crappy :p

fo4 companions as aesthetics
  • Cait: broken toothed smiles, shattered vintage liquor bottles, torn lace and bite marks, winter mornings at cold harbors, old tattoos with new ink crossing over and through.
  • Codsworth: freshly mowed grass, beds with mounds of fluffed pillows, apple pies cooling on windowsills, songbirds perched on telephone wires, photo albums added to since childhood.
  • Curie: fresh bouquets in glass vases, bay windows with sea views, fine china filled with herbal tea, old bicycles with wicker baskets, barefoot walks down rainy streets.
  • Danse: swords cast into mountaintops, metal bunkers hidden in dark woods, waves washing over jagged rocks, freshly fallen snow at daybreak, dark clouds with silver linings.
  • Deacon: out of context stills from 90s cartoons, roadside diners lost in the desert, second hand tie-dye shirts, endless horizons with wild skies, empty amusement parks at dusk.
  • Dogmeat: warm slippers, homemade cookies fresh from the oven, burning log fires, legs and paws tangled in fleece blankets, light spilling through drawn curtains.
  • Hancock: torn paintings and broken statues, anarchistic graffiti on monuments, ornate knives and quills, after-parties in palaces, handwritten letters with fingerprint marks.
  • MacCready: comic panels on cork boards, blurry photos of sappy drunks, dollar bills with false promises written on, walking highways at midnight, crumpled pictures of ex-lovers.
  • Nick: neon signs reflected in puddles on city streets, title cards from old movies, stars above skylines, smokey jazz bars with dimmed lights, partners rushing into an embrace.
  • Piper: old books and rumpled sheets, polaroids tinted with age, black coffee spilled onto hastily scribbled words, lipstick stains on cigarettes, clothes abandoned at the door.
  • Preston: patchwork sewn coats and quilts, campfires fading on forest floors, overgrown treehouses, flying burned and torn flags, wooden swords and old toys hidden beneath beds.
  • Strong: broken chain links, abandoned buildings with rusted walls, bandages pulled taut against skin, thorns and vines wrapped around wire fences, vandalized warning signs.
  • X6-88: leather cloaks and silk scarves, towers with mirrored windows, clean cut diamonds, geometric statues in stark colors and fine lines, skyline pools reflecting full moons.

Super-crappy sketch of my newest rpg character Shiranui Chitaira; an eldar corsair currently in a tenuous alliance with a rogue trader 8>
I love space elves as much as I do every other kind of elves so I am pretty excited to get to roleplay one! What is more, Shiranui leads a squadron of eldar jet-fighters, so I get to roleplay thirteen space elves at the price of one!
Shiranui is a young, brashen corsair eager to explore and exploit the world, not yet too wearied by the burden of their eldar heritage. If we survive I’ll tell more of Shiranui’s misadventures :3


Top: The eternal-WIP undeveloped beach lot in GilsCarburg, before making a ton of plants and stuff visible in hood view. Including the Maxis seaweed; I can’t believe they didn’t make that hood-visible…

Middle: After said futzing around with hood visibility. Of course, fences will always look crappy in neighborhood view. :p

Bottom: On-lot view, for comparison. Don’t mind the blue squares. They’re fishing spots and are invisible in live mode. That pic was taken in build mode because I didn’t send a Sim to visit it. 

I wish terrain paints showed in neighborhood view. But we do what we can, right? :) Now if I can just figure out why Macarossi’s pond rocks are refusing to be hood-visible, I’ll be set. And then it’ll be time to build the surrounding lots. Ugh.


max domi: lion whisperer