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Hi, big fan here, I would buy a thousand copies if you made a comic book, but I just wanted to ask (and you've probably already said I just can't find it anywhere) but what program do you use?? I've been trying to makes comic strips but the program I'm using right now, is pretty crap. (ps. I use all your drawings for reference points, I love your style)

aww thank you that really means a lot to me  ^ U ^   I use Paint tool sai
it’s a really simple basic program with no extra stuff, really easy <3

Moving Out and Getting an Apartment, Part 2: Finding the Damn Apartment

Don’t even bother reading this post unless you’ve read the first one on preparing to move out. This is for those brave folks who faced your bank account and came out victorious. The rest of you need to step up your game or get the fuck out.

Step 1. Budget that Shit

Before you can do anything with an apartment, you need to figure out what you can afford. If you’re piss-poor, you’re going to be looking at shitty places. But at least you’ll know and can start with the shitty places instead of raising that bar too high and then having to rip out your heart when you can’t afford them. If you’re going to have a roommate, make sure to make a budget together, that way you know ahead of time if they’re a total deadbeat who will abandon you with most of the rent. Finding a good roommate is this whole other issue that I won’t even go into right now.

What you need to do is make a list of all your monthly costs, not even the stuff you’re going to start paying, but whatever you pay for right now. Gas, car insurance, health insurance (for the truly wealthy and privileged), phone bills, and whatever other shit you spend your money on. You might want to adjust your spending and stop buying so much crap. Remember, you need to pack and move that crap later. You’re not going to be so excited about your extensive Yu-Gi-Oh collection when that time comes. Now add in your estimated utilities. You can fucking google that on your own, because it’s going to be different for wherever you want to live. Absolutely do this if you plan on moving to a different town or state. If you plan on moving to Chicago, LA, or New York, I hope you’re a goddamned heiress otherwise you’re going to be living in a shelter three months from now.

I think this part is a little ridiculous, but this is how property managers are going to figure out whether or not you’re as rich as you say you are: divide your total monthly income by three. Hey, look at that, it’s my good friend Math again. Funny how he keeps showing up. Make sure the number of your expenses is less than the other 2/3rds, if it is, you can continue. If it’s not, get the fuck out of here.

Okay, now take another hundred or three out of that for play money or emergencies or whatever. This final low low number is what you can afford to spend on rent. If you see this number and think “I’m fucked,” you probably are and you should just stay in your parent’s basement for another couple of years.

Step 2. Stay Within the Budget

I’m so fucking annoyed that I have to put this step in here at all for all you shitheads who look at all these fancy-ass places and get turned down. You just figured out your MAXIMUM rent. Don’t go above that.

Go somewhere like and before you do anything else, put your maximum into the maximum rent range. This shouldn’t be that hard. I’m sure even you can manage it.

Step 3. Know What You Want

Okay, once you know all your limitations, you can pretend you’re the boss and focus on what you want. But here’s the shitty part: you’re probably going to have to compromise. Yeah, it’s nice to have a washer/dryer set in the apartment (especially if it’s included already, but that’s a damn fantasy), but you might need to settle for a laundromat nearby. If you’re rooming with someone, ask yourself, is this selfish bitch going to hog the bathroom for two hours every morning when you need to get ready? If so, maybe try to find somewhere with two bathrooms. Also, be prepared to fight over the bigger bedroom. Go in prepared for battle (and maybe be willing to pay a tiny bit over half if you get the bigger one, unless you’re a complete asshole). If you absolutely need your pet with you, narrow your search to pet-friendly places BEFORE you get kicked out of somewhere because your little pomeranian barks too much and gives you away. If you own a great dane or anything larger than a fucking breadbox, I am so so sorry. This search is going to be hell for you.

Okay. Go ahead and put all of that shit into an apartment search engine. is probably the least sketchy, but hey, maybe you’re looking for a place to house your meth lab and sketchy works for you. I don’t ask questions.

Step 4. Do Some Fucking Research

You’re going to live in this place. You’re going to be so poor you’re going to spend most of your time in this apartment, so you better fucking love it. Look at all the floor plans once you find places in your price range. Actually think about what’s on it. Will your oven and fridge open into each other? Do you need a hall closet to split up your enormous hoarder-like shoe collection? How big are the bedrooms? Is your bathroom basically one of those horrific bathroom stalls in stores where you have to stand on the toilet just to close the door? You’re not going to put up with that kind of shit every goddamned day for the next year.

Look at some maps of the area. Is the nearest grocery store two towns away? Is it near your work, or are you going to have to get up an extra hour earlier to avoid rush hour? Do yourself a favor and make a custom google map. Yeah, google has everything. It’s going to save your life someday. Probably in the form of some sentient, unforgiving android, but for today, we’ll stick to maps. Put all your potential apartments on there and put your work on there and whatever other terrible places you visit daily. If you have a roommate, share the map so they can see how selfish you’ve been by making sure your commute is short and theirs is two hours.

You should also check out the maps on so you know if you’re living next door to a sex offender or something. This is good for the meth lab owners, too, because you don’t want to move in next to someone who got caught for that kind of shit. You don’t need to deal with that kind of competition.

If you’re really dedicated, and I hope to God you are, you can google the hell out of that shit. Find out everything you can about this apartment you’ve found. Wikisearch the town, read reviews on yelp, figure out which pizza places deliver past midnight. 

Step 5. Narrow Down Your Choices

Focus on your top 10. Then your top 5. Then your top 3. Don’t go any farther than that (and don’t get rid of the research for the other 7 just yet). Create crazy complicated rating systems. Make an excel sheet or start putting stuff on your wall and connecting them with strings. Go full-on serial killer. Dedicate yourself.

Step 6. Visit

Don’t try to move in somewhere you’ve never even fucking seen. If you do, you deserve all the secret horrors that await you. Call or email the managers and try to pick a day to visit when they’re available. You don’t want to show up somewhere and find out they just sold their last place or they’re closed or something.

When you do visit, take pictures. Take enough pictures that you could use them to potentially break into the place in the future. But don’t actually do that unless you’re prepared to go to jail for it. But do take pictures, even of things you don’t think are important. Take pictures of the ceiling so you know if there’s any overhead light to illuminate all your past mistakes at 3 AM when you’re sitting on the kitchen floor eating a tube of cookie dough. You should also make note of how big the room is so you know if you can even fit what little you own. The same goes for the hallways or stairs or whatever exists outside the apartment on the way from your car. Could you get your mattress through all that shit?

You should ask millions of questions, by the way. I don’t care if you hate talking to people, you need to get over that and talk to this person. and My First Apartment both have lists of questions to ask. Or just google it like you do everything else. 

Step 7. Get the Goddamn Apartment

When you figure out what you want and have gone through all the previous steps, you can work on getting the apartment. Call the leasing office and let them know what you want. When you actually show up, pretend you’re showing up for a fucking job interview. Let them know that you’re the best goddamn tenant they could hope for and you’re the picture of perfection, even though we both know you’re a total fuckup. Don’t let the landlord know that yet. If you ace this secret interview, the office will ask for a security deposit. Better have that money ready! This is one of those rare times in your life that someone might require a physical check. We have a post on that if you’re one of those ignorant fucks who can’t write a check. Then they’re going to run a credit check and you better know that shit ahead of time and be prepared to defend yourself if necessary. After a few days, the manager will give you a call with either great news or to laugh at you because you done fucked up. This is either the end of your search or the beginning of a new one. Either way, we’re done here.

This is by no means a complete guide, so if you have any specific questions, please let us know and I’ll do my best to answer them for you.

“Inexorably Drawn to You” or 3 things that strike me in the TFA novelisation - from a romance writer’s perspective.

Hey guys.

You know me. or maybe you don’t. I am Ellie, I’m a writer (fanfic, unpublished but eh…I’ve been doing this since I was fourteen, which is over ten years at this point - I am getting very old). And as you should know, I am first and foremost writing romance stories. 

In all my writing years, I’ve written countless romances, meet-cutes with super-fast infatuations, slow burns, friendship leading to interest, leading to sexy times, whathaveyou. I’ve also written enemies to lovers, a whole fucking lot

So I know a little bit about how to drop little hints very early on in the story that the animosity between the two people we are watching hate each other fervently are not going to do so forever.

If you work under that premise, you find multiple ways of establishing the fact that there is something simmering beneath all the hate and rivalry you’re exploring in the first act of your story. 

note: [usually a 3-acter in these circumstances: act 1: establish connection, fester some reciprocated loathing // act 2: turn the tables, things are changing, our heroes discover different sides to each other, maybe spend a long time reliant on each other and mostly alone (GO SEE the movie LEAP YEAR FUCKING HELL, go do it! It’s a prime example of enemies to lovers if I’ve ever seen one) // act 3: they own up to their feelings for each other, we get a kiss or a day or two of fluffy shit and then something happens that threatens to tear them apart again, something to overcome before they get their HEA]

So, this past weekend I’ve been in London (sitting at a Costa in St.Pancrass right now hehe) and went to Forbidden Planet to buy some Star Wars crap and instead read the Reylo-bits in the TFA novelisation by the shelf like a word-thief and I noticed 3 (three, THREE) literary tricks used in those scenes which I would have used just the same had that been my enemies-to-lovers-act-1-writing.

1. “This gives me no pleasure” - And all it entails.

Disclaimer: There is a part in this argument that many, many, many people on here will hate and will want to misconstrue, misunderstand and burn my house down for it. You will know it when it comes on and I implore you to PLEASE read my words of explanation and keep your pitchforks holstered, thank you.

Throughout all of Rey’s and Kylo’s interactions, Kylo doesn’t tire of saying how he does not want or wish to hurt Rey and that he wants her to comply so he won’t have to. He says “I will go as easily as I can” and “This gives me no pleasure” before he mind-probes her. 

If I was writing their scenes as a first act to what would later become an enemies-t-lovers-romance, I would lay the groundwork establishing a way back for both the characters in their being shitty assholes to each other. So we can all back paddle together later and understand why these carnal enemies are suddenly locking lips.

In more traditional stories you would give both enemies a reason to be shitty (example: “You’ve got mail” - this asshole corporation-greedbag is forcing my wonderfully lovely little bookshop off the market, I will be a colossal dick to him” while, and this is important, maintaining some boundaries, like: “I will be an ass to him but I won’t push him into oncoming traffic or, more realistically, here is the guy who I hate because he is destroying my livelihood but he’s having a really shitty day so I’m gonna lay off of him, because I’m not that much of a monster.

In terms of Reylo, this is Kylo, rehashing time and time again that he does not want to hurt her. That is something I, as a writer, would call to later. That this man never had any fun hurting this woman. That is the foundation on which the second act will be built on.

AND there is another hint pointing in that direction (the direction being: we need way back for Kylo, a reason why he can be forgiven) and that’s the frequent repetition of how Rey is hurting while he rummages through her brain.

I am not kidding here; every single time it’s mentioned that Rey is hurting from that its in some version of this:

“Rey strained under the pain OF RESISTING HIM”



This is the dangerous ground I talked about in the disclaimer and I’m sure you can already see why. Because this reads, if you look at it with tumblr’s eyes, like duper obvious victim-blaming. 

“Rey was only in pain because she tried to fight it.”

Which is horrible, obviously, a terrible concept and a terrible thing to say: You only hurt because you were trying to fight it, had you let it happen, it wouldn’t have hurt. 

This, in the context of sexual violence, is fucking terrible and should not be a message communicated in a movie like Star Wars. 

BUT if we take off the tumblr goggles, and especially the ones that ant*s like to don when looking at Reylo and desexualise their interactions connected to the mind-probing, we will have to look at the intention behind those sentences and how they play together with the “I don’t want to hurt you”-postulations.

Because it’s just another way of showing: Kylo does not want to hurt her, truly and he wouldn’t if it was just him. Had Rey been placid, she wouldn’t have been in pain, had she let him get the information willingly, she wouldn’t have suffered. The pain derived from trying to lock him out of her head - Rey hurt herself trying to shut him out. 

PLEASE LOOK AT THIS SENTENCE OUTSIDE OF A SEXUAL/SEXUALLY VIOLENT CONTEXT! It is a form of violence but it is not sexual - or at least, I don’t think it was intended to be perceived or received as sexual. This might have happened and that might as well be another horrible thing - with coded sexual violence as a plot-device yadda yadda, that’s another post.

It comes out the same. 

Kylo did not want to hurt her, this is evidenced in both his words and actions and very, very deliberately written to reflect that.

2. “There is…something” - A lot of it.

This is a short point, because it’s very obvious. 

From memory, I can account at least three instances in their shared scenes where one or the other remarked about something ‘special’ about either the other person (Kylo about Rey) or the connection they seem to have (Rey & Kylo).

This is another thing I would do to establish that whatever is going on between our hateful heroes is going somewhere…what can I say…special.

3. “Drawn to – you” - aka Club-you-over-the-head-obvious

“…she felt herself inexorably drawn to– to–

‘You,’ she said. ‘You’re afraid that you will never be as strong as Darth Vader.’”

This is a direct quote from the book. Let’s look at it again, shall we?

“…she felt herself inexorably drawn to– to–

‘You,’ she said. ‘You’re afraid that you will never be as strong as Darth Vader.’”

And now read this and realise what part of the two sentences sticks with you. I’m pretty sure you will find it’s this:

Inexorably drawn to you


This is deliberate. Do you know why? Because the ‘you’ is purposefully added right after the ‘to–’ so it serves as a completion of the unfinished sentence and then is set apart by the rest of the sentence by the interjection of ‘she said’. 

Had this not been intentional, the scene could or should have read:

“…she felt herself inexorably drawn to– to–

“You are afraid that you will never be as strong as Darth Vader,” she said.”

This would illustrate that she has been drawn to this piece of information just fine and it would have disrupted the previously started sentence like only a new piece of information can disrupt a train of thought. 

But the way it is written, it is not a disruption of a thought, it’s its completion. It’s a ploy. It’s foreshadowing. It’s a hint.

It’s exactly what I would do if I was writing this and that’s because I’ve seen it done a million times. It’s because I then went on to use it myself.

It’s why I was standing by the book shelf at Forbidden Planet and made a face at that damn book because FUCK YOU. I see what you are doing, I see what is happening, I see the groundwork you’re laying there.

No matter what will happen with Kylo and Rey, no matter what plans are final, their scenes in the novel and thus in the original script are setting up an enemies-to-lovers or at least keeping the door for it wide open and there’s nothing anyone can do about it, because it’s already been done.

It’s already in motion. Do with this what you will.

I know everyone is saying how “ they” are trying to splinter the fandom and they want to get rid of us larries. I think that is correct but as long as I think Harry and Louis need our support then I won’t leave no matter what horrible things they do. Right now they still trying to make it so people think Harry is above the other boys and particularly Louis with his horrible situation but I know Harry and Louis love each other and their boys and I just won’t buy into their crap. Our boys love each other and all we have to do is listen to them. H said they all talk a lot and they support each other in their solo efforts. I believe him not Simon or Sony or whoever is in charge now

I See Wings Pt. 1

@oswinsoufflegirlie request: What about a supernatural fic where humans can only see an angels wings if they are that angels soulmate? Hope this fits! Sorry for the long wait, but I wanted to take some time on this one. I’m splitting it into two parts so I don’t make it too long.

Summary: You ask Castiel about soulmates and discover some interesting news.

Setting: Motel room, season 6-7ish (?)

Age: Whatever you feel like works pretty much. I did it around 16-19

Warnings: None

Tags: @the-third-winchester-warrior @winchesters-favorite-girl @fantasticburninglakes @oswinsoufflegirlie @ally-miller16 @haleyhay96

You walk down the dusty street away from the roadside motel, hands in your jean pockets, reflecting on all Castiel had told you. The moon beams down as you’re left alone with your thoughts. Stars glitter gently on the dark sky. The case you and your brothers were working had dealt with some crazed teenage witches. You shudder at remembering; you could taste tuna in your mouth from when they turned you into a cat. Those girls had been obsessed with finding their ‘soulmate’. But, when finding your soulmate turns into a near cannibalistic adventure of doom, it’s time to stop…two angels, three victims, four mutilated cow corpses, a close shave with a guillotine, and a desperate prayer to Cas later, the situation had gotten under control. Sam and Dean thought the whole soulmate thing was a whole truckload of crap, but something inside you had doubts. You think back to about ten minutes ago…
“Cas?” Sam and Dean were grabbing food and supplies, so it was now or never.
“Yes, Y/N?”
You bite your lip, hesitant to ask. “Do you know if…I mean, are there really-”
“Soulmates?” Cas finishes. He tilts his head while looking at you. “That is what you’re asking about, right?”
You nod. “I kinda don’t want Sam and Dean to know I did. They don’t exactly buy into this stuff, so can they…not know I asked?”
“You fear your adopted brothers will think of you differently.”
Your mouth twitches into a petite smile while you roll your eyes. “Stupid, I know, but I want to find out…I can’t believe I’m even saying this. Do soulmates exist?”
Cas takes a seat on a motel room bed. “Yes.”
You sit across on the adjacent bed. “Really? It wasn’t just some witchy bs those girls were doing?”
“I…am not sure how to respond to that, but yes. Soulmates are real. How you can tell, however, is not a thing of mystical arts. There are clear signs whether or not someone is your soulmate.”
“Okay. So, tell me.” You place your elbows on your knees. “I’m listening.”
Cas knits his eyebrows together in concern. “Is there a specific reason you’re concerned with soulmates? The knowledge behind discovering soulmates can be dangerous, as you witnessed earlier today.”
“It’s not like I’m planning on going crazy like those freaky girls. That’s just messed up.”
“You didn’t answer my question.”
“Neither did you,” you rebuttal.
Cas stares at you. “You Winchesters. Such a stubborn bunch of humans.” He sighs. “Tell me why you’re interested and I’ll tell you about soulmates.”
You blush a little. “My mom, when I was little, she told me about the Greek myth. How people were originally created together and then Zeus split them in two and now people wander the Earth for their other half.” You continue a tad embarrassed. “It was my favorite bedtime story as a child. I wanted to believe…someone was my other half.”
“You are not alone, Y/N,” Cas comforts. “I’m not entirely sure on the truth to that myth. Greek myths are different than other lore , but the idea is correct, more or less.” Cas stands up. “A soulmates usually find each other through the actions of a Cupid. Whether that bond is between two humans depends on the situation.”
“Wait, back up,” you interject. “Soulmates don’t need to be the same species?”
“No, they do not. Humans with werewolves, vampires, shifters, even angels can be soulmates. There are obvious signs for the creature based-”
“Just, let me stop you for a sec. Does that mean you have a soulmate?”
Cas looks uncomfortable. “Perhaps. I do not know what mark they would bear to signify they are mine, but I suppose it is possible.” The angel paused before continuing. “Humans with angels is one of the more rare combinations.”
“Okay. How does one tell?”
“A human’s soul will sometimes radiate a frequency Angels can detect. Other times, souls will look different. In your terms, it would be best described as color.”
“So I could have like a pink or a green soul?”
“No. A soul looking like that would have a completely different problem,” Cas states matter-of-factly.
He doesn’t seem to pick up on your minor disappointment. “I have seen a soul described as radiating infrared or ultraviolet.” He leans over like he was sharing a secret. “The different colors can mean different things.”
“But the most significant indicator of a soulmate comes from the perspective of a human.” Castiel’s eyes began to shine.
You feel a burst of fear pierce your heart. “Cas?”
“It’s all right, Y/N.” His voice radiates through the room. Ringing echoed off the walls. You watch as light filled the space and a dark outline you had seen before appeared.
Angel wings.
You shield your eyes from the brightness. “Okay Cas! You can turn it off now!”
The angel heeds your wish. The room returns to normal. “I gave you consent to see my wings, manifesting them in a form visible to the human eye.” Cas walks over to you. He takes your hands and lifts you from your sitting position on the bedspread. “If a human had an angel for their soulmate, the angel needs not to change their wings for the human to see.”
You take a deep breath, amazed. “Soulmates see wings.”
You’re shocked from this new knowledge. “Wow.”
Cas smiles at you. “Yes. It truly is amazing knowledge.”
To be honest, it was a little much for your brain. “I-I…I need a minute to process this.” You grab your coat, a hamster feeling it’s going to pop out of your chest. “When Sam and Dean get back, tell them I’ve gone for a walk. You run out the door before Cas could protest.
That brings you back to where we started. Nightfall on the dirty road leading away from the safe motel and you, strolling along the side, wrapped up in the thought of this new knowledge.
“Soulmates. Real soulmates,” you think to yourself. You’re so excited. “They’re real. And angels can be soulmates.” You stare up at the twinkling stars. You can’t contain the smile on your face. It bursts with a brilliance matching the moon. “Well, there you go Mom. Real soulmates. You and Dad weren’t just a fairytale after all.”
You hear a familier flutter behind you. You turn around with a sigh. “I just needed a minute to myself Cas.” You stop, immediately reaching for your knife. The angel behind you is not Castiel. You have enough time to register one thing about your attacker before you black out.
I see wings…

(Requested) Preference: BSM, He Buys You Pads


“Niall!” you screamed from the bathroom, growing impatient. “I don’t care if you’re embarrassed. GO BUY ME PADS.” “But (Y/N),” he moaned from outside the door. “Niall do you want me to start crying!” you shouted, your voice shaking. “Because I will start crying!” “Do you want me to cry? Because if I have to walk into a store and buy pads, I’m going to cry too,” your brother pleaded with a slight laugh. At this, you burst out crying and you heard his laughing stop and he jiggled the door handle. When he found it locked, he said quickly, “(Y/N), (Y/N), stop crying, shh sweetie, stop crying. I’ll leave right now. I’m going right now and I’ll get us some food too. Just stop crying princess, everything is going to be okay.”


“Erm…what kind do I- what do I buy again?” your brother stuttered, keeping his eyes averted as you laid on the couch with your hands over your stomach. “Harry. I don’t give a crap, you could buy diapers at this point for all I care. Now go get me pads!” The awkward tension broke and he chuckled, looking down at you, “But I don’t know what brand you want.” “Harry. Go.” He laughed and ruffled your hair running to get his keys and leather jacket, “Rawr someone’s hormonal and feisty. You’re lucky I love you, otherwise I wouldn’t have ordered a pizza too.”

Zayn: “Hey, hey why are you crying?!” your brother ran towards you, cupping your face in his hands. You tried to speak through your tears, “I-I need pads-but-but I know you won’t go out and-get me any!” He raised an eyebrow as you continued to break down until he burst out laughing. At the sound of his laugh, you cried even harder, pushing him back and going to run away but he became serious and grabbed you, pulling you into his chest, “Hey, hey I’m sorry love. I’ll go get you some pads right now okay? And some food and ice cream and movies. And if you promise to calm down, I might just have to insist we have a movie night tonight, okay?”

Liam: You knocked on his door softly and walked in when he said to, your face bright red. “What do you need love?” he asked, looking at you over his laptop. “I need you to go to the shop. I’m out of tampons.” He turned a little red as well and nodded, “Um, all right. All right, I can do this. This is what brother’s are for right? All right. Where do I go?” “Tesco, ASDA, anywhere Liam,” you said, clutching at your stomach. “And make it fast.” “Right,” he grabbed his car keys and sprinted out his room, patting your head and shouting back at you, “If I don’t make it back, I want you to have my laptop.”

Louis: “What? No, no way I’m going to buy tampons,” Louis shrugged you off and watching the game. You jumped in front of him and pleaded, “Louis, it hurts so bad. Otherwise I’d go, so please, please go get me tampons.” He continued to ignore you until you fell at his feet and grabbed his hand, tears starting to run down your face, “Louis. I need some.” He looked a little alarmed at how quickly that had escalated so he jumped to his feet, “All right, all right. I’ll go get you some. But you owe me.”


All these pictures prove is:

1.) Louis has absolutely no idea how to install a car seat. Don’t you think he would have learned BEFORE he actually had to put HIS CHILD in one?
2.)How come the paps stuck around to take these pictures but none of the actual human baby that he supposedly created? (And don’t try to tell me there was a baby in the car seat…I don’t think he would just be tossing it around like that if there were).

2.) It looks like they are parked on front of a building (hospital maybe?) Why go through all of that trouble just to put the car seat in? It’s almost like he wanted to be paped.
3.)He is barefoot in a dirty parking lot (I do not tolerate litter so I notice shit) So he is either drunk or he is ready to get this crap over with and no longer gives a fuck.

For a group that thrives off of social media and is very active on it, none of the other guys have congratulated their friend publicly or have been seen with Louis (cept for Harry).

5 fucking years and people think that the guys would not want to be there with Louis right now? I’m not buying it. Not sure if the baby is real or if it was just a stunt but I AM sure about one thing….this shit is not adding up.

You Fangirling Over The Epilogue Video (BTS)

These are basically my thoughts/actions when I watched the video lol. I was in school when I watched it and like I went from crying to screaming at anyone who tried to touch me. 

-Admin V


You had just started the video and Jin’s face appeared. You immediately paused it and ran to the living room where he sat reading a book. You grabbed his face and brought him to your level and glared at him. “Why do you have to be so beautiful!?” You whined. 

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To this day every time you see the video of Yoongi burning you get tears in your eyes. “I never want you to burn okay?” You said to Yoongi. Yoongi cocks his head to the side, “what?” he glances down at your phone and back to your tear stained face. “Jagi, it’s all fake” He strokes your cheek.

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“Why does the chain length fence maze thingy remind me of Exo’s overdose music video” you chuckle and Jhope laughs at your comment. 

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Rap Monster:

“I think after this video people will stop calling you dance monster because your rap was amazing”  You told Namjoon while waving your phone around. He sat there awkwardly staring at you. 

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“You know I’m gonna do?” You blurt out. “What?” Jimin replies. “I’m gonna buy you a crap ton of striped shirts because you look hot in them” You told him. “If this is about the epilogue then yes buy me all the striped shirts you want” He laughs. 

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you had just watched the epilogue video and you were now stroking Taehyung’s hair. “Never change your hair color” You continue to stroke his head. “Umm ok” He replied awkwardly.  

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“God, why is his voice so amazing?!” You yelled at your laptop screen. “Y/N what’s wrong” Jungkook bursts into your room. “Your voice is what’s wrong” You groan. “I know it’s pretty good right” He smiles confidently. “GOOD?! It’s better than good” You yelled. 

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And okay before I actually get off, let me talk some more about something I loved: the all-kinds-of-awkward (in all the best ways) Hook/Belle brotp. It takes Emma a single “okay hubby” glance for Hook to know exactly what she wants. Emma informs Belle that Hook will protect her, Hook is like WAIT I WILL??…. oh yes… er…. wifey said so so…. eehehehe…. that was one time… okay twice… BUT WE’RE FRANS NOW RIGHT???? /look at me how charming i am i’m really charming like charming who’s my mate crap she isn’t buying this dammit

I loved that he announced he was good at research (we DO know he’s a reader and has a huge vocabulary). I loved that Belle informed him to be careful with her books and he was all, well I do have a hook. I loved that when there was something that might actually be a threat, he wasted no time drawing his sword and running at her side to protect her, no second thoughts, no snark, just ready to do his job. I loved that the entire scene was included for the sole purpose of showing how much he has changed. I loved that he, Mr. I-Never-Apologize, said “sorry” within two seconds of a glance from Emma instructing him he was doing so.

Basically, it was the highlight of the episode.

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Wtf Steven and Pearl look great

Pearl looks like she’s in some creepy trance. Look at those soulless eyes and eerie smile. She would murder everyone if she got the chance!

Steven looks okay if you imagine that his figure was based on how he looks in the Attack The Light game.

Funko are utter trash anyway. They pump out over priced garbage products that all look the same because they know there’s people out there who would do anything to get merchandise of the thing they love.

I’m Funko’s perfect consumer right now, I hate them so much but I want to support Steven Universe so I’m going to buy all their figures. 


Les Miserables Manga: The Not-Scanlation, Chapter 1, part 1

After a cursory Google search revealed that no one else seems to be scanlating it, I decided to take matters into my own unskilled hands and translate Takahiro Arai’s new Les Misérables manga. It’s not an actual scanlation, since I don’t have the graphics program to do so, and anyway lack the patience to tweak things so they fit in the speech bubbles. Instead, I’ve got scans of each page, followed by a translated script, each speech bubble on its own line, occasionally with translator’s notes. If anyone has an idea for a better way to do this, please let me know. Likewise, if anyone has any translation corrections, please let me know. I am very much an amateur at this!

Also, if you have the means, please buy the manga! Support the creators and show your support for an official English translation that will doubtless be better than mine. Plus, the art looks much better in person. ^_^

For those who are manga neophytes, pages are read “backwards” compared to English. This is because the vertical writing is read top-to-bottom, right-to-left (Confusingly, horizontal Japanese writing goes left-to-right nowadays, although it was read right-to-left up until the American Occupation after WWII). Anyway, panels go right-to-left, top-to-bottom, and speech bubbles within each panel follow the same orientation.

This section covers Young Jean Valjean’s life up until his life and that of his family takes a turn for the terrible. In other words, the only happy part of this chapter. More translations of the manga can be found at my master post here.

Rest hiding behind the cut, because ho boy, this is LONG.

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animeadict202 said: Hey Steve and Tony! What is the worst fight you guys have ever had with each other and how did you make up afterwards?

“We used to have pretty bad fights about whose turn it was to wash the dishes, until Steve understood that dishwasher machine doesn’t bite.”

“That’s true. Even though, I still like to do the chores in old fashioned way, like washing the dishes by hand. It calms me down. Tony would just order a cleaning company. We also argue about buying cereal.”

“Steve doesn’t allow me to eat the regular chocolate ones, and I’m stuck with some weird, tasteless, high fiber crap.”

“Hey, I’m buying you those cereals because I care, I don’t want you to be stuck in the toilet for half of your morning–”

“Do we really have to discuss this right now? Like, really, Steve?”

“You’re right, I guess no one wants to listen to that.. But we can show them how we make up afterwards..”

“That I can do.”

Steve: “Hey.. You ate cocoa pebbles for breakfast, didn’t you?”

Tony: “Oops.. busted.”