sorry theres been such a wait between part 1 and part 2!!! also sorry for uploading this at 4 in the morning i hope this helps anyone looking to make halo helmets!! if you have any questions feel free to ask me and i will see if i can help!!

im making these helmets for my gfh cosplays, designed by the lovely synnesai, so i hope these tutorials help anyone else who wants to cosplay her designs!!

*EDIT* link to part 1


The full set of magicky Wanda-manipulating-Loki’s-already-screwed-up-mind photos! These were so much fun to take and edit, and a huge shout-out to iloominations​ for being wonderfully, incredibly creepy (and gorgeous, let’s be honest here) and to myrddin-emrys​ for being our highly amused Merlin-costumed photographer. 

Scarlet Witch | Iloominations
Loki & edit | Silhouette Cosplay
Photographer | myrddin-emrys

So here’s my story:

When I stepped up to Misha, he smiled brightly, looking at my cosplay up and down. As I asked for him to do a “prom pose,” he nodded as if saying “aaaah, Destiel.”

I practically giggled like a little girl when he guided me in front of him and wrapped his arms around my body and squeezed me tight.

Some people in line ‘aww’ed during the picture. I was freaking out more than I should have.

After the picture was finished, I turned around and looked up at him before he squeezed me tightly. He then said “I hope you have a wonderful day,” before I walked off with a huge smile on my face.

The person standing at the door even smiled and said I was cute…

My story may not be as exciting as most people’s but I don’t care because this was one of the most exciting things that happened to me this weekend.



Tried to find more info on these cosplayers but I saw only this tweet ;A; So amazing omg.


Uta no Prince-Sama (NärCon 2012 cosplay contest opening act) (by BANNATIK)

We did the opening act for Narcon’s Cosplay/skit competition! It was soooooooo much fun working with you guys again. Love you all ;3; <3