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Can I get a few head cannons for jareds daughter dating Shawn mendes? Love your imagines!

Every time she’s in the car with her dad, he has to deal with her plugging her phone in and cranking up the volume to listen to Shawn’s songs over and over again like she used to do with his.

She invites Shawn over to her place to show him the studio to try and impress him, he pretends to be amazed at it to make her happy even though he’s seen them all over.

Jared can hear them from the backyard sitting around the fire, Shawn singing to her acoustically, as much as he’s jealous of them spending time together he doesn’t interrupt because he knows she could be dating an actual bad kid like he used to be.

Shawn invites her backstage to his shows but she tells him for once she’d like to experience it from the crowd and fall in love with him and his songs all over again. He searches for her as he sings and always makes sure to wink at her and throw his guitar pick in her direction.

When they get mad at each other she goes back and forth wanting to listen to stitches because it’s a good coping song and shutting it off not wanting to hear him. Until her dad comes in and shuts it off and sings for her to make her feel better, as he did when she was very little.

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"All I do is win" softly playing in the background...

don’t be weak you crank that bad boy up right now 👆


bitch me too the fuck

so how old is this geeksandmisandry person because they’re really getting on my nerves being the kind of asshole I really have no patience for. my pms is cranked up to max meaning my patience is at 0, and I am 100% not here for people who think they’re better than others for who they fan.

we’ll just recycle this changing it to another female artist… acting like it isn’t misogyny that is motivating us. bc you sure as hell wouldn’t say “oh your [male actor] fan? that explains it”. I’ve never seen a single feminist do that. 


examine your feminism because the reason you all attack female artists isn’t because only female artists fuck up

brooklyn nine nine is really good to us when it comes to friendships, because every character has such unique friendships and bonding scenes with the others but i dont think we talk about rosas and charles friendship enough because damn:

- we start the show with charles being head over heels for rosa, who is clearly not interested

- rosa tells him, very clearly, that she thinks hes sweet and really likes him as a friend but shes not interested in dating him

- it takes charles some time to get over her, but he does!! apologizes for being weird and making her uncomfortable!! and they go on having an incredibly strong and close friendship!!

- at one point charles even takes a bullet for her, which could have led to the whole “just give him a chance” trope but nope b99 doesnt do that bs, they talk it out and they never end up together

- they are so close that charles even helps rosas bf to plan for her birthday because he knows her so well!! she loves it!!

- rosa asks charles to be her bridesmaid because they are so close and she knows charles would love that!! he does!!

- charles plans her the best bachelorette party and rosa absolutely loves it!! she gets so excited she literally lifts charles up from the floor??

- sometimes between working cases they go to have foot massages together?? that was so cute??

- charles helps rosa text her boyfriend?? because shes not that great at pickup lines?? how cute??

- the writers could have easily opted to go with the “less attractive man falls for his way hotter coworker whos not interested but ends up giving him a chance because he is nice (and wont stop pestering her)” trope but instead we got this beautiful beautiful brotp


thank you nine nine

prompt: trc/teen wolf crossover - stiles and derek at one of kavinsky’s substance parties, having the time of their lives under the glow of the neon lights. suggested by @yourlovelyalpha

(aka a perfect excuse for me to attempt blacklight coloring, it was fun, 10/10 would/will do again)

Is it just me or is there something going on here?

First we have @therealjacksepticeye as Anti with his words:

‘s͎̰͈͢͢o̯̪̘̼̙͍̙͖ ̼͙̻͍̕c̳̘̲͕̞̗o̶̫̱̥n̙̝͎͜͟c͚̤͠e͟͏̯r̫ṇ̝͙̀̕͠e͈͚̘̱̤͡d̴͏̗̙̞͙͚̝ ͇̙͞f̧̮̠̥o̲̠̖̗͞ŕ̯̟ ̷̘̱̰y̝͚̞͇̫̮̲o̵̩͈͝u̸̻̺̫̯̩̩̣͈͚r̺̩͢ ̪̰̼͚̙͔͘l̪̝̳͚̺͖̝i̵̦͙̥̩̺̝̖̠̰t̨̹͔̀͘t͖̻̞͈̰̗͈̘̞l̢̜͓͞e̵͉͈̮̣̭͓̪͕͜ ̳̩̻̝̭̪͟͜͞b̝̠̣̜o̫̻̠͎̖̻ͅy̨̼̜̗͍͍͙͔̦ 

p͏̧̹̭̫͠a̭͓̟̦͙̺̝̳͜ỳ̸̬̮̟ ҉̢̹̹a̢̲̪̲͇t̺͓͕̱̦̗͖͜͡ͅt҉̞͖̫̪e̟̗̣̦̲n̡̦͔̼͔͎̱͡t̶̢͖͈̱̯̣͈͍i̴̱̲̬̥̗̰̰̠̺͘͢o͍̱̹̦̟͍̳̼͞n̪̳͈̖̯͇͙͝ ̨̯̺̮͡n̢͓͍̞̞͇͓͎e̬͇̣̞̣͇̝x̸̺̙͈̺̫̜͈͙͡t̴̶̯̣̞ ̹͕̩͙̰̩͘t̢͇̮̯̠͉̤̭̟̪i̶̧̯̲͞m̧̤̤͜͞e̠̥͕̠̯ 


Which leads up to @crankgameplays in his words:

‘I feel strange’

‘There’s something inside that wants to get out’

And last we have @markiplier with his words:

'Oh the places we will go…’

Do you think maybe they might collaborate for something big? We’re already in August and Halloween starts in two months but the horror begins in September. 

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see…


i honestly cant comprehend it when people say that they dont ship Jake and Amy when they are like such literal One True Pairing material like??

- slowburn, mutual pining 

- such a soft naturally developed relationship that went from partnerts at work to partners in life and their dating just made it so much richer

- the “i know youre dating another guy and i dont want to make this awkward but i just had to let you know that i really like you but dont worry i wont bother you about it”

- literal canon fake dating au

- when they start dating they try to hide it from thieir friends work family trope but they literally fail in a day

- the universe seems to tell us this is a bad idea but you know what fuck that noise i wanna be with you

- they literally accidentally kill a man by making out at their 1st official day of being a couple like?? get you an otp who can top that

- “theres no one elses opinion that matters more to me” “he makes me laugh”

- they were friends before they started dating!! and they remained silly competitive friends even after they became a couple!!

- no “now that were dating i suddenly realized you have flaws and i dont want this anymore” drama

- they literally asked for their work dads approval 

- like literally no unnecessary drama they fight a few times but none of it is ever superficial or due to bad communication?

- they literally flirt all the time and have their own silly puns and eyeroll eachother but never make the other feel uncomfortable??

- they support each other and are very attentive to the others interests? they try to become involved in things that the other likes just to make them happy??

- “i know that youre dating someone else but im here for you as a friend and i want to see you happy”


Urban Spell Components

So, as an urban witch, I have a thing for weird spell components. Probably people have done this before, but i’m going to go ahead and throw mine out there. I’m going to try and do several of these.

First things simple, any small object can be enchanted to do anything you want it to. I have been known to grab small objects and just drop an enchantment on them cause i need a magical object right then and it’s what I have at hand. So don’t be afraid to grab anything you want and drop a blessing, curse, glamor, or basically any kind of spell you want on it.

Hell, my most popular post ever on this hellsite out of four blogs is a jinx using pennies. Make of that as you will.


Soda Tabs:

I mean, come on. It’s a tiny piece of metal. All the potential.

But more importantly, it’s a symbol. On the one hand, it represents a seal and on the other it represents a key.

Want to not just lock something up, but make it airtight, completely and utterly closed? Stick a tab in your spell.

Need a charm to open doors to you, to open people to you, to make friends more easily? Soda tab pendant, or in a mojo bag.

Want to release pressure, vent power, or make a magical bomb? What do we know that pops pressurized containers? Soda tabs.

In the more abstract sense, they’re associated with effervescense. Need to be more bubbly, more sparkly, more light and sweet? Work a tab into your spell as a symbol of releasing that into the world.

Want a variation and like the idea of provenance? Get one from a beer can and use it to symbolically relax your inhibitions so you can be more open to people, cut loose easier, and so on.

Bottle Caps

All that shit I just said about tabs? Conceivably, you could use that shit with a bottle cap. But you could also do a number of other shit.

Now, some y'all may notice I used a screw cap rather than a metal cap. That’s reasons.

Bottle caps make great curse anchors, for one simple reason that can be summed up in two words: “screw you.” Eh? Eh? Who doesn’t like a good pun in their magic?

You can use them to close things, true, but you can also use them as a valve. Ever had to open a soda slowly to release the pressure a little at a time? Now imagine using that as a component. Where the tab is a sudden release, the cap can be metered. There’s a host of reason to use it in that capacity.

Need a charm to help control your third eye? Crank it up or close it down with a bottle cap.

Bottle energy by filling a soda bottle with a charged medium and set it to slow release with a cap only partially sealed.

Need a charm like the soda tab to be open and effervescent, but don’t want it always on? Bottle cap.

And, of course, there’s the lovely little spikes on the damn things. Ever step on one? Yeouch.

Press into your palm if you’re doing an evil eye and want to transmit pain. Add to wards as a deterrent. Work it into curses as a literal stumbling point.

Want to take your sympathetic sacrifice to the next level? Stick one in your shoe for a day and use it to charge up an inconvenience or pain curse, or flip the script and use the pain as a sacrifice to pull down good luck, good fortune, or blessings by trading bad now for good later.

(This, as a sidenote, will work with anything uncomfortable in your shoe.)

Ballpoint Pens

Ok, so at the basic, you can write spells and draw sigils with them. Let’s get that out the way to start.

Moving right along, one of the other basic uses is as a stand in for a wand. The pen makes indelible marks, so it can be added into the casting to make a spell more durable.

But the real fun begins when you consider: it can be taken apart.

Want to banish something? Consider how fricken easy it is to lose a pen. Get a piece of paper and write what or who you want gone. Make it small, because the next thing you’re going to do is open the pen up and wrap that paper around the ink tube. Stick the whole thing back together. Let nature take its course, and when the pen is gone, so’s the issue.

(While I won’t tell you not to use this to banish things that can become someone else’s problem, this is best for things and people that you just want out of your life, not problems you want to pass along.)

And that ability to make scrolls has a thousand and one uses!

Make a lucky pen. Make a money pen, so every time you write a check or balance your books, you call money back to you.

Make a wand more potent. Make cheap and effective curse artillery. Curse that shit and set it loose, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Make a homing missile by writing a targeted spell in it and setting it loose to seek an approproiate target.

Make a whole bunch of lucky pens and cut them loose to bless everyone.

Make a pen to help you with your handwriting, spellcraft, and what not.

And that’s not even getting into blessing a pen so the ink can be used to draw temporary tattoos on your skin that have extra potency, or sigils that are primed for charging, or for magical vandalism. (Vandalize at your own risk.)

Go Wild!

So that’s it for this one. I'mm try and sit down and explain more of this shit that i do in the hopes that you fuckers get some use out of it.

Go forth and be magical!

I want an episode where Gabriel tries to Akumatize Marinette.

As in: “on purpose”. He did it to Nino, he did it to Simon, he did it to Santa, he can do it to anyone.

And so Gabriel meets Marinette, this passionate kid who really loves fashion, pastel pink, and banana-haired young models, as she is visiting Adrien, and he decides to ruin her day, because it should be about as easy as stealing jewelry from teenagers candy from a baby.

Gabriel has mastered ‘unpleasant jerk’, practically has a PHD in it. It’s second nature. When you look up 'ass’ in the dictionary, you find his picture next to a stock photo of a donkey. So he tunes it up to 'extreme ass’, aka ‘his normal’, and destroys Marinette’s hopes and dreams by, I don’t know, telling her she has no future in fashion except maybe as a costume designer for underfunded live action superhero shows.

She is devastated.

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