crap omg


I booted up the new update, and the Zapfish was gone! I’ve literally fought the final boss twice, then closed Splatoon 2 and reopened it. It didn’t show back up!

It’s gone. The Zapfish is gone! And it’s not flying around in the sky either!!! This can’t be a bug. If it is, I’m gonna be PISSED. But if it isn’t…what could it mean? (I’m REALLY hoping Hero Mode 2!!!)

I haven’t noticed any other changes to the square itself and no change at all in Hero Mode. But I’m lookin’ around like a hawk right now for any hints I can find.


Such beauty, such grace………. *sigh*



  • cassie, ready to say her first word: c...
  • elena, trying to guess: cassie?
  • sully: carrot?
  • sam: cash?
  • cassie: crap.
  • nate, brushing a tear away: always knew she is my daughter.

You are the One, Noctis.
The Stars shine for
you now. That which is
yours by right
shall be restored to you.

Dead cold hands.