crap phone camera


Just a quick glimpse at some loot I got from Anime Central (ACen) 2017.  It feels good to be in the working world sometimes. o wo

I… honestly forget the name of the person who made the Kanna/Saikawa doublesided keychain, but it’s adorable.  Also, 90′s nostalgia.

If the picture quality is crap, my phone camera can be more than a little weird.  It’s tough to get good quality images most of the time upon closer inspection.


San Diego, CA – June 21, 2015

The sun is red. It can’t be seen clearly with this crap of a phone camera but it is dark pink almost red. There has been a wild fire somewhere in this area for over two days and the sky still has this much of smoke. 

It’s beautiful and horrible at the same time. When is this summer ending? I miss the rain.

Over the last few nights I’ve been feeling a bit physically fragile with pain flare ups and PMS. At my suggestion at first, and then Roger’s, we spent several hours going through my boxes of photographs. 

They start off with family visits, all lined up outside castles and at museums, football grounds, steam trains. Day trips with friends, cafes and parks, being silly with friends. Then landscapes, landmarks and visiting friends who have moved away. Then they get more domestic, indoor and everyday scenes. The final section take a turn for the more inventive, Polaroids and Pentax pictures. 

The digital photo interlude lasted from late teens to early twenties before those cameras broke and I returned to film. Now I’ve stopped getting prints, taking crap phone camera pictures and 35mm film on the SLR which are cheaper just to develop then scan. Some time I’ll make the effort to get prints made of some of the good pictures from recent times, they are nice things to have.


Pumpkin time!! I’m always too excited to carve pumpkins >:0

Here are some of my past pumpkins (photos taken with crap phone cameras, I apologize), newest at the top. There are captions!

I just want to share some tips… The key to carving the 3-toned designs is to thin out the front wall of the pumpkin before you cut anything (I use an ice cream scoop!). Cut the small, delicate holes first and the big pieces last. Then use a paring knife to remove only the skin layer to create the midtone. I expect all of you to carve a pumpkin. Go on.