming up, but NO ONE can tell us who, or how, or why we ship. NO ONE. Remember that dears.
And if you feel like you want to take a break, “beam on up”. There’s plenty of room on this old starship and you are more than welcome here among the stars!


I just saw BMC at the exit 82 theatre. I’m gonna try to seriously summarize but I dunno

Okay. Let’s go by song

More than survive:


Also it was pretty much like the bootleg if you saw that. It was superrrrr dope. (Omg I’m gonna use this word too much) plus everyone SCREAMED when they saw Michael. Also the boyf riends vibes when Jeremy was singing about Christine while Michael was there were very high key👌. I loved it.

I love play rehearsal:


She was so adorable and I swear her wardrobe was all from Justice. She stopped in the middle of the song and started making weird noises. Meeeeee. Like the bootleg too

The squip song:

Only okay and not amazing thing about the whole show: Richs ITS FRON JAAPAAN. ya know? But otherwise It’s amazing and fantastic!!

Two-player game:


Michael is again adorable. I absolutely love him way too much. He is an angel. During this song HE DABBED. Yes DABBED. IT WAS FREAKING ADORABLE!!!

Be more chill part 1

Dope. It was great. I loved it. The squip was sooo good. He was probably the best actor. When Jeremy took the squip was amazing.

Do you want a ride?

Was good. It was kinda awkward with Chloe and Brooke all over Jeremy. But the pink berry part was awesome( I should put this in its own section but I don’t care)

Be more chill part 2

Was super good. I love it.

A guy that I’d kinda be into


Jeremy got super excited and I really felt bad for him. CHRISTINE AND HIM DANCED FOR A LITTLE TOGETHER AND HONESTLY IT WAS SO CUTE.


I cried. I’ll say that. I cried for my man, my main man Michael was super sad and stuff. I cried for him. I loved the squip. Also Christine and Jake were kinda ADORABLE. Also this was the last song before the intermissions n so I was like crying throughout that.



OMG so good. It was probably one of the best songs. It reminded me a lot of Big Fun from Heather’s. It was so good. I was so happy

Do you want to hang?

Was so good for the worst song on the album. It was hilarious and the dialogue was so good. Jake got super mad. And crashed through a window

Michael in the bathroom

The Michael protection squad’s anthem. It so really good. I thought I was gonna be disappointed but it was AMAZING AND I LIVE WHOEVER PLAYED MICHAEL. HE WAS AN ANGEL. But my heart? It hurt? I have feelings still?

The smartphone hour

The best. There were some of the male actors with crappy wigs on dancing with the girls and it was hilarious. I absolutely loved it. I was AMAZING.

The pitiful children

AWESOME. ya know those like light up on the soul shoe? Yea everyone was wearing them and marching and it was so cool.

The play

MICHAEL MAKES AN ENTRANCE!! He ran through the crowd and everyone screamed at him. It was amazing and Jake on his crunches and having both his legs broken was hilarious. Michael and Jeremy were like laying on top of each other when Jake poured the red Mountain Dew. And it was AFORABLE cuz Michael had his arm around Jeremy and it was cute cuz he was being protective of his boy.

Voices in my head

The diagolue before this was the best cuz you meet un-squip PRD Rich and he kept screaming I AM SO BI and I was like meeeeee. Plus he flirted with Michael. And Jeremy and his dad were talking about Christine and Michael looked super jealous. He song was great too.

The bows were amazing.

The way Jeremy (whoever played him, I’m in my car and it’s dark so I would put his real name in but I can’t read the playbill thingy) walked on to the stage was meee. He literally shuffled/ waddled or whatever. WE ALL SHOULD UP BECAUSE THE SHOW WAS FABULOUS. Plus the actor for Michael took a selfie at the end. According to my brother, Jake was dabbing. (He called him Dave. It was hilarious 😂)

I am so grateful for getting to see this show plus being there the same day as George Salazar. I’m so happy right now. Thank you to the whole team. You were amazing.

I know nobody’s gonna see this but I needed to get it out.

more Stuntman!Inuyasha and Aspiring Actress!Kagome au ideas:

so like kissing scenes have always been difficult for Kagome, and on the movie she’s doing where Inuyasha’s part of the stunt crew, it just gets harder than ever, because she’s starting to fall for him, and she doesn’t like her co-star, and during the few ‘romantic’ scenes, she can tell Inuyasha’s lurking offstage watching and glaring and she doesn’t get why, and it throws her off, and she just can’t get a convincing take done, and the director is getting really frustrated with her and she’s on thin ice if she can’t get this take right, and finally, FINALLY, she finds a solution, and it’s an amazing take and a convincing kiss, and after they call cut she goes to talk to Inuyasha as usual only to find him brooding and closed off and he’s saying stuff like “guess it wasn’t so hard to kiss the bastard after all, huh?”

and her heart breaks a little and she wants to tell him but she can’t that the only way she got through it was by imagining she was kissing him.

and later Inuyasha offers to ‘rehearse’ the scene with her to prove what a crappy actor the other guy is and how even a stuntman could out-act and out-kiss him