crap camera quality

Helloooo~ Here’s Day 3 of Frans Week- an AU!

The AU I chose was Echotale, because it was the AU that originally got me into this fandom in the first place (without it I wouldn’t have met such awesome people and made such good friends- so thank you @yoralim for you’re beautiful art and heart-felt stories!

Sweet baby jesus I’m so behind on Frans Week, I’ll get caught up soon for you guys tho, I promise!

Echotale! Frisk and Echo!G is by @yoralim

Original Gaster!Sans is by Borurou



They’re all so cute and soft~~~  (‘∀’●)♡

The keychains are really cute too, but unfortunately I seem to be missing the one that matches my Maid Ryouta.  =\  The bonus pins and lanyard are also super nice, at least.

All in all though, TOTALLY WORTH IT.  <3

Submas Beauties Make up test # 2

So I tried out a tutorial that I was recommended for the subway masters cosplay this year (only a few days away!!)

Here’s the result

I’m wearing Ingo’s costume since I had the collar sewed on. I’m not going to be him at the con > w <; 

So my right eye has the tutorial make up with silver and blue eyeshadow, my left eye has the angled look I posted last night.

close up on left (silver and ash eyeshadow)

close up of right ( eyeliner on top and bottom. )

I might keep experimenting, but what do you guys think?