nico found will dancing and awfully singing along to a song that was stuck in his head in the infirmary at least once

and instead of being embarrassed

will just grabbed nico by the waist and spun them around in what he called dancing

I think nico must have been so shocked he didn’t even react at first

and I can’t decide which is better: either nico starts yelling or stuttering incoherently because gods they’re so close will is so warm and strong and smells so nice abort abort abort or if kayla and austin find them dancing to tale as old as time (sung by will) and never let it go

or both

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PSA to the buckynat fandom: I’m so terribly sorry if I clog up the tags with my influx of art dumps. I swear I’m gonna back off on the art vomit with these two if it’s getting annoying (:3」∠)_

“I don’t want to do this”

calamitaswrath  asked:

Nahyuta Sadmadhi was born around 2003, which means it's entirely possible that he watched Frozen as a kid and was "inspired" by it.

Honestly, for real now, I don’t know what you’re doing all day to realize these things, but I just want to tell you that I’m glad and this made my day unironically 300% better.

Here’s a terrible cheap ass rushed drawing/gif because I couldn’t let your blessed revelation go to waste and only use words for an answer!!!

And here’re two even more terrible cheap ass rushed doodles that, unlike those in the post, canonically don’t work but!! you can have your own thoughts on what happened there

fics I definitely should not be starting at 10:30 PM: 5 Times Alec Got Hurt and 1 Time Magnus Got Hurt (or some other, better title, you get the idea) and just you get the first two or three being all dramatic and then just

Alec gets a papercut

and Magnus doing his hand wave thing and is like “I can fix that”

Alec, thinking he means with magic, extends his hand, and then nearly jumps out of his skin when Magnus’ mouth closes around his finger. “That - that’s not what I thought you were going to - that’s, uh, that’s wholly unnecessary - “

Magnus just looks up at him with that amused gleam in his eyes.

“I, uh - holy crap, I gotta go - ”

Magnus lets him go because he knows Alec’s going to be up all night thinking about that.