okay so THIS IS NOT FINISHED YET! But I feel like I’m missing a bit of story telling in this animation. I’m very tired and uninspired and I can’t think of anything to add to make it very clear what they are doing before I start doing the backgrounds and shading, suggestions are welcome!

Also, if it isn’t clear what’s going on in this animation please tell me and try to add what pieces of information you’re missing..

Also also, please keep in mind that I’ll be adding an intro where Robin and Jack can be heard making fun of Ethan for not getting the game, that should add a bit more info right there..

Also also also, maybe I’m overthinking this and maybe I’m adding too much information, but right now I can’t tell xD SO BLEASE LET ME KNOW

Important! Let’s help Tyler!

Tyler is looking to accomplish his mom’s bucket list.

Watch video here: https://youtu.be/Iug57dXNoJQ

He recently made a video explaining that his mom was just diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that is highly aggressive. All he wants to do is help complete her bucket list and spend as much time as he possibly can with her. He asks that we just share this video to help make that happen

If you don’t know, Tyler is also someone who is all about spreading love and positivity. He uses his phrase SmileAlways to do so much like we have done with PMA.

As a community we can help Tyler accomplish this. Please spread his video out as much as you can or reblog this. Anything to help this man out. He is so deserving of being able to do this for his mom and I know as a community we can do that.


Sorry the tags aren’t completely in line with the subject matter but this is important as he is a friend of Mark, Seán, and Ethan.

There is a charity live stream that will be happening at @markiplier Youtube channel on December 1st, 10AM PST (Pacific Daylight Time). All merchandise that will be sold at the live stream will all proceed to “Stand Up To Cancer”!

Spread the word around and donate some money if you can!