crap is that an axe


(M!A where Daisy is her opposite for 24 hours)

Gary coughed, waving his hand through the air. Crap, he’d used too much Axe body spray. He hoped Coulson didn’t get an allergic reaction. He knew the man broke out if he was exposed to too much Axe body spray.

“I thought the whole #axelmania thing was crap, with him claiming to still be in the Royal Rumble and the dumb axe-chop thing. Then I saw him cut his promo on Smackdown and, I’ll be damned, I’m on the #axelmania bandwagon too. Showing up on the ‘tron with the bad green screen behind him gave me a flashback to the old school days, and now I’m hoping they don’t drop him in favor of Cena for ‘Mania, bruther.”