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I don't want to bother you or stress you out if you're super busy, but can I request a Soulmate AU fic with Reader and Loki? I don't really have any specific plot ideas sorry but maybe some angst that ends fluffy? Hope that's ok for you 😊 Ps. You're an incredible writer x

Pairing: Loki x Reader
Fandom: MCU
Warnings: Soulmate!AU in which you get the same injuries as your soulmate does.

A/N: thank you so much for that compliment, my love! I have to be honest, I was a little worried about this prompt, because I’m pretty much a grandma when it comes to soulmate AU’s. I literally just know a single one and I didn’t like that with loki and reader, but then I stumbled across this one and I just fell in love with it and yes, I’ll stop talking now lol. hope you like it bb <333


You made your rounds through the compound right now, wishing everyone well in the fight against Thanos.

You were a scientist, not a soldier, so you had to stay put in the compound while some of your best friends might give their life today.

It was tearing you apart that you couldn’t do much more than wish them luck.

The last person on your list to make your farewells to was Loki.

He was standing in front of a giant window, distracted by the outside world.

You slowly approached him and gently placed a hand on his arm, trying not to startle him. If it was even possible to startle an Asgardian god.


He continued to look out of the window.

“It’s about to start.”

“Yeah. I know,” you lowered your hand and looked outside as well. After a moment of silence you looked at him again. “Promise me to be careful?”

The Asgardian only smiled a little. But it wasn’t a sincere one. You could tell right away.

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8| Pas De Deux

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Ballet au, Romance, Angst
Warnings: None
Wordcount: 3655

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With the knowledge that Jimin was still at Amour, you eagerly looked toward his table when you went down for breakfast the next morning. Of course he wasn’t there.

“Does he ever eat?” You muttered, watching as Dawon, Soekjin, Hoseok, Jungkook, Taehyung, Yoongi and Namjoon sat down at their table.

Jiwoo, who stood in front of you in the line, heard you, and turned to follow your gaze.

She smiled. “He probably eats in his room.” She shrugged.

“I thought we all had to eat here.”

She shrugged. “I don’t think Park Jimin would do anything to put his ballet in danger.”

You tried to accept that, but still. Why did he not come and eat with his friends?

Heading to technique, your limbs already screamed after yesterday’s class. “You’re so lucky getting the solo, (Name).” Yuna said as she pushed open the studio door. “It’s a massive compliment coming from Madame Choi.”

“Yeah.” Hyeun nodded, popping up behind. “She never gives out solos. You are seriously good!”

An unladylike snort came from across the room, where Minjee and Seohyun sat, tying on their shoes.

“Jesus, Hyeun.” Minjee drawled. “Did you put your diaper over your brain this morning?” She stood up, the whole class now listening in.

“If (Name) screws up, then we’re all going to lose. We shouldn’t be relying on someone who can’t even dance at her own age level.” She raised a pointed eyebrow at you. “No pressure or anything, (Name), but we’re all going to work our asses off and still fail because of you.”

“You are so out of line, Minjee.” Hyeun said, shaking her head.

“And see.” Minjee pointed. “She doesn’t even hang out with people who can help her. We all know that you’re way too butch for ballet, Hyeun.”

Hyeun snapped, striding towards her with her fist raised. “You fucking – ”

“Positions please!” Madame Choi’s voice stopped her hand, just inches away from Minjee’s jaw. You all spun around. Madame Choi was taking up her place at the front of the studio, her face sharp as usual, but she didn’t seem to have noticed.

She stared back at your shocked faces with distaste. “Well come on! We have very little time.” She clapped her hands to Mister Ghim, who was only just sitting down. “To the barre, please!”

After a few glances of confusion, you all rushed to the barres. You pulled Hyeun in front of you. It would be way too easy to let her leg fly back into Minjee’s stomach during a set of tondues. You could see her shoulders rising and falling quickly.

“Hyeun.” You whispered. “Calm down. We’ll sort this out later.”

With Madame Choi in her usual, no-nonsense mood, no one thought it best to tell her about what had been going on. You went through your usual barre exercises, though it took a full ten minutes to relax back into the familiar moves.

“Alright.” Madame Choi called. “Positions for the beginning, if you please.”

You went to the centre feeling everyone’s eyes on you. Even if most of the class didn’t like Minjee, her words had gotten through. A lot was placed on you. Everyone wanted to win this, and Minjee was right. If you screwed up, the class would lose. Trying to expel those thoughts from your head, you raised yourself up onto Pointe. Your left leg immediately came up behind you.

“And music please! And one two three four.” Your breathing was shaky as you held an arabesque, and lifted your arms.

“Chin up, Miss (Surname)!” You lifted your head quickly. You had to block out Minjee’s words. You changed legs, making the series of moves Madame Choi had shown yesterday. You were doing fine. But was fine good enough? You kept going. Things weren’t so bad once people began entering behind you. You were relaxed enough to think about the choreography. The courus weren’t working in the first section, but you continued to do them, as she’d asked.

The rest of your class were finally onstage, and you went through the gruelling routine of quick pirouettes and turns. Now that everyone had the moves, Madame Choi began to change your positions, so that you weren’t just in lines. Now you moved around the ‘stage’, not staying in the same spot more than a few seconds. The music was quick and sharp, and you seemed to be at its mercy.

“Come on!” Yelled Madame Choi at one point. “Focus! You all just changed half the moves! Again from bar fifty three and one two three four.”

She didn’t put you into any of the formations. Instead, You were to dance through them, or inside, or in front of. Your mind was not used to so many quick orders to put into memory, and Minjee’s words from earlier still loud in your head. Every time you forgot a move or went out of time, her voice was there telling you that you were going to fail. And of course sometimes she really was there, sniggering at your mistakes.

“You did fine, (Name).” Jiwoo said at the end of the class.

You wiped the sweat from your neck. “I screwed up a lot.”

She shook her head. “Minjee was talking crap earlier and you know it.”

“I still want to go and punch her skanky little face in.” Hyeun muttered through gritted teeth.

“Not a good idea.” You told her.

“Neither is sitting here and letting her insult us all.”

“Don’t give her the satisfaction of knowing she got to you.” Jiwoo replied. She glanced at you “And I mean both of you. What she said was crap, anyway.”

“Hey (Name).” You turned around. One of the guys from your class was standing there…what was his name again…?

“Hi.” You said.

“Uh…” He looked at you as if you were going to break. “I just thought I’d offer my service, you know if you need to practise for the review and stuff. Just to get everything perfect.”

You stared at him. He looked just about ready to bolt.

“Yeah, uh, just tell me…” He quickly walked away and you turned back to Jiwoo, Hyeun and Yuna.

“Well, he didn’t seem to think what Minjee said was crap.” You raised an eyebrow at Jiwoo. You knew it wasn’t really fair, but your new found stress was putting you on edge.

“Ilsung’s a jerk, (Name).” She reassured you. “You’re going to do fine. You just need more time to practise.”

You knew you did. You hadn’t practiced last night because you had had to do your correspondence school work. Sadly you had more to tonight, but it would have to wait. You couldn’t let your class down.

By the time Pas de Deux rolled around, you had been asked by several students in your class if you wanted their help. They all seemed to know the choreography better than you did. Even Kihyun came up to you at the end of lunch.

“(Name), I think you may have been a little off on your second pirouette. I could teach it to you, if you want.”

“No thanks, Kihyun.” You had said, trying to smile. “I think I’ll be fine.”

“Right.” He had replied, but then he’d gone on. “Just remember to keep your core in and to get out of it by the fourth beat. And remember in your Jete to check your feet. I thought one was a bit bent.”

“Right, thanks.” Jiwoo had then mercifully broken in and pried him away from the subject.

Even now, as you walked into class, a girl was telling you how she always gained extra marks in exams for facial expression.

“Thanks. I’ll make sure I do that.” You said before giving a rather unconvincing smile and slipped away to where Jiwoo, Hyeun, Yuna and Kwangsik sat.

“God, I’m going to get a major headache if this keeps going on.” You told them with a grimace.

Jiwoo gave a sympathetic smile. “(Name), don’t bother listening to them. You got the solo for a reason, you’re better than they are. Madame Choi thinks you’re doing fine.”

You sighed and bit your lip. They still knew more than you, though.

Eungkwan came in a minute later. His face was the same pale color as yesterday, his eyes downcast. You waved to him friendlily. He gave a weak smile back and went to sit against the piano, far away from anyone else. You turned back to the others.

“Jeez.” Yuna mumbled. “I thought the second years were the rowdiest of them all.”

“Na.” Said Hyeun. “That’s reserved for Jimin and his gang.” She looked at the mirror, slipping a black hairpin back into her bun. “Hoseok’s sooooo dreamy.”

Yuna laughed. “Watch it, girl, you seriously don’t want his sister pouncing on you.”

You listened to their idle banter, stretching and tying up your shoes as Hyeun performed her daily gossip session. While she went through a list of names you didn’t know, you glanced over at Kwangsik and Jiwoo. They’d been as quiet as you, though at the rate Hyeun was talking, it was hard to get a word in either way.

Jiwoo was sitting close to Kwangsik. She was looking down at her hands in her lap, giggling at a joke he must have made. He sat much the same, his dark eyes looking at her shyly, his own smile a bit bigger on his face.

You observed them only for a moment, then left them to it, having a mental chuckle of your own. When were they going to realize?

“Good Afternoon, class.” Madame Zhang had finally arrived, today wearing a white suit which was a little too short for her wide shoulders. You had to admit, white did not exactly compliment her.

“Good Afternoon, Madame Zhang.” Everyone muttered, standing up. Mrs. Shin took her place at the piano.

Madame Zhang pulled out her stool, as per usual, and sat glaring at you all, waiting for everyone to get ready. You hurried over to Eungkwan, who stood ready in first position, his face staring blankly ahead. You still had to stop and swallow before stepping into position in front of him. He placed his hands on your hips, and you felt any power you had drain away. Shuffling your feet into first, you tried to convince yourself you were comfortable.

“Plies.” Madame Zhang commanded unexcited. “One two three four.”

“Someone’s grumpy today.” You muttered under your breath.

Surprisingly, Eungkwan replied. “She reminds me of my mother’s pug dog.”

You snorted, leaning around to look at him. “God, I have to say, you’re right.”

His smile was small, but you could have sworn there was a bit more color in it. His eyes looked brightly at you for a second, before Madame Zhang’s sharp, now puggish voice came in.

“What is it, Miss (Surname), that you find so amusing?” Her small beady eyes stared right into yours.

“Sorry, Madame.” You said, trying to wipe a smile off your face. It was cruel, but you could certainly see the resemblance.

As soon as her stony look went elsewhere, you quickly looked behind at Eungkwan. But he’d returned to blandly staring at the wall above the mirrors, now his face a little tenser than before. You turned back, figuring that was the end of his talking for the day. It had been nice, though.

The class went on and on, until eventually you got to the combinations. Everyone bunched up at the back of the studio and waited for her orders.

“Alright, we’re trying something different today.” Madame Zhang declared shuffling on her stool. “You’re all getting sloppy, so it’s time to move on.”

Yuna and you exchanged glances. Where was the logic in that? Madame Zhang continued. “We’re going to move on to over the head lifts.”

“What?” You snapped, looking at the woman. She couldn’t be serious. She’d have to be insane. Overheads were dangerous, more so than other lifts because of the height and the amount of force used to get up to those positions.

“Over head lifts, Miss (Surname).” She drawled, glaring at you.

“Sweet.” Minjee said with a satisfied grin. Jongsoo high fived her.

“Ma'am, we can’t do those yet.” You protested.

“That’s why we’re learning them, Miss (Surname).”

“We haven’t even done fish dives.” You said.

“Fish dives aren’t as cool as overheads.” Hyeun exclaimed, clapping her hands excitedly.

“Yeah.” Yuna admitted. “They look fun.”

“Finished talking, have we?” Madame Zhang said distastefully. “You will begin facing each other with the boy’s hands on the girl’s waist. Then the boy will bend his knees, the girl will jump twice and then lift up, hands on the boys shoulders with her legs higher than the rest of her body. Girls, your head should be way out behind the boy, your belly should be above his head.”

You glanced around. Everyone else was nodding, grinning with their partners. Madame Zhang’s popularity rate had just gone up. Yours however had gone even more down, though you were more worried about your neck getting snapped than your reputation. Eungkwan seemed to be the only one even slightly concerned. His forehead was creased in a frown.

“Have you done this in your classes before?” You asked him.

“Only in advanced class.”

“Miss (Surname) and whoever your partner is.” Said Madame Zhang. “You can be first with Miss Yang and Mister Rhee.”

Jiwoo and Kwangsik were already in position.

“Ma'am.” You tried again. “I really don’t think we should be doing this.”

“Come on, (Name).” Jiwoo said smiling. “It’s something new.”

“I’ll be able to hold you up.” Eungkwan told you quietly. “I do know how to do it.”

You bit your lip.

“And my point is further proven.” Minjee’s piercing voice sung across the room. “The judges look for advanced stuff. We’re not gonna get it from her.”

You swore she was getting more confident in her insults by the second. Of course, Madame Zhang didn’t notice. Or maybe she didn’t care. But that didn’t matter. You shook your head.

“Just don’t drop me.” You muttered to Eungkwan, and went into the centre.

Jiwoo gave you what was meant to be an encouraging smile. “You’ve done it before, remember?”

You suddenly did. Jimin, lifting you up, giving you the height to fly.

Jimin. Jimin he wouldn’t have let the class do this.

From your one lesson with him, you knew he wouldn’t make you do anything as advanced and consequently dangerous as this. Oh God, where was he?

But the piano was already playing, and you were facing Eungkwan, your hands on his shoulders, his knees bent, ready to lift you.

“Alright!” Called Madame Zhang from her stool. “Just practise the prep first. And jump two three four and stop. And jump two three four and stop.”

At least she was taking you through it slowly. “And now you want a small lift hold. And one two three four hold her up!” Eungkwan held you up easily, your legs straight underneath you.

You didn’t make eye contact, of course. When you danced, you didn’t want anyone to see the emotion it brought to you, at least, not to anyone who could not understand it. Instead, you glanced at Jiwoo and Kwangsik. They seemed to be doing fine.

“And down two three four. And jump jump jump and hold up, and down two three four.” Your shoes touched the floor again. “Alright, now you will do the real one. Simply jump jump and boys get very low and lift her up just over your shoulders. She should be horizontal.”

Now you did look at Eungkwan. Could you trust him? Of course you could. But could he trust you? You had only done this once before.

“Okay and one two three four and jump and jump and up!” Suddenly you were being forced into the air, Eungkwan’s hands gripping your waist. His body blurred as you were boosted up above his body.

“Oh my God!” Someone cried out, the same time there was a piercing scream. Out of the corner of your eye you saw Jiwoo, fully up in the air, swaying dangerously to the left. Oh fuck, you were too close.

Her body crashed into Eungkwan’s arms and you slipped out of his hands, letting out a cry. Luckily he caught you again, painfully around the rib cage. But he’d lost his balance on the impact, and you came slamming down, your head smacking against the wooden floor.

Everything went black.

But just for a second. When your vision cleared, you saw Eungkwan next to you. People were yelling, your class already crowding around someone.

Oh God, Jiwoo.

You quickly sat up. Your head spinning, but you shook it off.

Oh my God.

You crawled through people’s legs to see. Jiwoo laying there, tears streaming down her cheeks, her face deadly white, wailing.

“What hurts?” Mrs. Shin, the pianist, asked as calmly as possible, kneeling next to her.

“M-m-my-my ahh!” She screamed again.

“Jiwoo.” Kwangsik whispered, swallowing, his face almost as pale as hers.

No one was doing anything!

You leapt up, running for the door. You only noticed Madame Zhang from the corner of your eye, but she stood a little way back from the group, looking pale, staring straight ahead. You burst out of the studio and into to the quiet hall. The left side of your body ached, but you kept running, you feet moving extremely fast considering you were in your Pointe shoes. The adrenalin pumped through you. You banged on Mistress Hyejin’s door. No one answered.

Master Jinho. You hurried to the next door, the one you’d seen only yesterday and you burst in.

Master Jinho, whom you’d never actually met, sat at his desk, elegant, large hands typing on his laptop. He looked up, a frown on his hansom features.

“Sir.” You said, breathing heavily. “Jiwoo. Yang Jiwoo, she’s hurt, badly.” It took him only a moment to stand and be right next to you.

“Show me.” He said authoritatively. You immediately spun around and took off, he followed swiftly after.

“Whose class?” He asked as you hurried up the stairs. Your shoes made it harder, but you didn’t halt back one second.

“Madame Zhang’s.” You said.

“What happened?”

“We were doing overheads.” You told him.

“She fell?”

“Yes.” You replied.

Finally arriving at the studio, you pushed open the door and Master Jinho hurriedly strode in.

“Get away from her, please.” He said calmly. They glanced at him and immediately stepped back, only Mrs. Shin and Kwangsik stayed with her. Jiwoo was the same as when you’d left, her chest going up and down very fast as she gasped in pain. Jinho knelt down beside her.

“Miss Yang? You need to tell me exactly what hurts, alright?” His was soft to her, but nonetheless still in charge.

Her eyes looked glazed over. “Shoulder.” She whispered.

Jinho nodded. “Stay still Miss Yang you’ll be fine.” He slipped a hand into his pocket and brought out a cell phone. No one needed two guesses to work out what he was calling. He walked away to face the window, probably so he wouldn’t distress her.

You slid down next to you friend. “(Name) – ” She gasped out. “Are you okay?”

“Of course Jiw.” You told her.

“I’m so sorry.” Kwangsik whispered to her. You noticed the tear running down his cheek. “I just.”

“Ah!” She panted, squeezing her eyes shut. You glanced at Kwangsik. “Maybe later.”

You sat in silence, both of you, and Mrs. Shin, all feeling helpless. The rest of class kept their distance. You noticed Eungkwan standing quietly in a corner. Are you okay? He mouthed to you. You nodded a yes, your blackout long forgotten as you heard your friend whimper beside you.

Madame Hyejin burst in a few minutes later. “Jiwoo! My girl!” She cried, rushing to her. Her cheeks was flushed. She must have run from a class. Her hands hovered over Jiwoo, but of course she was just as useless as the rest of you. Anything you did would cause her pain.

It took a moment before Madame Hyejin caught herself, and showed a little more composure. Actually, you corrected yourself, you think she actually lost some. For now she stood up, ever so slowly, and turned to where Madame Zhang had stood frozen in spot for the past ten minutes.

“How could you let this happen?” She snapped at the fat woman. “What the hell were you thinking? And where is Jimin! Why was he not here to make sure you did not do such a stupid, stupid thing!” Her accent was thicker than ever. “Where is he!” She growled.

Yuna nervously spoke up. “He hasn’t been here since last Tuesday, Ma'am.”

Madame Hyejin looked just about ready to stab someone. Master Jinho, however had finished making his calls. You were guessing to Jiwoo’s parents, and the ambulance.

Master Jinho laid a hand on Hyejin’s shoulder. “My dear please calm down.” His whispered softly to her.

Two seconds passed before she finally exhaled a pent up breath.

“When will the ambulance get here?”

“They are here in a few minuets.” He said, then turned to the rest of you. “Everyone please leave now, we cannot have crowding.” He told. It wasn’t a choice, it was a request. Everyone slowly left out the door. Mrs. Shin looked at you and Kwangsik before putting her hands on both your backs.

“Stay strong, Jiwoo.” You told her, before going out into the quiet hallway. The paramedics, in their blue shirts and smart trousers, were carrying a stretcher towards you.

“In there.” You told them sorrowfully, pointing to the door.

“Come on.” Said Mrs. Shin “I’m sure you’ll be able to see her soon. But for now, I think we could all use a hot chocolate.”

this is the same shit that happened with glitch, so after years of fucking suffering and finally getting over no one giving a shit over a little minecraft community I tried to nurture and support, I now get to deal with this DPS crap, which is the exact same bullshit under a different name

once again I tried build a damn community out of people who didn’t give a rat’s ass about me or what I was trying to do so absolutely fuck you

once again I try to bring people together only to have people straight up ignore me, ignore the group, ignore everything that was put forth in an effort to improve and save the group. fuck you

fuck you for looking at DPS and thinking “oh this is interesting” and joining only to have the massive fucking balls to do jack fucking squat when it came down to it. fuck you for doing absolutely fucking nothing when I asked for help

everyone who joined DPS and didn’t do fucking shit? fuck you

I finally get over glitch’s bullshit that ate at me for years only to get DPS bullshit

well con-grat-u-fucking-lations, you fake-ass DPS fucks just proved that the human race is a fucking irredeemable plague, and I can’t trust anyone anymore. I’ve already trusted too much and I always get fucking hurt from it

I hope you assholes are fucking happy

I’m once more hurt beyond fucking belief because no matter what I do it seems like I will never have a group of friends or a community who cares. I’ll never be able to experience the large-group fun that I’ve been dying to have for too damn long. if this means that I get to be alone for the rest of my life, then fine. I’m done here, and I’m done trying to make friends

I’m done letting people shit all over me and calling it friendship

so, straight up don’t talk to me ever again. I’ll remember your fucking bitch faces until the day I die and you can bet your backstabbing ass that I will never. fucking. forgive. you.

Hunters Life {23}

Dean x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Little Yelling

Words: 3,686

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18, Part 19, Part 20, Part 21, Part 22

Sam and Emilie get to meet Cas! Enjoy Guys!

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Scripted Swap, 8

In the world of ghosts and shadows, Mike discovers secrets best left lost for the guard that belongs. His confidence shaken and doubt creeping in, could his wild plan to ‘set things right’ only set up the motions that will bring about his downfall?

Based on a modified form of the Reborniverse and It’s All Scripted AUs created and expanded on by rebornica and mysticbaconslice.

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