And here’s the newest addition to The City!  Technically this will be the first panel (I think) looking down into the City before you enter it.  This one took forever to get right.  There are about 3 or 4 iterations that I did before I got this result.  I’ll post those sometime too.  

Here’s the poem that will probably accompany this piece:

The spheres are always falling in and out

of various alignments.

They are constantly aligned, if not

with our eyes, then with

the profounder certainties.

The world turns.  The earth

claws up around our feet

and pulls us into history

if we will only pause a moment.

The mountains and seas and great

plains are pivoting constructs of time

and motion and vision.

This is not a place,

not an instant, not an exhibit

in our own unreliable museums.

It is a changing, a shifting, an

expanding and contracting and inverting.

A turning.

This is an uncertain place,

a place that becomes certain only

in our delirium and navigation

seems impossible.  But I have loved

enough girls to know

the shortest distance between this place

and another

is the route you take.

There are only straight lines

connecting points through infinite

dimensions which we know

by the single name

of motion.


….or so it will go.  This, my friends, is a sample page from what I am temporarily calling “The City”.  It will be an interactive environment made of drawings by my good friend Mima and I.  You’ll be able to walk about this grungy, mysterious place and interact with it in a limited way.  For example, here you’ll be able to click on the door, and enter The Grindhouse, or click on the note on the door and read it.  Want to know what makes it even more awesome?  My other ten-four good buddy, Robbie, will be providing beautiful poems and snippets of writing to intertwine with the drawings and provide somewhat of a narration for the whole place.  Some of the scenery will be inspired by preexisting bodies of work, such as the series of poems called “Selections from the Grindhouse”. 

Here’s the piece that will probably accompany this scene (and may even be voiced over, for additional tantalizing effect):

Welcome to the Grindhouse

Welcome to the Grind. Come drink with us.
We are the beneficiary trust
of you, our customers, of all mankind:
many voices, many hungers, in a single mind.
We are the drinkers of stardust.

We hope that you will find
what you are looking for.
We’ve taken great pains,
great losses and great gains
to bring you this collection.
We hope that it will leave you poorer.

We are the beneficiary trust
of all your wages. Do not grudge us
the child’s inheritance, the passing of cups,
the transfer of your blood unto our blood
from generation to generation.
                  -We are the drinkers of stardust.


I can’t tell you how excited I am to work on this.  Not in polite company, anyway. 

what am I ever on about?

Oh and…..this is the start of a new era! An era of posting things! I’m working on this whole thing new called personal responsibility and discipline.  It’s kinda cool, though personally I’m dubious.  Anyway, this means that I will be levelling up my drawing skills again and doing 1 + practice drawing every day and posting it here! Also there will be project updates.

Stay tuned, it’s gonna be weird.