I’m at the Ironstylus stream, I asked him to see my PP Braum skin, he and MiniWhiteRabbit loved it and thought it was adorable and he had seen my wokr before and he liked my art, im so happy my hands are trembling im almost crying shit

“I once saw someone look at a painting and say, oh, that’s really sad. I was confused and I asked her why. She looked up at me and said it was raining, in the painting, and that’s really sad. I looked back at her and nodded, but inside I was screaming. I wanted to tell her, I wanted to yell that rain isn’t sad. Rain brings growth. But I didn’t because she wouldn’t understand it yet. I knew that one day she’d be looking down from above the clouds (at all the other struggling flowers) and she’d be thankful for the rain. And then she’d know that the painting wasn’t really sad at all. It was a painting of hope.”

btw i drew somewhat of an fusion for Braum and Graves, lmao!

Now i thinking on more fusions like Rumble and Ziggs, or DIana and Leona