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The Notes We Wrote

A/N: I found this prompt in a list of soulmate AU’s! I sort of took it as every time you write in your journal it appears in your soulmate’s journal. Hope you enjoy!

Prompt: Everyone is given a journal that they can use to write to their soulmate AU

Pairing: Lin x reader

Things you should know: 1.) Everyone receives their journal when they turn 18. 2.) The reader is 30 by the end of this. 3.) Lin’s dialogue is in quotations :)

Warnings: like one curse word

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You were slightly younger than your soulmate so when you got your journal there were already things written in it. “Things” meaning there were already seven years of writing in it when you got it. Your soulmate was 25 years old and that’s all you knew. You didn’t know his name or where he lived; the universe did everything in its power to make sure you didn’t meet your soulmate before it was time. Everytime he tried to write his name or where he lived it showed up scribble out on your page.

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so i was rewatching old gta 5 vids of Vanoss and his friends which made me draw hoodini!Vanoss.

 Also i made a comic because of it rip me

Ok the plot of this sketchy comic I made:

Delirious and Vanoss wants to brings their friendship to the next level (The entire comic symbolizes it) but Delirious feels unsure since most of the time the two of them play games to fill the silence between them but now that he’s gonna interact with Vanoss outside gaming, he feels uncertain.

However, to ease his fears Hoodini!Vanoss comes to the rescue.

Just to make it clear: Hoodini!Vanoss isnt real in the comic. He’s a figment of Delirious imagination for a source of comfort. Vanoss goes through the same thing on his side of the story with H2O Delirious (which its not shown here since the comic is halfway done and it gonna be sketchy like this if i ever continue )

Its so hard to explain lol i was just going about wanting to draw BBS gta5 au but this came up in my head instead

@communityjournalist, the thing is that we maintained line of sight supervision while she was on the home. All the time. We had a couple of monitors. I hired someone to help me after school because we had so many kids and I was pregnant and E was still a baby. The pre-adoptive mom parents from a place of emotion and had her own past that I’m not sure she’s sorted through (maybe she has), so her personal experiences and her lack of experience in parenting (and parenting kids from trauma) severely clouded her parenting abilities. Any time Ms. 6 disclosed to her, she believed it was a bonding moment that they were having, and never thought that Ms. 6 would ever (gasp) manipulate her. She said a lot of things that I don’t think actually happened, but of course, I don’t actually know. None of what Ms. 6 said was told to me by that parent. The family refuses to speak to us and didn’t allow us to have contact once Ms. 6 moved out. It just drags all of this stuff back to the present that I had thought we put behind us. It has been three years since Ms. 6 moved from our house to theirs, and more than a year since she left their home for her current placement.

My bae roleplays Peter Maximoff so well that she feeds my Quicksilver obsession even more, Pietro from Evo is still my favorite version but man, I can’t handle it, her version is awesome. In our rp Peter likes to use stockings, and socks of many ridiculous colours (based on Evan Peters tastes). And sometimes he forgets to wear any kind of trousers.

He’s eating a twinkie…

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