cranky old guy

Take it an shove it, Dave.

Super boring pose, I realize, but my first real shot at Manga Studio. I appreciate the fact that the ability to create vectors is actually as easy as using the line tool in Photoshop. %D And you can switch between rasters and vectors!

This took me what, an hour, hour and a half. And part of that time was spent kinda farting around trying to figure out what the hell I was doing. Not bad! There’s some boo-boos here and there but overall I’m pretty pleased thus far.

my brother was telling me that at his work they have one of those automatic pool cleaners that crawl around on the bottom and the walls and what not and all the lifeguards affectionately call him skippy
but apparently skippy is possessed by ungodly spirits because it was my brother’s turn to turn him off and clean him out and after he did the head guard found him crawling around on the side and yelled at my bro for not turning him off but he swore to god he did
and the head guard, this old cranky spanish guy, just warily narrowed his eyes at the thing and muttered “…skippy hungers”