crap camera quality


2017 VanCon SNS Jensen Ackles Whipping Post

I really wish we got to see the first time Phil saw Dan’s curly hair back in 2009. Like I bet they fell asleep talking to each other on skype or something and when Dan woke up he saw a pixelated Phil staring at him who softly said, “I had no idea your hair was curly…it’s so pretty.”
And Dan hoped the crap camera quality hid the blush that spread across his face as he nervously tried to make a joke about looking like a hobbit.

Submas Beauties Make up test # 2

So I tried out a tutorial that I was recommended for the subway masters cosplay this year (only a few days away!!)

Here’s the result

I’m wearing Ingo’s costume since I had the collar sewed on. I’m not going to be him at the con > w <; 

So my right eye has the tutorial make up with silver and blue eyeshadow, my left eye has the angled look I posted last night.

close up on left (silver and ash eyeshadow)

close up of right ( eyeliner on top and bottom. )

I might keep experimenting, but what do you guys think?