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Yana sensei once made an art that shows that Sebastian is feeding Ciel and apple with a fork and the skin of the apple take the shape of a Snake aiming to bite at Ciel neck. Is this a foreshadowing or something?

Yeah, I remember! It was supposed to be a happy new year illustration and it featured a snake because 2013 was the year of the snake.

The caption says

Btw, this was the rejected illustration for the New Year’s card. It was too ominous, that’s why it got rejected. [It features] a snake, an apple and leafs from a fig tree.

I have cut the forbidden fruit in pieces so it’s easier for you to eat. Would you like to have a demon’s escort on your way to the stormy future?

As Yana said herself, it is indeed a pretty ominous and gloomy illustration. Maybe it’s some kind of foreshadowing of Ciel’s fate, but personally, I rather think it illustrates the contract scene? Sebastian offered the forbidden fruit (the contract) to Ciel and Ciel bit it (he accepted the contract), and now he’s cursed and it’s all irreversible. That’s how I interpreted it, but tbh I’m not familar with the Bible and all its symbolism, so maybe there’s much more to interpret in this illustration, I don’t really know!^^;


junopsis said: So the fig shows up in Genesis (it’s fig leaves Adam and Eve improvise as clothing), as does the snake who suggests that Eve eat an apple from the (forbidden) tree of knowledge. Dealings with the supernatural certainly count as forbidden knowledge, and I think the ‘original sin’ in Genesis is incomparably above the regular deadly ones in terms of severity (if you do the catholic hierarchy of sins), so it’s pretty cool symbolism.

Oh cool! Thanks for the info @junopsis & @vixinman !!<3 :D


“All members of the Raijinshuu have secondary magic in their eyes.” - Eye Magic (眼の魔法 Me no Mahō) is a Caster Magic that involves using eye techniques for battle. Often given to villains for its influential/powerful/dangerous effects. Other mages in the Fairy Tail Universe that wield eye magic are Hades, Irene Belserion and Richard Buchanan.


Looks like the plan to find out Ladybug’s identity didn’t pan out ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Lady Wifi


*messes with gif because that could never go wrong*

*is surprised when gif goes wrong*

He’s so happy to be doing sit-ups on the ceiling…wtf is wrong with me…?

Alright…confronted with a post about replying to comments, guilt and shame yesterday prompted me to plow forward and answer about a sixth of my backlog of AO3 comments (I answered about a hundred). This is good since I’m anticipating getting inundated when I post my DCJ BB on Friday, and anything I can do to lessen the overwhelmed I feel related to that is good. Today’s goal: answer comments until 6 AM, with the goal of getting the total backlog under 500.

rey skywalker is such a threat to so many people it’s actually hilarious how they feel the need to try and debunk it in the most ridiculous ways at any opportunity they think they have. like, they don’t even realise how fucking cringy they are it’s frankly hilarious. just admit you’re worried that your dumbass rey/lo or rey keno/bi or rey r/andom theory will end up in the trash where it belongs lmao


They went their separate ways in college and met back one day on a train back home. Iwaizumi realizes they lead their separate lives now.