Saving Me Roman Godfrey x Reader

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Prompt: A Roman Godfrey imagine where the reader is attacked by something or someone in the woods then when she’s about to be killed Roman saves her. When he does he falls in love for the reader, at first sight and he promises that she’ll be okay and that he’ll protect her. Just make it fluffy please, thank you!


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All of your friends liked to call you “Red”.

Short for “Little Red Riding Hood” even though your true name was (Name). The reason behind the nicknames was for many reasons but the most obvious reason was because ever since you could remember you loved the color red and wore it everyday.

Not to mention your favorite fairy tale growing up was Little Red Riding Hood. For some odd reason you just seemed to relate with the character in the book and wanted her courage to be able to stand up to the wolf when he asked her what was in her basket.

To make matters even more coincidental your mother used to raise abandoned and sick wolf puppies. You loved to play with them like real puppies and had actually adopted one you named Beo.

You had found him when you were 12 well you were walking down the street to your grandmothers house. You had found him laying on the road whimpering and injured. He was the runt of the family so he was smaller compared to the others and appeared to have not even opened his eyes.

Your mother told you either keep the animal there since the adult was looking for them or bring it back home if it was injured and the poor wolf looked like it was about to bleed out.

So you wrapped Beo up in your red hoodie and hurried to take him back home. Your mother cleaned him up and had stitch his leg from what she said a feral cat attacking him.

The momma wolf probably thought he was dead and left him behind but you and your mom certainly weren’t going to give up on him. You made sure to feed him special milk from a tube and talk to him and cradle him until he was healthy and finally able to open his eyes.

You and him had developed such a tight bond that you couldn’t let him go and your mom accepted to keep him as a pet. Ever since then you’d been best friends since you didn’t have much friends at school.

You went to Hemlock High and really it was one of the crappiest schools ever. You were a senior and you could drive but you choose to walk from your home to school to avoid having to deal with others.

That was probably why you didn’t have any friends. You were bullied since 1st grade about you being “Little Red” so you were always quiet and independent in class and only spoke if a teacher asked a question.

Sure enough another day had started and you were walking down to school with a messenger bag slung over your shoulder. Today you were wearing a red plaid lace up dress with black details and brown combat boots.

You had on black leggings underneath your dress knowing how boys here liked to sneak peek under girls skirts and dresses. Most of the girls here were sluts anyways who purposefully bent over with heels on to get the idiots to meet them behind the gym after school.

You tugged on the hood of your red fleece coat as you passed by one of those said idiots.

Roman Godfrey.

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  • Walt: Who are these guys?
  • Carter: These are the last eight guys in the nome that don't realize I suck at basketball. So here's what gonna happen: I finally mastered my running hook shot so when we go to pick teams I'm gonna hit that shot. Then you say, "I'll pick that guy," at which point Sadie is gonna text me and I'll say "Crap, I've gotta go." And you'll go "Damn, we just lost the best player out here." And then there will be eight guys in the nome who think I'm good at sports and word will spread.
  • Walt: When do you find time to actually teach the initiates?
  • Carter: Between these thoughts.
Mommy's Little Girl

~A/N: I absolutely love this request. Tons of fluff and cute Jensen around kids, two great things. This is kinda long and I’m sorry if it’s a little boring but I hope you enjoy it @lizwinchester16 !~

Request: Can you do a Jensen onetime reader is a single mom and her and her daughter watch the show and he meets her at a convention and he falls in love with her and her daughter

Reader’s POV:

The familiar ending credits rolled, marking the end of yet another episode of your favorite show. You looked down at your lap where your five, almost six year old daughter had placed her head before she fell asleep. You ignored the message on the tv asking if you were still watching while you slowly lifted your sleeping child and carried her to her room. You shut the door and straightened up the living room before going to bed yourself. You set your alarm for 5 am, needing to get an early start to the next day.

Your alarm went off blaring the familiar Kansas song marking the end of your blissful sleep. You brushed your teeth before heading to the kitchen and started making your daughters favorite breakfast: waffles with tons of whipped cream and blueberry sauce all of which you made from scratch.
As soon it was done you walked to your daughters room and woke her up the same way you did every morning. “Rise and shine honey bunny, time for the world to see that smile.” Your daughter stirred a bit before opening his beautiful brown eyes that were identical to yours. You smiled at her before saying “Happy Birthday Dakota!” Your daughter immediately smiled and sat up straight and the mention of her special day. “Are you hungry?”, you asked. Your daughter enthusiastically nodded before saying “Yes mommy”. You stood up from her bed covered with the blanket of the pair of brothers you two loved so much before telling her to brush her teeth and meet you in the kitchen. You made her a plate of waffles and stuck 6 little candles in there and lit them as she sat down at the little breakfast nook. You began singing her happy birthday as she was all smiles and giggles. When you were done with the song you said “Ok, now make a wish before you blow them out.” She closed her eyes real tight and whispered something you couldn’t hear. But she looked absolutely adorable and you could help but to snap a picture of her then and when she blew her candles out. While removing the six little wax sticks from her food you asked “So what did you wish for pumpkin?” She replied “I can’t tell you mommy, if I do I won’t get my wish.” You laughed at her and grabbed a plate and sat right next to her. About three quarters through your meal you glance at your watch before saying “Crap! Kota, we gotta go soon so let’s hurry and eat and hurry and get ready ok?” She nods her head and eats as much as she can fit in her mouth and runs off to her bedroom. You tidy up the kitchen as fast as humanly possible before running to go get ready yourself.
One 5 minute shower (the fastest you’ve ever washed your hair) and 5 minutes of deciding what to wear later, you were zipping up your boots over your grey leggings and black shirt and throwing on some quick liner, mascara, and lipstick before leaving the bedroom. You knocked on Dakota’s door before pushing it open to see her putting the finishing touches on the cutest little outfit you could imagine. She had on black boots and leggings along with the “Team Free Will” shirt you had gotten her for Christmas. You chuckled at the sight of it. Of all days to wear a shirt she had to wear that one. “You ready pumpkin?” She nods her head before following you out the door.
As soon as you all get on the road, she’s already asking questions. “Mommy, where are we going?” You looked at her through the rear view mirror and said “It’s a big birthday surprise honey bunny. I promise you’re gonna love it when you find out ok?” She nodded and went back to looking at your window. You flip through radio stations before landing on the one you know you and your daughter like-country. You were born and raised in Austin, Texas but after you got pregnant and your long-term boyfriend left, you moved to Stockton, CA to work for your aunt at this high profile law firm. Essentially you were a secretary but the pay was amazing and it gave you the time to spend with your daughter who was your whole world. The drive to San Francisco was a little longer than you had anticipated because of traffic but you still were on track for the schedule of events.
When you pulled into the parking garage of the hotel, your daughter looked confused as ever. She’d never been to this part of San Francisco and a parking garage didn’t look too fun in her eyes. “Mommy? Where are we?” You pulled to car in a parking space and walked to the elevators. You pressed the down button, “You’ll see when we get down there pumpkin”. The doors open and you climbed in. You pulled out a little tiara from your purse the read “Birthday Princess” and put it on her head without saying a word and looked straight ahead like you hadn’t done a think. You could feel her smiling up at you as the doors opened on the convention floor. You pulled out the schedule for the photo ops to see where you needed to go and headed that way. Your daughter was looking around at what was going on, she saw the posters and a few people dressed up as the familiar characters and she smiled so big. You picked her up so you could both walk and explain where you were at and thankfully she was a little small for her age. “This is a convention. Basically what we do here is we meet the people who act in our favorite tv show and we can take pictures with them and then listen to them talk about the show and ask them fun questions. Does that sound fun?” Your daughter had the biggest smile on her face you’ve ever seen and she gave you the biggest hug. “That sounds like so much fun!” You stopped walking for a second to put her down and continued towards the check in station for the first one of the day. You had ordered two and the first one up was Jensen. You checked in and got your number from the guy at the kiosk. “Ok, ma'am you’re gonna be our last one for today.” He put up one of those black poles with the retractable lines in front of the entrance to the room. Your heart sank a little knowing you were the last in line but it seemed to be moving a little bit fast. You looked down at your little girl who seemed to have a permanent smile on her face and your heart swelled. She hadn’t even seen anyone yet and she was so excited. It was a little strange that a child her age liked supernatural so much but she was mature for her age and it was your favorite too so you didn’t complain. You guys spent the majority of the time talking about the show and who she was most excited to see. For her it was Jared. Part of her being able to watch the show was that she understood that it was all fake, and none of the monsters were real. You often showed her videos of the cast at cons and backstage so she really got that Sam and Dean weren’t real and neither were the monsters they hunted. After a while you guys were getting pretty close to the front and you were getting excited. Jensen was definitely your favorite, something about both him and his character drew you to him. He was definitely extremely attractive and the fact he came from Texas was just a huge plus in your book.

Jensen’s POV:
The crowd seemed to finally dwindle down and there was about 5 or 6 people left. I definitely loved your job and loved meeting fans but taking pictures with about 200 of them was a little redundant. While taking a picture with two people, on guy and girl I noticed a woman at the very back of the line who had the cutest smile and the prettiest brown hair you’ve ever seen. I smiled for the picture but my eyes were definitely set on her. She seemed to be talking to someone shorter than her but I couldn’t see who it was. My eyes were fixed on her and I caught yourself zoning out and snapped out of it when I heard “Can you sign this?” I smiled at the fan and said “Of course I can”. I signed the page of what looked like a signature book and gave them both a hug before leaving. The rest of the people seemed to go by really quick as I was staring at the woman ever chance I got. Not in a creepy way, or at least I hope not, but in a I can’t believe you’re real sort of way. The last person before her left and the event manager for the pictures informed me this was the last group for the day. I finally got a full look at the woman standing in the line and God was she beautiful. She wasn’t wearing anything fancy but she looked absolutely amazing. Her brown hair billowed past her shoulders and it looked so soft I had to resist the urge to touch it. I looked down at her hand and saw attached to it was a little hand and next to her was the most adorable little girl I have ever laid my eyes on. She looked like the carbon copy of what I’m assuming was her mom I could helped but smile. I reached out to give a hug to the woman and the first thing that hit me was the smell of her shampoo. Something like vanilla and chocolate I don’t really know but it was warm and inviting. The next thing I noticed was her hug. Hands down the best hug I’ve ever gotten. Everything about her so far felt so homey. A feeling I wasn’t used to. “Hi I’m y/n” I replied with my name but initially regretted it because she most likely knew what my name was. She laughed slightly and replied with “I’d hope so”. I looked down to her right and saw the little girl with the sweetest smile staring up at me. I crouched down and asked “And who might you be?”. Still with that adorable smile on her face she proudly said “Dakota y/l/n”. I gave her a genuine smile and replied “Well Dakota y/l/n do you think I could get a hug?” She ran into my arms and almost made me fall back but it was so cute I just laughed it off. She pulled away and adjusted the birthday tiara on her head. “What this thing on your head Dakota?” She touched one more time before saying “It’s my princess crown, my mom got it for me because today is my birthday. I’m now 6 years old.” I stood up and wished her a happy birthday before bringing the convention manager over and whispering something into her ear.

Reader’s POV

You watched Jensen interact with your daughter and it was the cutest sight to see. The man you’ve basically had a crush on for the longest time talking to your little girl was so heart warming you didn’t even know what to do. You watched him whisper something you couldn’t make out to someone with a clipboard and headset before coming back and looking at you. For a second he didn’t say anything he just looked at you with this entranced expression. He shook his head and blinked before stuttering out “Ah-Um sorry uh-is it- um-Is it ok if I pick up your daughter? Like for the picture.” You smiled and nodded as he picked her up and turned to face the camera. You stood on the side with his empty hand and smiled for the picture. You felt something warm sliding around the small of your back and realized it was Jensen’s arm pulling you into him. You could smell his cologne and it smelled like mahogany and the forest and a cup of hot chocolate all in one. The photographer took a few photos, one normal and a few silly ones. When he was done Jensen just started walking and said “Follow me.” Not really knowing what was going on you did, mainly because he was still holding your daughter and the two of them were just talking like best friends who hadn’t seen each other in months and you didn’t want to break it up. You guys came to a door and he stopped, putting your daughter down and turning around to face you. “So, I hope you’re cool with this but I talked to the coordinator and she said it was cool if I brought your daughter out on stage for a couple panels and after you guys can meet the whole cast and hang out?” You had the biggest smile on your face and your eyes started welling up as you threw your arms around his neck, thanking him profusely. He wrapped his arms around your waist, reciprocating the hug “Honestly it’s not problem, she seems like a huge fan and it’s something small I can do for her birthday. There’s a seat in the first row reserved for you and there’s a guy right over there,” he pointed to someone wearing all black and an earpiece, “that can take you to the seat. I’m running a little late so I have to get right on stage, I’m sorry.” You shook your head and told him not to apologize and thanked him again. You crouched down and brought your daughter into a hug before telling her what was about to happen. “Kota, you’re gonna go up in stage and sit with Mr. Jensen and everyone else from the show and I want you to be on your best behavior ok?”, she nodded and you continued, “I’m gonna be right in the front the whole time and I’ll wave to you so you can see where mommy is.” She said ok and gave you a hug before her and Jensen opened the door and walked in. You and the guy escorting you rushed toward the entrance for the crowd and you sat down just as the applause started for Jensen. He smiled and waved as he sat down at the table and placed your daughter on his lap. When the applause died down, Jensen introduced your daughter to the crowd. “Sorry I’m a little late guys, I was just meeting this adorable little girl named Dakota. Can you all say hi to her?” Everyone in the room shouted hi at your daughter and Jensen continued talking, “So Dakota and I were talking in the photo room and she told me, she’s wearing his pretty little crown because today is her 6th birthday and I thought it was a good idea to give this little princess the royal treatment today, so you’re gonna be seeing a lot of her today.” The crowd let out a few awwwws and you could tell they were just as infatuated with Jensen as you were. “One more thing I wanna ask you guys to do before we start the panel, can we all sing little Dakota happy birthday? I think she’d really like it, wouldn’t you Dakota?” Your daughter nodded and Jensen smiled before placing the mic between his and her face. “Ok guys on the count of three, one two three.” The whole room erupted into a chorus of happy birthday and you couldn’t help but cry at how sweet this was. You already had your phone out recording so you could send the video to your parents and friends later. The look on your little girls face was absolutely priceless. You don’t remember ever seeing her this happy. When the song ended everyone clapped and Jensen thanked the crowd and the panel started.
When it was over, the same man you led you to your seat came out and asked you to follow him to the green room. When you got there Dakota was in the arms of Jared, most likely telling him about her big crush. You walked up to Jensen who was at the snack table. He offered you a water and and you graciously took it. “I just wanna thank you again Jensen. Really, my daughter is having the time of her life I don’t think I’ve ever seen her this happy, so thank you.” He smiled at you, the corners of his eyes crinkling up as he responded, “Really, y/n it’s no problem at all. Your daughter is so adorable, the cast loves her, and it seems the fans love her too. It’s really my pleasure that I got to do something for her birthday.” You guys talked a little more before there was an announcement that the next panel was starting in about 5 minutes. Jensen apologized that he had to cut the conversation short and started to walk away. You stayed behind, wanting to grab a snack before you went out to see another talk. You were grabbing a muffin when you heard Jensen’s voice behind you, “Hey, um y/n, a couple of the guys were talking and we wanted to invite you and Dakota out with us for dinner tonight, it’s kinda a ritual that we go out to dinner the first night of a convention and they all love your daughter and would love to take her out for a birthday dinner.” You gave him yes and he ran off towards the door.
The rest of the day went by in a flash. Between listening to panels and talking to Jensen on his breaks you don’t know where the day went. Around 5:30 you finally caught up with Jared and Misha who had essentially taken your daughter hostage and were running around the convention space playing hide and seek. You thanked the two men and they said it was no problem, they really enjoyed spending time with her and that they looked forward to seeing both of you later for dinner. You took one look at your daughter and knew she was about two seconds away from a nap. You picked your daughter up in your arms and headed towards your hotel room. Thankfully, while Jared and Misha had her occupied, you had time to check in and move the bags you stored in the trunk of your car the night before up to the room. You walked towards the elevator and low and behold, Jensen was waiting at that very same one. He looked at you and smiled again, whispering a “hey”. You responding back with the same before the three of you climbed in the elevator together. You whispered out “10 please” nodding towards the elevator buttons. He hit 10 and nothing else as the elevator doors closed. You guys rode in silence, but it was comfortable. You could feel him staring at you and you tried not to blush. The elevator came to a stop and you both got off. You headed towards the right as did he. You looked at him and quietly said “Are you stalking me Ackles?” He chuckled lowly, “I could ask you the same y/l/n”. You stopped at room 1021, “Well this is me.” He waved to you and kept walking about 6 doors down before entering his room. You set your daughter on the bed and took her shoes off before tucking her in. You went into the bathroom and washed the face and brushed your teeth before getting ready for the dinner.
After doing your makeup and curling your hair, you woke Dakota up and told her it was time to get ready for dinner. You had already had a cute dress Ickes out for her laying on the bed. She came in to the bathroom and started to brush her teeth when she noticed your hair. “Mommy, can you curl my hair like yours?” You agreed and put some small curls in your daughters hair. You finished and told her to go change into her dress. A few minutes later you heard a knock at the door. You took a lol out the peephole and saw it was Jensen. You whispered a crap to yourself because you weren’t dressed. You rummaged through your suitcase and found the casual but still dressy dress you had packed and yelled out “Just a second!” With your dress on you opened the door. “Wow” Jensen’s mouth was slightly agape after seeing you. You blushed slightly and looked at him, he looked really good. He had on a dark blue dress shirt that hugged his muscles in all the right places and contrasted his deep green eyes. “Well hello to you too Jensen.” He blushed a deep red, “Sorry you just look so beautiful, where are my manners. Hi y/n” Your daughter cam bouncing to the door at the sound of Jensen’s deep voice. He greeted her and complimented her dress. “What are you doing here? I thought I was gonna meet you at the restaurant?”, asked stepping back from the doorway, silently inviting him in your room. “Yeah, I just figured you guys could ride with me to the restaurant.” You gathered a few items and put them in your purse, “Yeah, um that sounds great. I would just have to stop by my car and grab Dakotas booster seat.” He nods and you slip on your shoes and tell your daughter to put on her shoes “Mommy can you help me tie them.” You were about to say sure but Jensen was already in front of her tying her shoes. You smiled at the two of them together. She was absolutely enamored with him. You knew when the weekend ended, it’d be so hard for her to understand she couldn’t spend time with him or the cast anymore. You reminded her to bring her sweater and you and Jensen headed for the door at the same time and you noticed how small the hallway was because the two of you were chest to chest. You could feel his minty breath on your forehead. You looked up at his lips and then at his eyes. The two of you were moving closer to each other and you were millimeters away from kissing when you daughters footsteps interrupted you two “Mommy, lets go”. Dean cleared his throat, smiled at you and opened the door for both you and followed behind you. You guys went to you car grabbed the seat and went to Jensen’s car before driving to the restaurant. It seemed that everyone else was there because they were seated already. One the the hosts escorted you to the private room at the back of the restaurant. As soon as the door slid open, the group let out a chorus of “Ayyyys” and “Ohhhs”
and your daughter runs towards Jared. You greet everyone and take the only two seats open between Misha and Jared. The group informs you they ordered food for the whole table already. The whole night you and Jensen are having the best conversation. You talk about growing up in Texas and both of your childhoods and how adorable Dakota was as a baby and you even showed him pictures. About an hour and a half later ever one was there and Dakota was now sitting with Jensen, her eyes really low and she looked about 2 secs away from falling asleep. You guys still had dessert coming out and Jensen looked ok with her falling asleep on him, so you waited. The two of you guys continued to talk and if you were being honest, this was the most engaging conversation you’ve ever had. Jensen was funny and charming and everything you could’ve imagined. After you all had finished eating you guys began to get ready to go, you motioned to pick up your sleeping daughter but Jensen stopped you, “I got her y/n”. You guys walked to his car and drove back to the hotel. Once you got to the garage and parked, Jensen moved to get your sleeping daughter from his backseat. You both quietly made your way up to your room. You unlocked your door and he went and placed your babygirl on her bed before tucking her in. You walk him to the door and he stops “Thanks for coming out with us tonight I had a great time”. You gave him a hug and told it it was no problem and that Dakota loved it. You pulled away slightly but his arms were still around your waist you looked up at his face and one of his hands brushed the hair out of you’re face and rested it at the juncture between your head and your neck. His face was so close to yours and you felt his breath fan across your face as you looked into his eyes, “I’m gonna kiss you now, ok”. You nodded as you didn’t trust your voice at that moment. His lips timers yours in the best kiss you’ve ever had. His lips were so soft and the warmth from his body spread across yours. His tongue swiped across your bottom lip asking for permission. You granted it and his tongue slipped into your mouth. The kiss wasn’t needy or passionate. It was slow and loving and you you could tell he didn’t want anything more. He pulled away and placed a peck on your lips and then your forehead, “Goodnight y/n”. You gave him one more hug before letting him go. “See you tomorrow morning Y/n?” You nodded, “See you tomorrow Jensen”.

~A/N: This is a really cute story concept and I plan on writing more for this, and clearly I kinda got carried away, but there’s a lot more I wanna write with this so stay tuned!~

New York // Part 1

hi. um, sorry I haven’t been really active on here, I didn’t have any motivation to do any of the texts or write one shots or anything like that. although after Harry’s performance on snl I was like yanno what I really wanna write somet about it so here it is. well, the first part. I am planning on writing the part where he’s on set and stuff I just kinda had to intro the whole thing plus I guess it was about time I posted somet as well. hope you enjoy it, make sure to tell me if you have any ideas or if I should start one shots which are continueous? I’ve seen some people do that and it seems interesting, it’s not so much as a fanfiction because the events wouldn’t be happening after each other but they would have some connection. wow I’m rambling but tell me what you think! happy easter guys! 🐰 oh and you can follow me on my main blog which is hesasnowflake bc i kinda got back onto it? idk up to you. oh that’s also my twitter if you wanna give me a cheeky follow lmao shameless promo x have fun reading this tho also idk when part 2 will be out so keep an eye on this blog or just turn the post notifications on. lotta love, xoxo -b


Travelling was always one of my favourite things to do and so when it meant it will excuse me from doing other things I was supposed to, I just loved it that much more. Working on assignments wasn’t near as much fun as packing a suitcase, getting a plane ticket then driving to the airport and getting on a plane to get somewhere else in the world.

Honestly, there was nothing better.

Even though many people don’t like long flights I personally enjoyed it. I liked going on different planes, experiencing different journeys with different people. I know I might sound like a right weirdo at this moment and time but I’m only telling you the truth.

And so going back to the beginning, where I was saying I loved travelling just a little bit more when it meant I didn’t have to do certain things – well, at least for a little while – that was exactly the situation I was in right now.

My luggage was already checked in and I went through security as well so I had the chance to get myself a nice cup of coffee from Starbucks with a sandwich which I ate at one of the tables there. Feeling extra happy, I pulled my phone out of my hoodie pocket and pressed down on the button on the device so that my screen lit up. A smile made its way onto my face as I saw unread messages from my best friend who also happened to be my boyfriend.

Harry: you’re still coming right? I’m absolutely flipping nervous

Harry: oh crap I’ve gotta go, we’re doing an intro ad thing for the show. see you soon hopefully. love you x

A light chuckle left my lips as I clicked out of the message and opened another one from my lovely mother who was asking me if I made it onto the plane yet or if I’m still at home, lying around on the couch. Well what can I say I was never one to leave in time or make it in time to somewhere therefore I wasn’t surprised when I saw her messages.

Instead of texting her back, at which I was absolutely terrible but I think that was already shown when I never answered Harry, I clicked on her contact name and called her.

“Hey love, are you at the airport yet? Are you all checked in, yeah?” she asked me straight away, not even letting me take a breath before she flooded me with her questions.

But I guess mums will always be like this, right? And I should be grateful she’s like this with me because most children don’t have the opportunity to have a good relationship with their mothers or parents in general. 

“Hi mother, yes, I am at the airport and yes I am checked in,” I laughed as I lifted my cup full of hot coffee which may I add very rarely drank. I wasn’t the biggest fan of coffee but I needed it in that moment.

“Very well then,” she sighed. I heard soft clicking noises in the background so I knew she was working on something like she always did. It was as if she never stopped. If she wasn’t at work she was cleaning the house, the garden or doing extra work at home. I guess you could say she was really work-orientated, she liked keeping herself busy at all times. “Have you talked to Har yet?”

“Hmm,” I hummed as a huge smile appeared on my face again. My mum and dad called Harry “Har” and he loved it and it just made me very-very happy because they got along so well. “Although he had stuff to do so we didn’t talk on the phone.”

“Right, he is a busy man, isn’t he?”

“He is,” I agreed. “Anyways, I think I should get my laptop out and do some work so I don’t have to do all of it when I get back. I know for a fact I’m not gonna do anything while in New York.”

“That’s great thinking, my love. Looks like you inherited some of my drive to do work whenever wherever,” she laughed.

We talked for a few more minutes then she had to excuse herself because she had a Skype interview with one of the applicants or something like that. I guess you could say my mum was a boss-kinda-person at work meaning that she was an important member of the company she worked with.

While I had my laptop open and my drink in my hand I didn’t really do much although I didn’t expect any less or any more from myself. Basically, I just wasted my time until I had to pack my stuff away and get my arse on the plane. Which might I add was happy about. How could I not been happy about it?

Finally, I was going to New York. Not to mention the fact that I was also going to be seeing my amazing boyfriend who I miss very much.


Those eight hours on the plane didn’t even do anything to me. Probably because I slept all the way through which was clearly shown in the fact that my phone’s battery was dead since I forgot to plug it in once we were in the air and I was listening to music throughout the journey.

When I got through the security and immigration which was literally the longest bloody thing ever, I got my stuff then sat down inside and got my laptop out. It took me about fifteen minutes to connect to the free Wi-Fi which was terrible on its own so that just added to my stress and small amount of panic which was starting to build up within me.

I had to get a hold of Harry somehow because stupidly enough I didn’t tell him the time my flight would be arriving here and I also didn’t let him buy my tickets. Well, he helped me out because he truly insisted but he just transferred money onto my card, which honestly was more than I needed so I sent it back to him and only used a small amount of it, and I was the one who bought the tickets.

Once I was on the internet, I clicked on my messages which were blowing up, all of them from Harry. I didn’t even bother reading them I just clicked on the little bar and started typing out what I wanted to tell him before that stupid free Wi-Fi cut off.

Me: hii, I’m here and I’m stuck lol. my phone’s dead cos I never charged it on the plane so if you could come get me from the airport that would be lovely. sorry for not telling you when I was landing, I totally forgot. I’ll be outside but don’t bother replying bc the wifi is shit and I’ll probs won’t get your messages. I love you see you soon x

To send that message it took me like another ten minutes and just when I thought it would never go through, it said “Delivered” under it. I felt the built up pressure leave my shoulders as I almost closed my laptop off but then I saw his message pop right up.

Harry: good thing I have amazing connections right? I figured I’d find out when you’ll arrive because I know you and I had a feeling you’d end up stranded at the airport

Me: wait what you spied on me little fucker smh well at least you’re here right I’m really hungry haz hurry up please the wifi will go away pls xxxxxxx

Harry: get up your ass then and come out. I’m in a white Audi right as you come out the sliding glass doors

I smiled reading that message. I didn’t even bother putting my laptop away I just closed it down, put my backpack on my back then with my macbook in one of my hands and my suitcase in the other I started making my way out of the airport.

The sun was brighter than my future in that moment and I absolutely regretted not taking my sunnies out but it didn’t matter too much as soon as I set my eyes on the car which he mentioned in his text.

Squinting, I walked towards the car and as I was about to open the door, the window rolled down at the driver’s seat.

“Hey, what are you doing?” asked the lad as I looked at him, one of my hands coming in contact with my forehead so that I could keep the sun out of my eyes.

I could feel my cheeks heat up as I looked at the stranger, confusion taking over me completely.

“I-I’m so sorry sir, I thought-, my boyfriend,” I stuttered as I didn’t know what the actual hell to say. Was Harry seriously taking the piss? “I’m sorry, I’m going now,” I told the man as I reached out to my suitcase handle then pulled it behind myself.

I couldn’t believe how big of a dick Harry was. Did he find that amusing? Well, knowing his crazy ass he most probably did. And he definitely saw it all happening from one of the cars.

I crossed my arms once I put my laptop away in my backpack and leaned back on the seats. I honestly didn’t find this shit funny at the beginning then as I started to get over it, I begun to chuckle slightly until I realised I was shaking my head and grinning like crazy.

This was not the first time he had played me like that. We’re always like this with each other though. Some people would say we are too immature for our ages but I mean we couldn’t care less about their opinions. This was another reason why we worked so well together with Harry.

“Now that, my friend, was absolutely hilarious!” looking to my left I saw him walking closer, looking bloody gorgeous as always as his deep voice made a few people look at us.

His outfit was full black like always, his skinnies hugging his legs perfectly and his dark coloured shirt was so see-through you could easily make out the butterfly on his tummy and the swallows on his chest. He was fricking perfect and he knew it. Well, I was hoping he did because he was.

He was laughing by the time he got to me and all I did was shake my head and stood up, my hands still folded together and pressed against my chest.

“You’re just so funny, aren’t you?” I asked him, arching a brow while the tone of my voice was nothing but pure sarcasm.

“That I am, baby, that I am,” he smiled as he put his arms out, ready to pull me into a hug and boy did I waste any time? The fuck I didn’t! I almost flew into his arms, my body literally smacking into his and he had to take a few steps back as I basically fell onto him. “I missed you too, love,” he laughed quietly.

His arms wrapped around me in a tight hug, his chin resting on the top of my head then later he pressed a few kisses onto my hair. I hid my face in the crook of his neck as my hands wrapped around it and locked my fingers together at the nape of his neck. I sighed as I let myself melt in his touch, in his hug, in his arms.

“I love you,” I whispered as I pressed my lips against his skin for the shortest second then pressed my temple against his neck before I pulled away.

“I love you more,” he kissed my forehead as he let his hands slip off of me; down my arms and in the end he intertwined our fingers. Bringing them to his lips, he kissed my knuckles while he shut his eyes, not minding one bit that we were still out in the public.

Once he let go of me he took my hand in one of his hand and got my suitcase in the other one. I rolled my eyes as I saw we were nearing a black Audi and not a bloody white one. I could hear him chuckle as he opened the boot and put my luggage in and I just got in the passenger seat at the front.

Soon enough he was sitting next to me, buckling his seatbelt in and starting the car right away.

“Hand?” he held his right hand out to me as he looked to the left to see if any cars were coming and I just had to give in. Making sure my sigh was loud enough, I put my left hand into his and he once again intertwined our fingers. “I’ve gotta nip to the studio real quick to sign some papers with Jimmy. D’you wanna come or should I take you to mine first?”

“Whichever works for me,” I shrugged. “If yours is too out of the way I’ll just go with you and then we can get some food because I’m still starving then go home.”

“Sounds like a plan.”


And so that is what we did. Harry quickly went into the studio and he was out within ten minutes. I was dying at that point, my potential jetlag and hunger both doing my head in.

“Okay-okay, what d’you wanna eat, hm?” he asked me as his hand found its home on my thigh, gripping it a bit here and there.

“Dunno, don’t care,” I muttered. “Whatever’s close s’fine by me.”

“I’m guessing you don’t wanna go in, right?” I shook my head no and he hummed in response. “Have you ever had Taco Bell before?”

“Do I look like I spend all my time in America like some poeple?” I asked back sassily. I was tired and hungry with a headache on top. I wanted to cuddle Harry and sleep. And food of course.

“Drop the attitude, sunshine. I’m not up for it.”

“Well I’m not either so that makes two of us,” I told him right away. “Take your hand off of me now and take me home. I can’t be arsed getting food now.”


It took us twenty minutes to arrive at Harry’s penthouse that he rented while he was in New York or he owned it. I honestly didn’t have a clue and I couldn’t care less. I wanted a bed and nothing else. I was starting to get in a pissy mood and I didn’t like it because I knew Harry didn’t need my stress on top of his.

Throwing my stuff on the floor I found my way upstairs and into a bedroom which most probably wasn’t the one Harry was staying in because it was way too clean and I didn’t see anything in this room apart from the basics.

Shutting the door behind me rather strongly I plopped down on the bed, slowly crawling under the sheets and putting my head on the pillow. My eyes were shut right away and I felt content. Relaxed. Cool.

In that moment I also knew I should’ve stuck it out, taken my attitude back and get food instead of coming home but oh well. I made a scene already so it didn’t matter. Especially not after I fell into a deep slumber.

Speak Now, Part 11 (Jughead x Reader)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10

A/N: If you haven’t had a chance to listen to the song this fic has been based off of (”Speak Now” by Taylor Swift), now is a good time lol.

It was wedding day.

You woke up to being jarred around the truck as Jughead rounded a bend in the road. Sunlight was just barely peaking out over the trees, coloring the sky in a luminescent blue.

You stretched your neck, sore from leaning on Jughead for so long.

“Morning, sleepyhead,” Jughead said, eyes on the road ahead of him.

“Did you sleep at all?” You asked. “It’s nearly morning….”

Jughead smirked. “I’m a writer, (Y/N). Sleep to us is like a fine wine. Nice once in a while, but never daily, or to excess.”

You chuckled. “But it’s your wedding day.”

Jughead frowned. “I know,” he said quietly.

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Obsessed Part 1

A/N: Do you know how long this has been sitting in my drafts? I had to post it even if it was cringeworthy for me. My goodness I hope this is good. I’m sorry if it isn’t. I’m just now trying to commit to and improve my writing.

It was a bright and early Monday morning as you powerwalked your way to class already late for lecture. For some obnoxiously annoying reason you forgot to charge your phone last night resulting in you not having an alarm to wake you up in time for class. And here you are an hour late speeding up your powerwalk into a sprint, folder full of notes and mocha frappacino in hand. The same mocha frappacino that prevented you from being only thirty minutes late because you simply refuse to start any day without some source of caffeine.

The professor definitely is gonna have field day with me this time.

Your creative writing professor took pride in punctuality. She hated late students.

She hated you.

First impressions were everything and you had ended up being the only student late to her first lecture of the semester around a month ago. Thus resulting in you having to write an nice little essay for her about the importance of punctuality.

Don’t even ask about the word count.

College third years should know better,” she had said, “do you not want a career?

Bottom feeding, hag woman.

When you eventually break out into a full run, mid-blink you crash into something hard. You and what or whoever you crashed into, stumble apart and manage to not hit the ground. Your notes and precious mocha frappacino, not so lucky.

Oh my gosh!” you look up and notice that “something hard” is a very attractive, startled male with dark doe-like eyes and wind blown coffee colored hair atop his head. He was clutching a backpack, clad in a long sleeved shirt, ripped blue jeans, and a pair of tan boots. “I’m so sorry!” you apologize hands out in front of you in defense.

You reach down and quickly try to retrieve your notes, luckily your spilled frappacino didn’t get on it, but that didn’t stop dirt.


“I’m really sorry for running into you like that. I didn’t even see you come up..” you said as you stood back up, papers tightly held to your chest. 

The attractive doe-eyed stranger said nothing. He was just staring, mouth slightly open. Almost in awe.

“Ummm…are you okay…?” you say a bit flustered.


“Right, ” you say a bit uncomfortable as you look down at your watch and nearly flip. “Crap! I gotta go! Uh-sorry again! Bye!”.

As you raced away to make it to your lecture, you waved your hand back at the strange male although you faced forward, taking extra care to make sure you didn’t run into anymore strange people. Which is why you didn’t notice one of your notes falling away to the grass behind you.

As you continued to disappear, you didn’t notice the strange male walk over to the left behind paper.

You didn’t see him pick it up.

You didn’t hear him read your name of the paper in a low whisper.


“Yes!” you cheered throwing papers into the air in celebration, “I’m done bitches!”

Wednesday afternoon on campus and you had finished attending a good majority of your classes for the day. Since your night classes were but a couple to a few hours away, you were persistently working on a portion of an important assignment.

After three to four long agonizing days of anxiety, you had finally finished the written part of your project for one of your journalism-related classes you were taking this semester. Sure that was like only fifty-percent of the project completed, and there were more stressful parts of the project to work on, but so what?  To each their own.

Charming,” your best friend, Jimin commented, looking up from his cellphone at you in mock amusement, “But, don’t you have the presentation to work on still?”

Jimin, was currently sprawled out on your roommate’s bed, appearing to be patient whilst scrolling through his phone. Knowing him, he was probably extremely hungry by now. Thus explaining his dull mood. Jiminie ever so kindly accompanied you to your dorm during break, but that was probably because he wanted to bump into Suzy, your roommate, other best friend, and not-so-secret object of his affection. Not to mention she notoriously brought in lunch around this time.

You paused in the middle of your half-assed celebratory dance to frown at him. “Yeah, so? Don’t kill my joy.”

“Whatever,” he replied rolling onto his back immediately returning his attention back to the entertainment of his phone. “I don’t see why you’re celebrating over partially completed homework anyways. It’s sad really.”

You scoffed at him, picking up your now scattered work. “So easy to say when you’re an effortless medical student by day and a ballerina boy at night.”

Jimin turned on his side an glared at you. “You know I only do contemporary now as a warm up. I really wish that name would make its way to the grave. It’s been years.”

You snorted as you got up and made your way over to the table in front your bed to retrieve your phone ruffling Jimin's silver dyed hair when you passed him. He swatted at your hand immediately. “It’s been years, but you’re still ever so graceful, Ji-Ji!”

“Screw. You.”

Grinning to yourself, you picked your phone up, only for an Instagram notification to pop up.

@chim1013 liked a photo you were tagged in

Shit!” you heard Jimin mutter when you clicked the link in confusion.

You were about to make a comment when your attention was brought to the photo Jimin was apparently viewing from his feed. You didn’t recall being tagged in any photo recently.

When the picture came up, you recognized it as a photo on Suzy’s page from her family trip to Cancun from last summer.  You gasped and looked over at Jimin, who quickly met your gaze like a deer caught in the headlights. You needed confirmation, so before he could react you ran over and snatched his phone. 

Are you stalking Suzy’s Instagram page?!

“No-!” Jimin scrambled off of said person's bed and reached for his phone only for you to dodge, “I was on my feed and—dammit! Give it back Y/N!”

He nearly jumped at you, but you kept dodging his futile attempts to retrieve his phone. When you managed to get somewhat good distance away in the small dorm space, you were able to get a good look at the photo. Sure enough, it was the familiar photo of Suzy in front of some beach in a bikini with the caption, ’Missing my girls’ along with a series of emojis. You and a couple of other girls were tagged then. Jimin? Definitely not.

Jimin!“ you gasped again, laughing in disbelief, "This was from months ago!”

Give me my phone!”

“You perv!”

“Give it back!”

Jimin managed to tackle you onto your bed, where you both became a mass of fighting arms and limbs.

In the midst of the chaos, the dorm room opened.

“Ummm….should I come back later?”

Said chaos came to a halt, laughter and curses cut off simultaneously. Your roommate had come to the dorm to find you and Jimin in a very compromising position.

Suzy was currently standing in the doorway holding bags of food with an eyebrow raised and an amused expression to match.

Jimin, whose face was completely flushed, quickly released your no longer pinned down wrists and jumped off of you.

“I can explain!”

“Leave it to you two to have a party while I’m away,” Suzy sighed in a faux somber tone while pushing around her nachos. She occupied her bed along with her food, while you were sat in yours once again.

The three of you were currently eating the food Suzy brought in from a Mexican restaurant nearby the dorms. She got her usual nachos, quesadillas for you, and tacos for Jimin.

The taco eater, who was now sat in a chair between the beds with his phone back in his possession, sure enough was suckered into her shenanigans. It was always cute how flustered she made him.

“It wasn’t a party!” he quickly defended, almost choking on the taco he was eating, he then sent a pointed look your way,“Y/N just doesn’t have any boundaries in terms to privacy…”

You scoffed at him and pushed aside your already finished food. “What a hypocritical thing for a perv–”

“So Suzy! Speaking of parties-!” Jimin quickly cut you off, while you huffed in response.

He cleared his throat and quickly continued, “Uh… my friend Hoseok is having a party on Friday. Want to come? We can leave Y/N.”

Suzy giggled at Jimin’s antics, “How can I leave my number one wing woman?”

The beginnings of Jimin’s flirtatious smirk immediately dropped, “Wing woman?”

Usually whenever you and Sue went to parties and were ever in the mood for a different kind of fun, you would help each other out. It wasn’t a frequent thing. More like once in a blue moon. It had started out as a protection kind of thing to keep creeps away, but then it developed over time. If that makes any sense.

“Aw c’mon, Jiminie,” you said trying to rile him up, “haven’t you ever heard of the term ‘wingman’?”

Jiminy sent a deathly glare your way, “I am very much aware of the term, thank you. But why does Suzy need one?”

Suzy blushed and looked down at her hands,“Don’t make me say it, Jiminie…”

“Yeah, Jiminie,” you taunted, snickering when he raised his lip at you. “It’s obvious Sue wants to get it in…”

Y/N!” Suzy complained, while Jimin actually choked on his taco this time.

You nearly fell over your bed in laughter at their reactions.

Jimin and Suzy were so easy to mess with. You really wished they would just couple up already. But that was Suzy’s call and she had her reasons for being hell-bent on resisting.

“W-what?!” he said in disbelief trying to recover from his coughing fit, while Suzy’s face got even redder.

“Isn’t hooking up and booze normally the purpose of attending any college party?” you commented while sipping on a water bottle you retrieved from the dresser near your bed.

“Look who’s talking!” Jimin snapped at you, “You rarely ever go out and-” Jimin paused for a moment, then a devilish smile appeared on his childlike face.

It was an expression you didn’t like. You had seen that look many a time over the many years of friendship between you and the silver-haired devil.

You and Jimin had been friends practically since you both were old enough to walk. He was like the brother you never really wanted; and you meant that in a loving way. With the kind of brother-sister relationship you and Jimin had, every now and then he was notorious for ‘making you suffer’ for his benefit.

And since you were somewhat ‘cock blocking’ him from getting to his precious object of affection.

You had to be eliminated.

“Suzy,” he said grinning, “let’s not be selfish.”

Suzy frowned, the red beginning to disappear from her cheeks. “What do you mean?”

“It’s just that…” Jimin paused and sighed dramatically, “Y/N seems a bit—lonely these days.”

You stopped drinking your water to give him a look hoping his thoughts weren’t going where you thought they were. “Pardon?”

Jimin completely faced you smirking, “Hasn’t it been a while since you had any “fun”?”

Scoffing you rolled your eyes at Jimin and his games, “Did we not just go to a festival last week?”

“That’s not what I meant and you know it. When was your last hookup?”

“None of your damn-”

Suzy gasped and pointed at you, “Oh my gosh! He’s right! I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen you with a guy! At least not since-”

You cut her off, “I don’t see why this is even a discussion! Can we not guys?”

“We can and we will!” said the silver headed devil, “Suzy we need to make it our mission to find Y/N some fun, if you know what I mean.”

“I’m in!”

“I’m not,” you deadpanned.

Jimin scoffed, “Your opinion will not be taken into consideration and it’s two against one.”

“This is stupid.”

“How? You were about to do the same for Suzy. We’re just trying to help you clear out the cobwebs-”

Jimin was cut off by the pillow you sent to his face.

“Come on Y/N!” your other traitorous friend whined, “It’ll be fun!”

You glared at Suzy, “Give me one good reason why I should go.”

Suzy turned to Jimin, who tossed the pillow back onto your bed with a sour look on his face. “Jiminie, aren’t you friends with Namjoon?”

“Suzy shut up.”

Jimin looked at her in confusion and replied, “Yeah, why-” then his eyes widened, “No way…”

This was the last thing you needed. You internally groaned. Suzy just had to imply to the silver-haired devil that you had some type of interest in one of his friends.

Kim Namjoon was one of the most popular guys on campus. He was intelligent gorgeous, and even produced music. You’ve tried many times to attempt conversation, but each time you’ve managed to look like a complete fool. Eventually, you gave up trying when your last attempt consisted of choking on the water you were drinking to ease your nerves and nearly spat up on the guy. He was totally cool about it. You? Completely mortified.

Another thing Namjoon was? A friend Jimin managed to gain when you two first entered college. They became practically brothers overtime. Thankfully you’d managed to keep your awkward interactions with Kim Namjoon away from Jimin. But now that Suzy somewhat let it slip that you possibly liked his friend? Well..

It was just the fuel he needed for whatever plans he was beginning to make.

Thankfully before the devil could speak, his phone rings and he picks up.

“Hello? Shit-! Sorry Kook! I’m on my way now,” Jimin says as he gathers his trash, “I’m like two minutes away!”

It was apparent that Jimin had to leave. You silently thanked Jesus.

“Who’s Kook?” Suzy piped up avoiding your glare.

After Jimin got rid of the remains of his food, he fixed her with a look of his own, “Someone irrelevant to you. And you–” he turned towards you and smirked, “we’ll talk later.”

You were about to snap at him when you remembered something, “Hey Sue have you checked your Instagram notifications lately?”

“Actually, no–”

And the dorm door slammed shut after Jimin’s speedy exit.


Title: Goodnight

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1975

Warnings: none, fluff-ish

Summary: Dean Winchester has been accused of a murder he claims to have not committed in a seemingly obvious case. As his lawyer, can you prove him innocent, despite this being your very first case ever?

A/N: (DISCLAIMER) This was loosely based off of HBO’s miniseries ‘The Night Of’ (of which I borrowed some lines of dialogue from too) which was absolutely fabulous and thrilling and tackled racial matters, so credits to them and the creators.

This was also a part of @whispersandwhiskerburn‘s Much Ado About SPN challenge! I had the Shakespearean quote “Strong reasons make strong actions” (King John III.4), with included associations with Uriel, Uniforms, and Underdog. Enjoy! :)


It was such an open-shut case. And somehow, he was a free man.

Dean Winchester was the only one in Lisa Braeden’s apartment when she was stabbed to death in her bed. Despite being in the kitchen when he woke up with no memory, he was under the influence of drugs and alcohol earlier on the night of October 25th. He ran when he discovered the body, and when the alleged murder weapon was found on him, he resisted arrest.

It had to be him. Who else could it be?

You had only started working at Rowena’s law firm for a month when she asked you to assist her on the famous Winchester case.

Her plan for him was to take the deal of a plea bargain, pleading guilty to manslaughter for fifteen years instead of a lifetime sentence. It was a damn good deal.

The first time you met him, you forgot that you were walking into a small shabby cell to see a prisoner.  For a moment, it was like being entranced by a handsome stranger in a coffee shop, as bizarre as it sounded.

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Requested by anon: Can you do a married!au with Seokmin where he asks you to dance with him after a long day? Like super romantic and stuff? Thank you! 


warnings: super romantic, super cheesy, super fLUFF THAT I ACTUALLY HAD TO TAKE A BREAK FROM WRITING BC IT WAS SUPER SWEET!!!!

  • i hope yall enjoy this piece as much as i loved writing it <33333333
  • The sizzling of the stove and soft BTOB melodies crackled from your speakers, the only sounds that drifted from the kitchen
  • You were humming along to the harmonies, the cute pastel pink apron Seokmin bought for you last month wrapped securely around your waist as you twirled with a spatula in one hand but u didnt twirl that much ok pls dont burn the house down
  • You were about to reach the peak of the song when the familiar bell rang
  • You glanced at the clock and smiled to yourself
  • “7, just as expected”
  • You quickly wiped your hands on a nearby towel and scurried off to the front door
  • “Welcome home, honey!!!” you chirped
  • He had a slightly worn out smile but the second he laid eyes on you, his eyes lit up and the tired grin became the embodiment of the sun and blinded you lmao i luv death!!!

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Peter Maximoff x Reader: Just The Two Of Us

A/N: The reader is not a mutant and their boyfriend is Peter Maximoff, he goes to fight Apocalypse and when he gets back, he promises to go somewhere with them. 

Originally posted by sassy-peter-maximoff

You work up next to Peter Maximoff. You realized that you had to go to work so you got up, put your jeans on from the previous day and put on his Pink Floyd shirt that you loved so much. You and Peter have the same interest in music, which is why you two started dating.

“Where are you going so early?” Peter asked, looking up from his bed and having a stupidly smug face. “I…have to go to work, speedy.” You tell him. He speeds and gets dressed before you even blinked. “Your wearing my shirt.” He said, pouting.

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Psychopath Part 1

Summary: Sister Winchester. Sam and Dean’s sister goes to spend the evening with her boyfriend.

Warnings: Violence, abuse.

You skip down the hall with a huge smile on your face. Your boyfriend asked to take you on another date and you were excited. Things have been going great between the two of you.

“Is it okay if I go out with Austin tonight?” You ask Dean while walking in his room.

Dean looks up from his phone. “Depends. What does your boy toy have planned?”

“He’s not a boy toy.” You laugh. “We were to going to stay at his place and watch movies and chill.”

“You can watch movies here.” Dean states.

Without you and Sam breathing down our necks.” You clarify.

     You and Dean have a silent staring contest before he caves.

“Fine.” He exhales. “Be home before midnight.”

You give your brother a kiss on the check before heading out. “Thanks, Dean.”

“Don’t scratch Baby!” He calls.

     You laugh as you grab the keys off the counter.

“I’ll be back later.” You call to Sam.

“Don’t do anything stupid!” He calls back.

    You hop in the Impala and head towards your boyfriend’s house. A short time later you pull into his driveway. He meets you at the front door as you climb the steps.

“Hey, Y/N.” He smiles.

“Hey, Austin.” You laugh as you walk in.

      You step into the living room and see a stack of movies and boxes of pizza on the coffee table.

“I hope pizza was okay.” He grins.

“Pizza’s great.” You say while grabbing a slice.

“What do you want to watch first?” He asks while you get comfortable on the couch.

“Hmmm.” You ponder. “The Ring?”

“Why a scary movie?” He whines.

“It’s not that scary.” You state. “I’ve seen scarier things.”

      What your boyfriend doesn’t know is that you have actually seen scarier things. He doesn’t know that you and your brothers are hunters. He is completely unaware to the supernatural world around him.

“What about The Purge?” You offer.

“I’m cool with that.” He announces.

     You roll your eyes as he starts the movie. He sits down next to you and you lean over against his shoulder. Munching on pizza, you enjoy the movie and getting to spend time with your boyfriend.

    Your eyes open and see the closing credits roll across the screen.

“Did I miss it?” You mutter.

“Just the last hour.” He chuckles.

“You should have woke me up.” You say while shoving his shoulder playfully.

“Nah.” Austin smiles. “You’re cute when you’re asleep.”

“That’s a little creepy.” You laugh. “What time is it?”

“11:15.” He informs.

“Crap. I gotta go.” You explain. “I have to be back before midnight.”

“No.” He whines. “Break the rules for once.”

You lean over and give him a kiss. “I can’t unless you want my brothers breaking down your door.”

He stands up and kisses you again. “Come over Saturday then. We’ll spend the whole day together.”

“I can’t.” You repeat. “I’m going out of town with my brothers.”

He becomes angry for some reason. “Why do you always go out of town?”

You run a hand through your hair. “I can’t say, okay? I’ll be back.”

He shoves you back. “Is there something going on with you and your so called ‘brothers’?”

“What?!” You exclaim. “Dude they are my brothers. That’s sick that you would think that.”

“What do you want me to think, Y/N?” He yells. “You leave for days at a time without a word and when you come back you pretend nothing happened.”

“Because I have to!” You yell back. “I’m keeping you safe by not telling you anything.”

“LIAR!” He screams.

      His hand lashes out and connects with your face. You fall back and hit the floor. Pain explodes in your eye as you try and gather your bearings. Instinct kicks in and you kick Austin in the knee, making him collasp as well. You try and get up, but Austin grabs you foot and pulls you down. He places a knee on your chest as you struggle against him.

“Austin, stop.” You plead. “You’re hurting me.”

“Good.” He hisses. “Now you know how I feel everytime you leave.”

“My brothers are going to kill you.” You gasp.

Suddenly there is a knife against your throat. “Not if you don’t tell them. I would hate to see what would happen to that pretty throat if you said anything.”

“You’re a psychopath.” You yell as tears spill down your face.

“You’re not going to say anything are you?” He questioned.

“No.” You sob.

He kisses your forehead. “Good girl.”

     He gets off your chest and you quickly stand up. Your eye is throbbing as you hastily pull your boots on. Austin grabs your arm as you sprint to the door.

“Don’t say anything.” He warns. “I’ll make it ten times worse for you if you do.”

You nod and he places a sloppy kiss on your lips. “Come by when you get back.” He orders.

     You nod and sprint out the door to the Impala. Slamming the car door, you lock it and start the engine. You throw the car in reverse and spin tires to get out of there as fast as possible. Sobs rack through your body as you try to keep control of the car.

“Stop the car before you wreck.” A voice orders.

      You scream and hit the brakes praying that no one hit you from behind. Looking next to you, you see Gabriel in the passenger seat.

“What the hell?” You yell while trying to calm your nerves.

“Calm down.” Gabriel soothes. “You don’t need to be driving like this.”

“I’m fine.” You lie.

“That black eye says otherwise.” Lucifer chimes in from the backseat.

“How many Angels are in this car?” You snap.

“Just us.” Gabriel concludes.

“Leave me alone.” You say while wiping away the tears.

“Highly unlikely.” Lucifer smirks.

“Are you going to tell Sam and Dean?” Gabriel questions.

“God no.” You declare.

“Why not?” He asks. “That boy hit and threatened you.”

“You don’t understand.” You mutter. “He was just mad.”

“What’s gotten into you?” He snaps. “Any other guy would have been laid out in the floor dead.”

“We’ll go back and take care of him.” Lucifer offers.

“No, Luci.” You say. “He didn’t mean it. Please don’t say anything to my brothers.”

“You need to.” Gabriel insists. “Your brothers can handle that pip squeak.”

“NO.” You snap while hitting the steering wheel. “Don’t say a fucking word to my brothers.”

“Fine.” Lucifer huffs. “Tell them when you want, but if it goes too far, we’re stepping in.”

“Whatever.” You say.

     You put the car in drive and continue down the road. You feel the swelling in your eye and think of how to hide it from Sam and Dean. Stopping in front of the bunker, you wipe the rest of the tears away and check your reflection in the mirror. There was a bruise forming around your eye, but most of the flush in your cheeks was gone.

“I just have to get to my room.” You say outloud.

“Good luck.” Lucifer laughes.

“It’s 11:58.” Gabriel adds.

“Shit!” You exclaim while jumping out of the car.

     You run into the bunker and make a beeline for your room. You reach your bedroom as Dean walks around the corner.

“I’m home!” You yell before slamming your door.

Dean knocks on the door. “You okay?”

“I’m great.” You say to the door. “I’m going to bed.”

“ ‘Kay.” Dean says before walking off.

     You turn around and find a box on your bed. On top is a folded note.

Stuff and instructions to hide that black eye. Hopefully you won’t need it for long.
– Gabriel and Lucifer
P.S. Grow a pair and tell your brothers. It’s for the best.

     You can’t help but smile. Those two were like the extra brothers you never wanted, but were grateful for. You open the box and find a makeup kit with instructions. No wonder they mentioned instructions. They know that you struggle with girly things like makeup. You walk into the bathroom and change into your pajamas. Setting the box on the floor, you lock your door and hope to get some sleep.

I will have more parts to this up soon. Let me know what you think!!!


Series Summary: Frank’s one-night-stands turns into more than he thought, and this girl is more than she seems.

A/N: Ta-da!  I’m back from the dead!  Hope this chapter doesn’t suck as much as I think it does!

Frank Adler x reader

Word count: 1336

Summary: It was just another normal day, but (Y/N) continues to behave oddly

Warnings: alcohol mention


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Blind Date

Member: Wonwoo
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 3322

(A/N: This isn’t exactly like the request, but I got really excited and carried away with it, so please forgive me)

“I don’t need a boyfriend.” you stated, looking down at the paper coffee cup in your hands.

“You know that’s a lie.” your best friend said, laughing and leaning back in her chair. Of course, she was absolutely right, but you didn’t want her to know that. She had been trying to convince you to let her set you up on a blind date for a few days now, and it was starting to get tiring refusing her.

“Who would you even set me up with?” you asked.

“It wouldn’t be a blind date if I told you, now would it?” she sighed, looking at you like you were stupid. You just made a face at her and looked back at your teacup. “It wouldn’t be that bad. The guy I had in mind already said that he was willing to let me set him up with someone.”

“Really?” you said, your head snapping up.

“I knew you were interesteeed!” your friend squealed, bouncing up and down in her seat. Damn it. You didn’t want to give her this satisfaction, but you couldn’t deny that your interest was at least a little piqued.

“…So what were you planning?” you sighed, finally giving in.

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The Contest-Part 6

To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest. They are doing open casting calls all over the country. Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along.

Characters: Reader, Best friend Nikki (OC), Nursing Supervisor Anne, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, other Supernatural cast and crew

A/N: This is my first attempt at writing about Jared and Jensen and the show.  Please be gentle as I am a delicate flower LOL.  For the purposes of this story, Jared and Misha are both divorced.  No hate please! I’m sure Gen and Vicki are lovely!

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

After I left Jared’s trailer, I found my way to Lou, the stunt coordinator.  He wanted to run through the stuff for what we were filming today.  It wasn’t anything complicated, so I felt like I could handle it.

“Ok Y/N, so the scene starts with you fighting a vamp.  Your gonna be carrying a machete. There’s some on the table here.  Try them out.  Pick one that doesn’t feel too heavy to you.”

I found a machete that I liked, and we practiced with it.  The stunt guy who was playing the vamp went through the next sequence with me.  I charged at him and he got both arms around me and I dropped the machete.  He had me trapped, and made as if he was going to bite me, but at the last second I kicked out behind me hard and he let go and I spun away from him.

“Perfect!” Lou said.  “Nicely done.  You move well.”

“I did gymnastics until I got too tall.”  I explained.

Emily showed up a few minutes later to take me to my shooting lesson. I learned how to load a gun, and practiced shooting.  It was harder than it looked.  My hand was shaking with fatigue by the time we were done. The kickback was much more than I expected.

“So I guess a career as a sniper is off the table?” I joked.

Mark the gun guy was very patient and understanding.  “Jared and Jensen have been shooting guns for 15 years now.  This is your first time.  You’ll get the hang of it.  We will practice every day you are on set.”

Emily looked at her watch. “Crap we gotta go! They are ready for you in hair and makeup.”

It didn’t take long for the hair and makeup girls to work their magic and turn me into Gemini Jones, my new alter ego.  I went to my trailer and put on my clothes, and I was ready to head to set.

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This Town

So I spent all day doing this instead of studying. I blame Niall Horan. Enjoy! xo


You were the first person he told about his audition.

He was so nervous before it, and he’d spent weeks practicing. He’d come into the pub that your parents owned and he’d in his chair right next to the bar—the one that he sat in almost every day when the two of you were growing up, playing his guitar and slowly improving.

“Niall, you sound great,” you said as you poured a cup of coffee, flashing him a smile form across the bar. He looked up from his guitar to flash you a grateful smile in return, and you walked around from behind the counter to set the cup of coffee on the tabletop beside him.

“You really think so?” He asked a bit timidly, reaching to take the cup of coffee and hold it in his hands. His bright blue eyes were looking right at you, and you couldn’t help but grin at the sensation.

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anonymous asked:

How would the BTT + America react to hearing rumors that their good friend (who is also their crush) has a crush on them as well?

Coming right up!
-Admin France ♡

【America】Alfred would probably be laughing about it for a moment saying, “haha, nice prank, dude!” Though, despite his hesitance, his entire face would go red and he wouldn’t be able to speak. “Y/N w-what..? I.. holy crap, dude, I gotta go ask them right away!” And then, the American would rush to go and find you to ask the truth.

【Spain】He would smile, his cheeks only showing a blush. He didn’t look or seem embarrassed though. “So, Y/N finally returns the feelings, no? I must go and tell her how I feel, then!” Antonio, in the end, would be pretty calm and relaxed about the whole that.

【Prussia】"Ha! Of course! I totally knew it! Who wouldn’t love zhe awesome me, after all?“ He’d laugh loudly in triumph with gleaming eyes. Though, on the inside this Prussian would be screaming and thinking, ‘Y/N actually likes me back? No way! Score!’

【France】Francis might actually break into tears, though his entire face would go red. "Oh.. mon amour does feel ze same way! Je t'aime..!” He would sob into his hands for a minute or so, since he thought his crush on you would be impossible to be returned. Though, the next time he would see you, he would engulf you in a hug and shower you in kisses, hoping the rumor was true.

  • Siwon: who are these guys?
  • Leeteuk: These are the last eight guys in SM that don't realize I suck at basketball. So here's what gonna happen: I finally mastered my running hook shot so when we go to pick teams I'm gonna hit that shot. Then you say I'll pick that guy at which point heechul is gonna page me and I'll say "Crap, I've gotta go." And you'll go "Damn, we just lost the best player out here." And then there will be eight guys in SM who think I'm good at sports and word will spread.
  • Siwon: when do you find time to lead this group?
  • Leeteuk: between these thoughts.
Split (Jacksepticeye+Egos AU) Part 4

Hey, there! Welcome to part 4! As always, thank you so much for your support.



Special thanks to @spiffanywolfe​, this lovely bean of constant motivation. Make sure to check out her blog and read her fanfic!

I feel that I’m doing something wrong, so please, don’t hesitate and send me constructive criticisms. Would be much appreciated!

Also, some people are curious if Robbie the zombie will appear. I can say that no, I don’t have plans for him. But we never know…


Trigger Warnings: crude language; blood;












The silence between them was uncomfortable, to say the least. After everybody calmed down, they decide to get out before somebody else arrived. They were now in one of the computer rooms on the main level, trying to get some information about themselves and that place.

Anti, controlling the electricity, had tried to connect to the computers only to be denied access. He started to get impatient.

“Ugh, I can’t get in!”

Sparks of green electricity covered the doctors hands. In the moment she was about to touch the computer, Chase made Anti take a step back.

“Calm down, would ya? We don’t want you to fry this thing!”

“What’d ye expect me to do, then!?”

Schneeplestein, that was reading some papers on a desk, turned his attention to both men.

“Doesn’t she have zee codes to zis whole place?”

Anti and Chase looked at each other.

“What would we do without ya, Schneep?” said Anti, while sitting down. “Gimme me a sec.”

The doctor closed her eyes.

Anti searched through the woman’s brain, passing by multiple halls and doors. He didn’t had time to snoop through her memories yet, but he was curious to. He found her crying while curled in a dark corner. He got closer to her and crouched, trying to look her in the eyes.

Hey, Billy girl! Time to get back to reality and do something helpful for once.

She flinched when he tried to touch her.

Oh c’mon, I’m not gonna hurt cha now!

Please, let me go!” she was starting to panic. “I want to go home!

Fine! Ya know what, if you help us out of here I’ll let ya go!

Her eyes lit up with suspicion and hope.

You pro–promise?”

Anti rolled his eyes and sighed.

Yeh yeh, I promise.” He reached to her and touched her temple. “Now let’s get to work.

With a gasp, the doctor got back to have control over her own body.

“Hey, Doc.” said Chase, with a nervous smile. “Welcome back.”

The doctor didn’t said a thing, occupied at looking around. She stopped when she looked at her reflection in one of the computer screens.

The woman looked like a nightmare. Her previously blond hair was sticking to her neck and face, encrusted in blood. All of her was covered in blood. She quickly hopped out of the chair and ran to the nearest WC, trying not to look at the fallen bodies in her way.

Billy turned on a faucet as soon as she entered the bathroom. With the cold water, she tried to scrub most of the dried blood out of her face and hair. Tears got mixed with the now pink water, all of that going down the drain.

She dried herself with some papers towels and then took a deep breath, going back to the room.

She sat at the computer and started unlocking the necessary codes.

All that time she was trying not to think about running away to her family. She knew that Anti was watching her in silence. She tried to hide her thoughts from him the best she could. What if he was lying about letting her go? She couldn’t die, she had her ba-

Oh, a daughter!” Anti giggled. “I new ya were married, but ye never tolled us you had a babe!

“Shut up! She got nothing to do with this!”

She closed her mouth when she noticed she had screamed the words outside her head. The other clones were watching her with wide eyes. Anti was laughing.

Ups, did I hit a sore spot?

The woman closed her fists, her maternal instincts kicking in.

“It’s everything ok, Dr. Billy?” asked Jackieboy man, with a worried look.

“Yes, I’m fine!”

Ignoring the green glitch in her head, she returned to the work at hands. Inserting the last necessary passwords, she got access to the clone’s and subject zero records.

“Here they are.”

Good girl!

She went trough the files while explaining some details, the men asking questions around her.

“You kept tags on him!?” asked one of them.

“Yes, subject zero is being under observation since he was released. It’s a way of knowing of any problems and/or side effects.”

“And he is ein Youtuber? Vat is that?

“It’s a person that does all kinds of videos online. Sean here plays video games and goes by the online name of Jacksepticeye.”

“Oh, cool!” exclaimed Chase.

Explaining, the doctor started pulling some photos of Jack in various situations. At conventions, at home, while walking, at the gym, with friends.

And the fucker has green hair, just like me!

“And he has a girlfriend!” said Marvin, while looking at one of the photos of the couple. “She’s very pretty!”

They continued reading and asking questions for some more time until something snapped their attention.

“Is that an helicopter?

They all held their breaths, trying to better caption the sound that was coming from outside.

Oh, fuck me!

“Crap! C’mon, we gotta go!”

The group run out of the room until they got to the reception, where a big glass door showed the world outside.

The parking lot in the front of the building was filled with armored trucks, armed men taking positions while three helicopters flied above.

“Doc, please tell me that this place has an underground garage?” asked Chase, without taking his eyes of the threat ahead.

“Follow me!”

They followed the woman until a small garage, where a few cars where parked. Billy went directly to a gray 2016 Honda Odyssey, got on the drivers seat and started the car.

“Get in!”

The egos didn’t need to be ordered twice, and quickly got inside.

“Strap on boys, this is going to be a bumpy ride!” said Billy with a fierce look on her face.

Wow, this is gonna be fun! I like you like this.

“Good that I got these before we bailed.” said Chase while taking two firearms from his waistband. “Henrik, take one. Marvin, Jackie, I’m sure you can take care of yourselves. Doc, I cover you.

With a nod, Billy made the car engines roar.

frankxkaren  asked:

"Please, you can't die now." Bucky to Darcy - go for the real emotional crap. ;)

“You gotta go,” he choked out, an arm banded around his front, blood squelching through the fabric of his tac suit. 

“Forget that.” Darcy looked from the splintered door of their sad excuse for a hideout back to him, tucked in a corner, metal hand gripping a gun both for comfort and safety. “You jump, I jump, remember?” 

He cracked a smile. “Last time I said that, you said you weren’t jumpin’ anywhere without a parachute.” 

“Yeah, well, Stark won’t make me that parachute jacket I keep putting requisitions in for, so I guess I’ll just have to cross my fingers and hope for the best.” 

Bucky stared at her profile. Blood trickled from an open wound that started at her temple and disappeared into her hair. She was leaning to the left, even in her crouch, trying to take the pressure off her twisted ankle and her ribs, where she’d been grazed by a bullet. ‘Nothing but a flesh wound,’ she’d joked, even as she grimaced, dragging his much heavier body along with hers. She was shit at shooting, but she had one of his back up guns in hand and she was as prepared as she could be to take out whoever came down the hall. 

“You remember what I taught you?” he wondered, pulling in a tacky, rattling breath. 

She paused and looked back at him, pasting on a devilish smile. “You’re gonna have to be a little more specific.” 

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