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A tale of two lovers, bonded together from youth.

You all wanted it, you all requested it, and so you shall receive.


OLDCODEX’s “Fixed Engine” Song List

Whoa! Look! Physical proof of progress! Video, even!

I’m in the middle of coding other things, like a nice new level editor, but after pulling my hair out for two hours, I decided to take a moment to code something I’ve been wanting to polish up for a while. Most of the progress made since the Indiegogo has been back-end stuff, business crap, and - now that we have a substantial beta tester pool - lots of bug squashing, too. Hopefully soon, I’ll be able to more frequently showcase shiny new features.

I’d show off jumping between planets too because it’s so cool, but alas is not fully presentable just yet.

Oh, and the levels shown here are mish-mashed and are mostly definitely not World 1 levels.


the calendar (2011) vs. the good, the bad, and the dirty (2016) -

if you cant picture edward kenway in his fucking boxers dancing and poorly singing to talk dirty to me while he thinks he is home alone you are lying to yourself and need to get the fuck out of my face


Kame’s Kamera Tips: 

  1. If other people are filming while you practice your skills, always make sure to cover your crotch
  2. There’s no reason not to look good for the camera, even if you are the one holding a camera
  3. No equipment? No problem. Become a popular idol, and people will happily lend you their stuff
  4. No interesting subject matter? No problem. Become a popular idol, and your celebrity pals will happily let you photograph them

From: Sapuri! Shuukan Otokomae News 2005.09.25

To the sunshine in my every morning, the breeze in my every afternoon, the brightest little star in my every night, happy birthday! I’m eternally grateful that you’re born to this world. Thanks for coming to my life and painting the most beautiful rainbow inside my heart. There will never be enough words to describe how much you mean to me nor to explain how great it feels when i see you smile. Today is an open door to all greater things in your life. Go grab every chance that lies ahead, don’t be afraid. I’ll be there standing by you. Hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that makes you happiest, sweetheart. I love you, forevermore.  ✉♡


So apparently I have feelings about the last episode of Legends. About this whol season of Legends. Feelings I spent four hours this morning writing about instead of doing things I actually needed to do.

Also, this is 100% @oneiriad’s fault. ALL HER FAULT.

Fic: Holding On (AO3 Link)
Fandom: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Leverage (TV)
Pairing: Gen, Mick Rory/Leonard Snart (past)
WARNINGS: Mental Health Issues, Grieving, Suicidal Ideation

Summary: Mick Rory first met Eliot Spencer on a cooking forum and got into an argument about the best way to braise beef if the only thing you have to work with is dynamite. They’ve stayed in touch off-and-on ever since.

(season 2x1-2x6 as a series of conversations, mostly about Mick’s grieving process)

A/N: I’m a little pissed at various team members on Legends right now and it shows.


Do you remember that recipe I gave you three years back? I lost my copy.

Mick checks his phone and grunts in amusement.

Making a phone capable of receiving messages from 2016 was easily the smartest thing he’d ever done as Kronos.

Yeah, he texts back. C4 from kitchen supplies, y?

That’s the one. Can’t remember which order the bleach goes in.

Mick snickers and types up a reply.

“Mick, that had better not be porn,” Sara says, walking by.

Seriously? Has Mick ever watched porn in public? He’s nuts, not a pervert. That shit’s just rude.

Thanks, man. Owe you one.

Np, Mick replies, feeling nostalgic. He hadn’t hear from Spencer in months, which wasn’t unusual for them. They had a very off-and-on relationship. Tell me how u made that chicken picante in San Francisco that one time & we’ll call it even.

Come by Portland and I’ll show you.

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aawwwhhhh…look at this sweet Ontae hug  (◡‿◡✿)


<Karlie’s Birthday Celebration Week>

Day 5: Favorite video – “This Is How I Made It”

if the heavens ever did speak… she’s the last true mouthpiece


6,000,000 SUBSCRIBERS WOO!!! THIS COMMUNITY IS SO BIG NOW! :D…. That’s what she said? xD

So when Jack hit 5,000,000 subscribers I made a special screenshot post with the first 6 photos in that post being 1 photo from every single post Jack re-blogged from me at the time and a drawing to celebrate it. Since then Jack has re-blogged 8 more posts from me and I decided for this post to not only show all time since 5,000,000 subscribers that Jack re-blogged me but also to extend on my tweet for the #ReasonsToLoveJSE. Also since 6 is my favorite number and it’s 6,000,000 subscribers I’d figured I’d get a little bit more personal with this post. (not that I haven’t already with other posts but still :P) As much as I want to celebrate only how big the community is becoming which is the most important thing about the channel reaching 6,000,000 subscribers but I want to celebrate what Jack has done for me personally. Hopefully you guys won’t mind and I’ll try not to ramble on and make this post longer then it needs to be.  

So back in end of March early April of this year I ended up subscribing to a loud Irish gamer on youtube. Thinking I was only going to only watch his videos once in a while and that he would never have an affect or influence on me what so ever and holy crap I was wrong! Since I’ve been subscribed to Jack he’s made a huge influence on me and my life in the best way possible. Before I subscribed to Jack I wasn’t me because of the situation my life is in right now I was a pessimistic negative person who just expected the worst from the world because I had nothing to really enjoy and look forward to except my friends and my niece. I’d had lost a part of myself due to negative stuff I went though after I graduated high school and I thought that I could never get back that part of myself. But since I’ve been watching Jack’s videos I have been a lot more positive and his videos really give me something to look forward to everyday. I never realized how much I just needed a friendly positive voice to make me laugh and to tell me that not everything in the world is bad. Not only has Jack giving me positivity in my life but he also was the first thing to make me emotionally cry in years and I can never describe ever how much that meant to me. :’) Also because Jack and I act very similarly and surprisingly have a lot in common (which is really weird to think about) he reminds me of myself in way. He reminds me of the optimistic positive person I used to be before I became an anxious sad mess after I graduated high school. He reminds me of how much I really do honestly love and respect myself. Which I think is extremely important for any person to feel! Not only that but most of this summer has been so shit for me and lately all the negativity has been weighing me down and I’ve had moments where I just feel stressed and really don’t feel like laughing at all and Jack’s videos are the only thing to make me genuinely laugh and make me feel better despite all the negativity that’s going on in my life and that really means so much too. :’) Jack has done so much for me by just being a positive voice that keeps me company during dark times. It may not sound like it but I really do see Jack a person not someone to put on this untouchable pedestal. He may be a youtuber with 6,000,000 subscribers now but he’s still just a guy playing video games in his room, who’s loud and says a lot of stupid shit. :) But this loud Irish gamer is a person I really admire and is someone who really inspires me to be more positive. 

therealjacksepticeye Jack if you’re reading this I know you say we don’t need to thank you because this community has done so much for you too and I’ve probably said thank you to you so many times but I’m going to say thank you again. Thank you Jack for everything you’ve done for me seriously! You are one of the nicest, humblest, appreciative youtubers I’ve ever come to watch and you and the channel have grown so much! :) Also one last thing I’m going to say is you’re welcome for all this community has done for you too and I don’t think people say that enough when you say thank you to us. I really hope one day I can have a real conversation with you I’d love to talk to you and not even about all this ^^ just stuff in general. I’d talk to you about ice cream for five minutes if I ever had the chance to! XD But in all seriousness though congrats on 6,000,000 Jack! :D The community has grown even stronger! 

Sorry if talked to much or get to personal in this post. I really hope everyone who read all this likes it. HAPPY 6,000,000 SUBSCRIBERS EVERYBODY! :D

(Credit for the flower crown picture here.)


“So binge to me, the word itself, has always had a negative connotation and I think life has so much to offer that you can binge on that’s good, whether it’s relationships or family or experiences or love or whatever. To me Binge is a collection of stories of times that I’ve indulged in my life, and what I’ve learnt from indulging, whether it’s good or bad.”  

You Are Perfection


Request: I don’t want to be a pain but could it be like where he (Pietro) like comforts you as the girl is really insecure with everything bout herself.

- dutifullymellowdream

Thought I should do this and really get it out to you beautiful people. This is another personal story for me, I just want to say, every single one you, whether it be a boy or a girl, you are all beautiful in every single way possible. And just know that if your trying to love yourself for who you are, thats fine! Take all the time you want because I have taken so so long to actually accept myself that I feel so happy that I can be myself. Fuck the haters because they’re just going to get whats coming to them. I love you all x.


I hated EVERYTHING about myself, from the top of my head to the tip of my toes, and I hated everything on the inside too. Just everything about my was wrong, wrong wrong.

I always thought to myself why I couldn’t be like the other girl, how I couldn’t look as beautiful as they do. I’m not smart. It was all getting to much.

You were receiving an extreme amount of hate since I was living with the Avengers who I adored and loved very much.

But also because I was dating teen heartthrob Pietro Maximoff. But they were right, I could never get up to his standards.

How could I stand beside my fit as boyfriend who was the most handsome man I had ever seen.

I was always scared that he would always find someone else along the way.

Someone who was better than me.

Someone who was perfect.

With a model fit body and no body fat whatsoever, her hair styled and brought to perfection, her dress code fit to wear anything and everything in her hearts desire.

I just felt like no one loved me, that I wasn’t a life were living, that I couldn’t ever be perfect. My family had always been very judgmental about how I looked and about what I wanted to live my life.

I hadn’t left my room for weeks on end now, the sadness and the loneliness getting the best of me. Many of the Avengers had come by, trying to get me into coming out of my room. Wanda, Tony and Pietro often visiting to try to get me to eat or to at least have a drink of water.

For hours on end, these thoughts would ring through my head constantly, unable to stop them as I began to find that what they were saying was absolutely true about me, that I would never ever amount to anything.

Another day, I sat on the edge of my bed in my room, silence filing in all around me as I ran my fingers over the long scars that ran over my arms, now healed over the past years.

I had stopped the cutting ever since I met Pietro, trying to turn over a new leaf. But recently, I was starting to feel like I should get back to that old habit.

I snapped out of my thoughts as I heard the door click open, not bothering to look up at the sound as I continued to mindlessly run my fingers over the lines that covered my arms.

I felt a pair of arms wrap around my torso gently, fingers running through my hair as a kiss was placed to my neck, ‘Y/N, my love are you okay?’

I shook my head, still not looking up as I continued to run my fingers down my arm when my hand was grabbed, his fingers intertwining with my quickly as he rubbed his thumb into my palm continuously.

I sighed heavily as he brought me into his embrace, his head now on my shoulder as he held me close and tightly. He kissed my head over and over, continuing to try to soothe my pain.

‘Could you please come with me …’ He whispered into my ear, tightening his grip on my hand. I nodded slowly, letting him take me up in his arms and pick me up.

He carried me gently through the hallways, not even running. My head was laid on his shoulder, my thoughts and mind somewhere else and my eyes wandering mindless around.

Finally we entered the dining area and the sitting area where he sat me down on the chair, placing some blankets over me and wrapped them around my body so I could keep warm.

Pietro disappeared, leaving me in the silence as I slightly wandered what on earth was going on. Suddenly the lights went down, dimming to a very comfortable lighting before a video came up on the TV.

It was a recording of Tony, a camera in his hand as he appeared to be standing in one of his rooms, fixing his hair quickly in his usual diva manner before looking into the camera.

‘Hey kid, I just wanted to start off by saying that I hope you are doing well, I know these past couple of weeks must’ve been rough. And I wanted to say that I know that what you must be going through must be hard, feeling like this must be hard. But just know that-that you have us! You have all of us here and whenever you want to talk and Mr. Max is not around, please come and speak to me and speak to some of the others. Just know you are worth more than you will ever know. Love you heaps.’

‘Is this on? I don’t even know …’ Steve said as he fixed the camera, trying to figure out if it was on or off, making me smile lightly as he let out an awkward cough.

‘Y/N, I want you to know that I’m here for you, just know you have people who are here and appreciate you for who you are and as your friend, just know that you are very admired by a lot of people including me. I love you heaps kid, take care!’

Next was Clint and Natasha, probably both deciding that it would be less awkward, ‘We thought we’d just some up our talks together and just say that you are an amazing person, a fighter and have a very strong beautiful spirit.’

‘LADY Y/N!’ Thor’s thunderous voice boomed through the camera, making me jump and burst into laughter yet again, ‘How could you think so poorly of yourself my dear, you are such a beautiful, bright spirited young maiden and Pietro and the rest of us are so lucky to have you around. Don’t think ill of yourself.’

‘Hey Y/N, I just uhhh wanna say that, I’ve got your back, lots of love to you and know that you can come to the lab anytime to talk …’ Bruce awkwardly said, ruffling his hair.

Wanda was next, her smiling face appearing, ‘Hey darling, I really want to get across to you that myself and the rest of the Avengers will always be by your side to support and love you. I can see it when you are with my brother, how much you love him and how much he loves you, and you are just an angel to everyone, even to the ones who hate you! Which just goes to show how kind you are. You really are a beautiful spirit and need to be less hard on yourself. I love you so so much Y/N, and admire you after all you’ve done for so many, and I just wanna say that looks don’t matter, its what is in your heart that matters. Love you!’

She blew me a kiss as she sniffed, trying to hide her tears as she gave me a little wave, my tears welling up as I let out a low chuckle. Finally it was Pietro, the camera shaking slightly before he placed it down, sitting back a bit so I could see him more.

‘Hey love, um, I want to say that … I want to tell you how I really feel about you and just that how much you mean to me and the others. To be honest Y/N, I don’t deserve you at all, you really are something special and you deserve everything you get. I know how hard it must be having your Father and Mother and your back all the time, which is just wrong! But I want to tell you that you-you are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. Don’t you dare shake your head no! I know you are!’

I giggled slightly, tears falling down my tear-stained faced as Pietro pointed at me through the camera, pulling a face as he did before bursting out laughing. 

He ruffled his hair nervously before looking back up into the camera’s lens, his eyes now glossy and teary eyed, wiping his eyes quickly.

‘I fell in love with your loving, caring heart, and it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. I got damn lucky too that you are this beautiful on the outside as well. I wouldn’t change a thing about you. I mean that, truly! I love you darling, so so much.’ 

He blew a kiss through the camera, giving a little wave before shutting off the camera. 

I smiled as a picture came up of all of us together a few months back when I was feeling better, I was smiling and looking happier than I had looked in a long time. 

I felt arms wrap around me, looking up as Pietro smiled down at me, wiping my tears as he then whispered, ‘See, look how loved you are by so many people Y/N, how you can affect people in so many ways. You are worth ever minute of every hour of every day, if you didn’t live, I would die without you. And I love you so so much.’ 

He placed a gentle kiss to my lips before holding me close as I sobbed into his shoulder quietly, holding onto his shoulders in a tight grip as he rubbed my back comfortingly. 

‘Y/N?’ I looked up to see the others, all smiling and some even having tears in their eyes at the sight of me. Pietro helped me to my feet, staggering slightly towards them. 

I sighed heavily, taking a deep breath before speaking softly, ‘I just wanted to say thank you, to all of you for putting up with me in my state for the past few months … But also that you’ve had my back for the past few years when things got hard for me. And I realise now, that I have family elsewhere. And you are that family! You are the ones who picked me up whenever I needed a little push and this video proves it. So really, thank you!’ 

I was now in tears as Wanda brought me into her embrace, holding me tightly as she cried along with me. The others made their ways around us both, hugging us in a group hug, all of tears now falling down. 

I knew from that moment on, that I didn’t need to accept anyones crap, all I needed to do was know that I had people who loved me for who I was, and that was the main part. To live for the happiness.

“Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect it means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.”