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Hi! If I remember right you watch a lot of dramas? ^^ I was wondering if you have any kdrama recommendations that have horror or some kind of crime theme that makes them more exciting? Kinda like "Master's Sun" or "I Hear Your Voice"? :)

Yep lol, I watch LOTS of dramas

For mystery/crime I would recommend:

The Girl Who Sees Scents

Cruel City  (THIS DRAMA, THIS DRAMA OVER HERE. It was so perfect. This is a little bit (Well not just a little bit) on the darker side humor wise, but it is a realaly good drama. It’s not bubbly and cute but there is still romance and boy is it hot.)

God’s Gift - 14 Days (I loved this drama, lee bo young killed her role I was so into her character. The ending was such a twist.)

Angry Mom  (I really, really, really loved this drama. A girl is murdered and her friend is targeted so the friend’s mom goes into the school because her Daughter is getting bullied and discovers a bunch of corruption) 

Kill Me, Heal Me (This is my highest rated drama ever, it is such a good drama don’t pay attention to the first two episodes it gets better. The story isn’t as dark, but later on it gets more mysterious)

Padam Padam

Innocent Man (I don’t remember much about this drama but I have it an 8/10 so it must have been really good.)

City Hunter (This drama is very dark but also very good.)

49 Days (this doesn’t really have a lot of horror ect but it has a supernatural element, and there is a crime involved in it, it is a really really good drama)

I Remember You  (I haven’t watched this drama, but I heard a lot of good things about it and it was on my to watch list)

I don’t watch a lot of horror cause I get scared crapless like Master’s sun scared the bejesus out of me sometimes.) But I would recommend:

Raak Boon  (it’s not really a korean drama, it’s a thai drama but I loved it. The female lead works with dead bodies and she starts seeing their souls and helps discover their killers/why they died) I would warn that you shouldn’t expect the same skill of acting from thai dramas but I gave the drama a 7/10 which is a really high rating for a thai drama.


Oh Yeah I totally forgot, I am currently watching this really good drama called Love Me If You Dare , it’s both a psychological thriller and a crime show. I t is really good, I’ve been obsessed since I started it. It’s a little slow moving but it gets better. It’s still airing but it only has 2 episodes left.)

My love from another star too (A+++ drama, and a crazy brother that likes to stir up stuff. Another one I would recommend)

Accidents Don't Just Happen Accidentally

Imagine: You’re an actress on set of Supernatural and your character has a love interest with one of the Winchesters (alternate endings).

Single!Jensen and Single!Jared because I don’t have the heart to write it any other way!

Accidents Don’t Just Happen Accidentally Series

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Bumblebee babies

Blake has never really been too good with kids but she sees the little baby she and Yang just adopted and she’s like oh my god she’s so pretty??? and she’s scared crapless of picking her up because she doesn’t know how and Yang laughs her ass off because oh my god Blake it’s a baby not a vase and teaches her how to hold her because Yang pretty much raised Ruby on her own and she’s great with babies

And then a few months later Blake has become shamelessly absorbed with the baby and spends hours playing with her and sayind dumb things to her and beign ridiculously cheesy around her when she thinks nobody’s watching and NO YANG YOU CANNOT TAKE HER  FOR A RIDE ON THE BIKE HER ARMS DON’T EVEN REACH ABOVE HER HEAD