crap i draw late at night

Okz, I finished him faster than I expected hehe….and it didn’t take two hours….maybe 45 minutes or whatever. Anyways it still looks like crap cause I can’t draw good what-so-ever….so…yeah. welp…I think I’m going to sleep….it’s way too late for me…and I can hardly keep my eyes open. G’ night peepz.
Goth by: @nekophy

…okay, hear me out. The @bttfminute guys hit on this idea in the podcast last week and said, hey, someone draw that. And my first thought was, Well, it’s gonna have to be someone else because like HELL do I know how to draw giant robots. Then last night I accidentally drew a giant robot. Oops!

The inset picture is totally copied from that one photo of them posing with the DeLorean; it was late and I didn’t give a crap and drawing dogs is hard, sorry.

Enjoy, guys!