crap pen drawings


Kurama + Hiei chibi phone doodles ☆⌒(ゝ。∂) (I spent too much time on these lmao)

You better get up while you can.

I caught myself looking at that picture of young Tom Hardy again because I have a fucking problem and then realised, oh, I’ve been looking for a reference picture for Billy Prior for literal years. Et voila! It’s so nice to just draw for the sake of drawing again. Even if I am incredibly lazy when it comes to clothes (I took one look at the regimental badge for the Manchesters and thought “nah”). Apologies for bullshit photo but I’ve lost my camera and its charger so phonecam it is.

(My image of Prior is actually a lot less good looking than this. My Prior is small, thin, mousey-blond, dark-eyed, and ridiculously sexy based on pure force of personality. But sometimes you gotta draw for the sake of the wankbank.)


Here’s my random DnD versions of @tiffotcf and @frenchcirce respectively. Q^Q I wish I had better backgrounds fpr them though but I came up empty. Thank you guys for being cool about me drawing you! :D it was fun!

Happy holidays, everybody! This is a drawing for @fantrollcharity‘s Secret Santa event - I was @ask-dawnblanc Santa, so here’s a drawing of their fantrolls Selena and Brifet! 

I did some guess work on the colors of their clothes and designs, like Brifet’s scarf and fingerless gloves, and Selena’s skirt. Hopefully I managed to come close! (I’m sorry for any mistakes, I can try to fix it at a later time OTL). Hope you enjoy it, nonetheless! 

When your game of Tome Stackers doesn’t go exactly as planned.

A Pawn of Fate will return soon!

Hello! Happy New Year to everyone! What better way to start off the new year than to show some love to the people who are amazing! I’ve had good times thanks to these hard working people. I have stalked many of your blogs I am not sorry. I will continue to reblog your selcas and call you pretty. I will read your fanfics and praise your arts.

Mutuals: I don’t know why you bother to follow me but I love you all. You are all very nice people. Thanks for cheering me up when I feel a little down and sorry for all the spam you get when I’m stalking your blog.

Special thanks to: jaddasroots jinkee-bells minho-doe tokkipup keycifer keygasmic keymotions happyshawol rosesareredlike diamondacequeen @foreverdreamingstar


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I’m probably forgetting someone but seriously thank you all so much. You’ve all made me very happy to be a part of this fandom. 2015 is going to be a big year for SHINee and for all of us, so lets have a wonderful year together.