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“I mean, I miss you”

Whatever you do don’t think about how much it took for Lena to say that.

“This is new for me too.”
“What being a great friend?”
“No, having friends.”

Don’t think about Lena eating lunch surrounded by co-workers and influential people but not having anyone to actually converse with and appreciate on a deeper level than professionalism.

Or Lena stood on her balcony on Friday nights when the city is alive with rosy-cheeked families and hang-outs with friends and she’s all alone, wondering what its must be like.

Don’t think about the anxiety that must’ve eaten her up when Kara, the only one, stopped talking and spending time with her.

DO think about the unabashed, pure honesty shared between these two people. That no matter how hard it is to reveal to someone how lonely you actually are, and how much you ache to be with them, Lena is brave enough to do so.

This relationship is the only thing they’re doing right on Supergirl (yes they have managed to fuck up even Sanvers). This is the kind of representation people should take from. A healthy friendship that goes through hell but always seems to find its way back. One built on trust. One where both are leaning onto each other for support and its OKAY if one falters under the others weight, just as long as they’re there and you feel you truly matter.

There are so many Lena’s I know of. People who aren’t valued. People who ache down to their bones to have someone to share their music with and be weird around but they just can’t do so because of one thing or another.

We don’t “ship” these two for their chemistry alone. There is so much difficulty and complex undertones in both women that pair so well. It would be such a beautiful, healthy romantic relationship if given the chance. 

That’s why.

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If you have the time, can you pleasey please write " You are my dentist and I have the bigest crush on you and one time you give me too much laughing gas so I end up telling you that AU" Thank you

Okay, so I don’t even wanna think about how long this prompt has been sitting in my inbox. It’s obscene. Probably close to two years and really, I’m just astonished tumblr hasn’t eaten this thing yet. But whatever, it makes me feel guilty just sitting in there with that stupid judging sunglasses face so I wrote a thing. Consider this part of Tracy’s Great Inbox Clean Out. Also, I totally didn’t follow this prompt because I distinctly remember reading at least five versions of this prompt for Everlark at the time this sucker showed up in my inbox. But hey! It’s in the same vein…except it’s canonesque set in the Catching FIre timeline, not AU…and it’d be something like Benadryl, not laughing gas… whatever. Just read.

RATED T: Angst ahoy! You can take it, though. It’s no worse than the books.

Katniss sways on her feet, leaning onto him heavily, and even though her weight is slight, the suddenness of her movements divert their steps. She croons to the night, the medicine having removed most of her usual filters. He never hears her sing. Not since Rue.

Behind him, Effie scolds the cook assigned to their suite and he tries to defend himself. “Must have been the mangoes. I had no idea she’d be allergic! Miss Trinket, please believe me, I would never–”

Peeta keeps walking, jaw aching and fists clenched in the effort to not turn around and scream at the man himself. As they stagger down the hall, Peeta’s eyes close for just a moment.

He’s slammed with it all over again. The terrifying sight of Katniss’ ears and cheeks swelling. The horrifying choking and gasping noises she made as her tongue swelled.

He’d been sure she was going to die. Certain that Snow had chosen to start the Games before the gong sounded, before they even entered the Arena.

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Honestly if anyone else owned or ran Catco Kara’s ass would be out of a job. She’s constantly leaving during her shift for non-work related matters, apparently takes time off at will with no notice, and is gone for days at a time.

Kara’s lucky that Cat, James, and now Lena like her. You can be the best reporter in the world, but if you’re not reliable you’re not worth much.

Okay first of all this is nOT MY FAULT if you wanna blame someone for this edgy ass fanfic blame @splatoon-jim


So yeah enjoy your angst (+ little bit of fluff) filled fanfiction you heathens
Will rung his hands nervously and paced the hall outside his friends door, thoughts clouded his mind of the times they had together and he stopped and shook his head to clear the tears in the corners of his eyes, then continued his pacing “I can’t do this…I can’t just ruin everything because of some stupid thoughts. I-I’ll forget it…Yes. I’ll pretend I’m fine, I’ve always been good at that.” The boy murmured and then spewed more nonsense about his best friend, Damien.

“No no no. I have to. I have to tell him I can’t keep it a secret anymore.” He took a deep breath and knocked on the door, but received no answer. He knocked again, and again, and again. Nothing. “Damien?” The boy called out, and when he received no answer he opened the door. His friend’s room was painted a deep blue and across from the door was a big bed with grey checkered sheets. Boxes littered the room, as Damien had just moved into this new house about a week and a half ago. Because of this factor, the room was a blank canvas. Blank of Damien, mostly. Then he heard the sound he knew all to well, the boys voice, mumbling something to himself that Will couldn’t quite make out from across the room. “Dames?” He asked what seemed to be just thick air, as he stepped around the boxes toward the noise.

He ended up in front of the responsible one’s bathroom door and without hesitation, swung it open. But as soon as his eyes met the crumpled figure on the floor his heartbeat quickened. Damien, his best friend, was rocking back and forth while he stared at a bottle of painkillers, and mumbled deprecations to himself. “They don’t need you. They’re using you. Using you for attention. Using you. Using me…”

Wilford didn’t know what to do, he always saw Damien as strong and carefree; the responsible one out of the four of them. “Damien…” he spoke softly as to not scare the boy, but Damien kept rocking back and forth as if Will wasn’t there. “End it. Better to end it. No point in going on if nobody cares. Fuck up fuck up fuck up I’m such a fuck up…” Then he stood up, opened the bottle of pills, and sprayed out through thick sobs “I’m sorry dad. I’m sorry I failed you. Sorry.” And before Wilford could put two and two together, Damien tilted the bottle into his mouth and swallowed.

In a panicked frenzy, the one in the doorway launched himself after his best friend and spun him to the toilet, using one hand to shove his finger down Damien’s throat and the other too hold the struggling boys hands behind his back, making the teen cough up the pills he had swallowed and shove Wilford off of him. “YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE! IT WAS OVER I WAS GONNA BE FREE I WAS FINALLY GONNA BE FREE!” Damien shouted, hot tears pouring down his face, and all Will thought to do was hug him.

Hug the poor boy, and cry into his shoulder “D-Damien…Please…” he choked out, holding the warm body closer “Don’t leave me here. Don’t leave me like this.” He burred his face into the others neck until he spoke “Why?” Damien asked “Why stay, why stay here, in this hellhole, where nobody cares about me. Where people use me to make themselves feel better.” Will pulled away, hurt that his friend hadn’t told him of these thoughts “We do care Dames. All of us ca-” “Stop. I know you don’t.” Damien smiled “And that’s okay. You won’t have to deal with me anymore, just leave me be for a minute and I’ll be gone.”

The hurt in Will’s chest shifted to pain and anger “NO DAMIEN. I’M NOT GOING TO LEAVE YOU HERE TO FUCKING DIE. I’M NOT GOING TO LOSE THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN MY LIFE BEFORE I EVEN GET TO TELL HIM I LOVE HIM!” As soon as the words flooded out of the boys mouth he clasped his hand over it, this was a mistake. All of this was a mistake. “S-Stop pitying me Wilfred…” Damien’s voice shook “Its not…its not nice to mess with people like that…” he whispered and Will shook his head “Dames. I’m not messing with you, what would I have to gain from hurting someone so dear?”

Damien took a deep breath “Prove it then.” He didn’t have to say it twice, Will walked over to his best friend and grabbed the boys face in his hands, then he kissed him. Wilfred was kissing Damien, his crush of so long, and he never thought that it would be in a dusty old bathroom but he was happy to call that his first kiss. Damein tasted like kiwi to Will, a sweet fruit, one of his favorites and he could swear his heart was beating faster and faster by the minute, there lips fit like two lost puzzle pieces, and it was over to soon.

“So y-you actually-” Will nodded and looked down to hide the blush spread across his face “I feel the same.” He heard and looked up with wide eyes, it must have been a trick right, something he misheard. “I’m sorry…what?” Damien smiled, a smile that always melted Will’s heart “I said, I love you Wilfred.” Then he buried his face in the others chest and hugged him tightly, breaking back down into sobs “I’m so sorry Will I’m so so sorry its just…” Will played with his hair and smiled “No need to apologize. Its okay. You’re okay.” And to Will, the sobbing boy in his arms was all that mattered.
Gotham Academy x Demonbirds One Shots Chapter 3: Competition | FanFiction
Dodgeball and a girl to look out for, what could be worse?

“There were a few undeniable facts about Damian. He liked competition. And he always liked to win.”

Knocker: “Which came first, the phoenix or the flame?" 

Luna Lovegood: "I think the answer is that a circle has no beginning." 

Knocker: "Well reasoned.”

~ Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Ravenclaw aesthetic

Photos cred. Google search ;) 

Sketch & Tony - “Sentience”

Just a little something I wrote for fun today. It takes place not too long after DHMIS 2, showing how (in my own fanon) Sketchbook and Tony might have met. It’s not really padlock, but more of a thing on how I think they could’ve become good friends.

As the sky faded and the night fell upon the world, leaving the house in a dark, lonesome shade, the trio went off to bed. It was their slumbering hour, yet the wakening  hour for many others was just beginning.

The clock ticked tirelessly, being the only thing that broke the deafening silence. His sentient eyes seemed to scan the surroundings contemplatively, as nothing else in the house moved. All that is, except for dear little Sketchbook, who was sitting wide awake on the kitchen table.

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