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Oh, just bringing together my obsession with crossovers and certain seiyuu

( Noragami / Natsume Yuujinchou / Ao no Exorcist / Durarara!! )

“Oh, this box is empty… Gotta get a new one!

Got my phone, got my keys, got my money….

Got my Dan Howell. Let’s go!”

“Are you kidding my you finished your cereal again are you serious”

What do you not leave home without. My best friend dan howell.

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Only One

Summary: Dean helps patch you up after a pretty rough hunt, but the discussion takes a turn when your feelings for him come to the surface again, and you give Dean an ultimatum. 

  • Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam x Jess [mentioned]
  • Warnings: language, injured reader, mentions hunting scars, brief mention of smut, angst, arguing, [they’re kinda jerks to each other for a quick min], fluff

A/N: This is my entry for the challenge hosted by @supernotnaturalcas my prompt was “In this world of craziness that we live in, you’ve been able to keep me sane this whole time.” 

Also, this is my first fic of 2017! Happy New Year guys and gals! <3

Feedback is adored!

“Holy crap,” you winced as Dean placed the alcohol soaked cloth over the large wound across your side.

“I thought you were gonna be careful,” you groaned, covering your face with your arm as he got out the needle for the stitches. “I knew I should’ve just waited for Sam.”

Dean scoffed at that. “And just bleed out in the process? Yeah. I don’t think so, sweetheart,” his voice short as he replied, tossing the piece of cloth in the trash.

You knew he was pissed that you got hurt. Hell, he was against you coming on this hunt with him at all, but with Sam across the country visiting Jess, you thought he’d need an extra pair of hands.  It wasn’t your fault that the crazy ass werewolf had it in for you, giving you a pretty impressive scratch to your side that you were sure would add to your hunting scars.

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Random Coliver hs!au -

Connor is really good at math. Like really really good. Like he tested out of AP Calc as a junior so his math class junior year was just him and Mrs. Rozaldo good. Then Dad gets transferred in the middle of the year. Meaning new town. New school. New math class.

He walks into math the first day, looks around to see thirty pairs of eyes staring back at him, and feels his palms start to sweat. Mr. Behl introduces him to the class and tells him to take a seat. The lecture is something he and Mrs. Rozaldo have already worked on but he figures he should at least fake like he’s paying attention. It is the first day after all. The notes he scribbled in his notebook are mostly gibberish but he figures it at least looked like he was paying attention.

Mr. Behl lets everyone work on the homework assignment during the last half of the class and calls Connor over to his desk. His new teacher explains some of the basic classroom policies and starts to give a little overview on what they’ve already learned and what’s coming up. Connor is about to interrupt and explain, as modestly as possible, that he’s already learned most of the stuff in this class when Mr. Behl continues.

“I know it’s a lot. Coming in in the middle is tricky. Don’t hesitate to ask for tutoring. In fact—” The teacher leans over to call around Connor. “Mr. Hampton? Can you come here for a moment?” The guy heading over is all elbows and feet that he hasn’t grown into yet. Black-framed glasses are slipping down his nose and his hair looks like it was styled when he left the house this morning but a day of running his fingers through it have left it mussed and more than a little wild. The guy smiles wide as a girl Connor assumes is a friend scoots her chair so he can squeeze by and Connor thinks that this Mr. Hampton guy may be the hottest guy he’s ever seen.

“Connor. This is Oliver,” Mr. Behl introduces. They shake hands and mutter “Hi” to each other before Oliver looks away and runs a hand through his hair. This smile is soft and shy and Connor finds it adorable. “Mr. Hampton here is one of our tutors. I’m sure he’d be happy to help you catch up. Oh, excuse me.” Mr. Behl heads off to answer a waving hand, leaving the two students staring at each other.

“Um,” Oliver starts. “Do you want to move your stuff over?” Oliver gesturers over towards his desk. “There’s an empty desk next to me. We could start on the assignment.” Oliver looks over to Connor and his eyes are kind. He’s smiling again and Connor wants to see Oliver smiling like that all the time.

“Yeah. Thanks. That’d be great. I’m really lost.”

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