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I usually don’t post about drama, but if you are attacking pewdiepie right now I want you to watch this video. I agree that his stunt wasn’t cool, but it was taken way out of context. Seriously, if you’re going to go on a rant about this shit, do a little more research than just reading a headline and getting offended. I’m super disappointed in most of the people buying into this crap, because you denounce people for fake news and taking things out of context, but apparently only if it supports your cause. Be critical of everything you see out there.

animeadict202 said: Hey Steve and Tony! What is the worst fight you guys have ever had with each other and how did you make up afterwards?

“We used to have pretty bad fights about whose turn it was to wash the dishes, until Steve understood that dishwasher machine doesn’t bite.”

“That’s true. Even though, I still like to do the chores in old fashioned way, like washing the dishes by hand. It calms me down. Tony would just order a cleaning company. We also argue about buying cereal.”

“Steve doesn’t allow me to eat the regular chocolate ones, and I’m stuck with some weird, tasteless, high fiber crap.”

“Hey, I’m buying you those cereals because I care, I don’t want you to be stuck in the toilet for half of your morning–”

“Do we really have to discuss this right now? Like, really, Steve?”

“You’re right, I guess no one wants to listen to that.. But we can show them how we make up afterwards..”

“That I can do.”

Steve: “Hey.. You ate cocoa pebbles for breakfast, didn’t you?”

Tony: “Oops.. busted.”