I do have to say that I genuinely admire the success that the fnaf creator has enjoyed. Like all four games have pretty different gameplay ideas while still maintaining the original’s really good usage of tension and player error, he managed to crank out all four of them super fast while still making decently polished products, he had the good sense to definitely say that four is the last one, and he got a sweet movie deal out of it.

I mean, the movie’s being directed by the guy that did monster house and it’s using practical effects. That’s pretty awesome. The guy’s come a long way from making shitty christian edutainment games. 

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Jason: ::nibbling at the last of his nutrigrain bar:: He's been up there a long time... ::The batmobile's canopy finally slides back and Bruce hops in:: Bruce: Sorry, chum. Selina and I were- Jason: Fucking. ::takes out earbuds:: I had this shit cranked to ten and I could hear her trying to fracture your pelvis. Bruce: .... Jason: Take me home. And best believe, Alfred is going to hear about how you left a child alone in an alleyway with NO FOOD while you got your nut off.


“Ohh, man—”

So hot. The air is cloying, he’s somehow too tired to want to move, and it feels like he’s frying under his own coat.

“If I had to guess, I’d say this mega heat wave just ain’t gonna let up.”

17 Things I Learned In My 17 Years

1. Impromptu bedroom dance parties at 1 AM are important, no matter how old you are. Crank up the volume and drown out your thoughts and dance around. Never underestimate the power of music to heal you.
2. Say yes to spontaneous adventures. Always. Even if you’re exhausted. Even if all you want to do is curl up and watch Netflix. Say yes. The best memories are made that way.
3. Realize that at the end of the day, all you have is you. Sure, people will love you even when you don’t love yourself. Sure, they’ll make you feel special and loved, but at the end of it you’ll have to pull yourself out of bed, give yourself a pat on the back, and keep going. No one else will do that for you.
4. Nine times out of ten, boys aren’t worth the stress. Find a group of friends you click with. Focus on that. Find a squad to fall back on when things get heavy. You’ll need that.
5. Friendships aren’t forever. Realize that the girl you met in kindergarten and the boy you shared crayons with won’t always be there. They’re changing. People change. So do you.
6. Prom is overrated. Get some good friends and some junk food instead.
7. Finding your passion will save your life and give you joy when it feels like your world is falling apart. Explore that.
8. High school isn’t all bad. Sure, that won’t stop me from complaining about it on a daily basis and dying in math class, but it has its fair share of good people and good times.
9. Never judge a book by its cover. People might just surprise you.
10. Writing this list is almost as hard as writing an essay or getting through math class.
11. Schoolwork is important, but when it’s 1 AM and you’re crying into your textbook, go to sleep. Your mental health is more important.
12. Invest in a good pair of converse. Wear them everywhere. Cherish every smudge of dirt and every grass stain from all your adventures.
13. Your self-worth isn’t determined by Facebook likes or notes on Tumblr and once you realize that, you’ll be so much happier.
14. Exercise never fails to be a mood booster. So you’ll be a tired, sweaty mess, but a happy one nonetheless.
15. Wallowing in self-pity only makes things worse. Go out and do something! It doesn’t have to be big or exciting. Go to McDonald’s for all I care! Just get out of bed. Take the first step. You’ll thank me later.
16. Learning to love yourself is a tricky road filled with speed bumps and construction and sometimes you’ll have to start back at square one. When you’re up, embrace it. When you’re down, know you’re on the way back up. Ride the waves. Cowabunga? :P
17. Time flies. Don’t take it for granted.

MTMTE 43 Spoilers
  • ???:so uh what are we gonna do with Megatron's holo former?
  • IDW:idk just do "hot silver fox" and crank it to 12/10
  • ???:okay and what about Rodimus? Which shirt/top design should we use?
  • IDW:all of them.

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next idea for hypecon: everyone has to draw their wizardsona...

Good idea
I’ll see what I can crank out, I don’t really have any free time anymore.
The Guy Next Door - Chapter 1 - Karasuno Volleygays (ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor) - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences (may go up, depending on where my imagination takes me the next chapter)
Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Category: M/M
Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Relationship: Akaashi Keiji/Konoha Akinori
Characters: Konoha Akinori, Akaashi Keiji
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Neighbors, Stage Actor Akaashi, Bored Accountant Konoha, Konoha needs a firehose, Masturbation, Nudity
Language: English
Words: 3014
Summary: Konoha Akinori is a simple guy with simple needs.

All he craves out of life is a place to sleep, food to eat, the newest gaming console to hit the market, and to crank one out twice a day to keep himself from punching one of his co-workers in the throat. Oh, and peace and quiet while he’s doing it is always nice.

This is why his new neighbor is an asshole.
Notes:This was the result of a prompt from unsfzpxkable, asking for KonoAka. Of course I would make it filthy, but you know me…


Suppppp, had some cosplay uh-OHs but think I made it out okay… I managed to break my old purple visor on accident trying to make it more round… then I messed up dying a few times… 5th time is the charm I guess!

I haven’t added the red lights in yet, but I’ve built most of my circuit for it, so I’ll probably install that as soon as I get everything plasti-dipped.

Gonna get cranking this weekend!


just so yallz know im tryna crank out a spacedogs fic commission before i leave for new england and when you read it the gates of hell will open up around your laptop and beckon you inside

A few days ago, I released the new chapter of my huge AU fic and I was pretty nervous bc I cranked up the shipping several notches but

Everyone was super receptive??? And positive???? And its like

Yes…..yes…..embrace the ship….. Embrace the raritwi…. so tHAT I MAY RIP YOUR HEARTS OUT AND MAKE YOU CRY AND YOU WON’T EVEN KNOW WTF HAPPENED

Glory and Gore

Losing wasn’t an option in the Metaplex. Every metahuman who had the misfortune to set foot in the damn place knew that. It was the one simple truth under which Bart had lived for the past six months of his life: lose and you die.


“I’m gonna roast you, Twiggy! You hear me?!” A harsh, gravely voice snapped Bart out of his thoughts. A furious man clutched the bars of his cell as Bart was lead through the Crank - a less than pleasant name for the less than pleasant place that housed the low-tier metahumans when they weren’t fighting in the arena. “Just you wait, boy! I’m gonna melt the smirk right off your face! I wanna burn you slow so that you can feel your own brain cooking in your skull!” He growled, spitting at Bart’s feet. The speedster curled his lip and sneered.

“Whatever, baldy. You’re still gonna have to catch me first!” He shot back, sticking his tongue out at the other meta. He’d learned after the first week that it was best to pretend to be fearless. There was no room for weakness in this place.

“You little brat!” The man roared, surging forward and grabbing at Bart through the bars, managing to snatch a handful of his hair and using it to yank him backwards. “That was my friend you killed in that last round!” He seethed, wrapping his arm around Bart’s throat and crushing him against the bars. “I was gonna wait til the arena to waste you, but I think I’m just gonna kill you now, you little maggot!” He shouted as Bart clawed frantically at his burly arms, gasping for air. Then all at once it was over as the guards finally decided to take action, one of them retrieving a remote from his belt and pressing a thumb to the button. Bart felt a sudden surge of electricity rip through his body from the inhibitor collar around his neck. His would-be murderer had apparently been shocked by his own collar too because he immediately dropped Bart, howling in pain and twitching uncontrollably as the electricity attacked his muscles.

“Alright, that’s enough socializin’, ya freaks!” One of the armored guards barked, hauling Bart to his feet and shoving him onward down the hall with the butt of his quarterstaff. The speedster glared at him as he turned his head to see one of the other guards deliver a savage punch to his attacker’s gut, yelling “Stay away from the cell bars, you meta trash!” Bart didn’t exactly feel bad for the guy, but he winced a little in spite of himself. The conditions in the Crank were so bad that some metahumans never even lived to see the arena, which may have been a blessing in and of itself depending on how you thought about it. “What’re you looking at, Stretch? Get a move on already!” The guard behind him growled, prodding Bart again.

“Relax, Robocop. I was just makin’ friends.” Bart panted finally, smirking at the guard.

“Whatever, speedy. You may have won this last round in the arena, but pickin’ fights and gettin’ cocky ain’t gonna do you any favors in the long run. Especially not in the tourney tomorrow.” Bart whipped around.

“Tourney? What tourney?” He demanded. He hadn’t heard anything about a tournament!

“Didn’t anyone tell you?” The guard snickered, clearly taking delight in Bart’s ignorance. “Doubles vs. doubles starting at high noon tomorrow. Every meta in the Crank’s getting paired up with a partner based on their current stats. And you-” The guard paused as he pressed a button on his wrist, bringing up a holodisplay of stats and brackets, “-are in the first round of brackets, which means you and your partner get to open tomorrow. Congratulations.” He grinned snidely.

“But who’s my partner?” Bart asked impatiently, impulsively tugging the guard’s arm toward himself so that he could see the display. Naturally, he was met with a powerful backhand to his face that split his lip and snapped his head sideways.

“Don’t touch me, you little freak!” The guard hissed, jabbing an elbow into the hollow of Bart’s back to get him moving again. Bart glared, but he complied, wiping his bleeding mouth on his already-grubby sleeve. They made the rest of the short trip through the Crank in silence, passing by the cells one by one until they reached the end of block section A. Bart had never been to this block before, but he’d heard of it. The cells here were sturdier, the kind made specifically for metahumans, not like the other blocks in the Crank. The prisoners here were expected to last at least a little longer, and therefore needed higher security measures. So Bart took it as a good sign that he was here. “Number 0023, meet your partner- number 0156.” The guard announced boredly, gesturing from Bart to a cell on their left side. Bart hated when they used his designated number instead of his name, but he was too busy trying to see inside the cell to snap at the guard. It was difficult to see past the walls. They were made of some kind of swirling blue energy. Zero-point energy force-field. Bart noted, stepping closer to the cell door. He could just barely make out a small figure inside. “Quit gawkin’ and move it along! I ain’t got all day.” The guard said, shoving Bart to the side and placing his palm on a bioscanner to open a doorway in the cell directly next to one he’d been trying to see into. “Home sweet home.” He sniggered, pushing Bart inside and closing the doorway behind him. Bart watched in brief fascination as the door disappeared, sliding and melting back into the force-field. “Good luck tomorrow, speedy! You’re gonna need it!” He heard the guard laugh as he walked away. Bart rolled his eyes and took in the small space of the cell. It was basic: a cot, a toilet, and a sink. Nothing to get excited about. “Hey! Can you hear me in there?” He called, knocking tentatively on the section of force-field that he knew acted as the shared wall between their cells. To his surprise, the pulsing energy in the wall rippled and smoothed when he touched it, revealing a clearer view of the cell next to him. “Whoa!” Bart whispered, flinching back for a second in surprise and removing his hand. The force-field wall reverted back to its previously cloudy state. He grinned as he pressed a hand to it again, watching as the energy calmed and smoothed until Bart felt almost as if he were looking through slightly blue-tinted plexiglass. Now he could see the adjacent cell more clearly as well as the occupant inside. It was a girl, perhaps about his age with unusually pale skin and brown hair that fell into her eyes. “Um… Hello?” Bart called again, giving a small wave.



“Group number two. Troy, Icarus, Eli, Eric and Adrian, are you boys ready?” Vera asked.

“Oh yeah, I have my running shoes on,”A drian said triumphantly. “I will win this.”

“Keep dreaming,” Eli shot him a glance. “I was too close to the bottom last week. I need this win.”

“I would like to win,” Eric said. “Bring it on.”

Vera started the treadmill and the first to fall was….Eric. Followed very closely by Eli. “This was a lot faster than I expected,” Eric said.

“Hands on the bars boys, we’ll be cranking up the speed. Icarus, you’re holding up well for someone who lives most of their life in the forest.”

“Well of course,” Icarus said. “You aren’t born looking this good. Well, others aren’t unfortunately-” His voice raised into a screech as he face planted onto the treadmill.

“Being cocky will get you nowhere. Adrian and Troy its neck and neck. OH! You both fell at the exact same time? How is that even possible I hadn’t planned for this, but I will only have three winners. Pull yourself up and keep walking. Next fall loses!”

“Darn it!” Adrian exclaimed as he hit the floor. “I was so close!”

“Wow, both Troy and Zayne will be getting another date with Snowbelle, I’m impressed you guys. Good work. Get ready for the immunity run. I’ll see you in a bit.” Vera waved him off. 

Troy and Adrian fell at the same time. Both got up and continued running until Adrian fell. Troy has won another date with Snowbelle.

also that daily dot article about neopets was OKAY but i’m pissed that i didn’t crank out something like it sooner bc i could have written a great article… maybe i’ll pitch one somewhere else


First Track Intervals

Despite being completely scattered in my training, I’m trying to bring at least a modicum of focus to some intensity with an eye towards a half marathon in October.

To that end I’ve been trying to do at least one running quality workout a week.  The last few weeks have been cruise intervals.  Last week was a 3k (2.6k but who’s counting (clearly not me because I was a lap short)) time trial to get a measure of my current fitness and reset my training paces.

This week I decided to crank up some VO2 max intervals.  The plan was to do 10 minutes warm-up and then 5 or 6 by 800m at 3:08 target with 400m recovery jog.

shufflingalong came with and went for a ride while I ran and then we were going to ride some more together.  As I finished my 4th interval I decided that if she wasn’t back by the time to start my 6th I would do six.  She didn’t make it back :(

They actually went really well.  I hit my target without going too fast (just as bad as going too slow).  The second one was the toughest mentally.  The first one was a breeze and I thought I should be going faster or doing more.  1/4 of the way through the second I was wondering who’s idea this was anyway.

The second graph shows my recovery paces for the 400m jogs.  Clearly I was feeling it more and more.  The last graph shows the HR over the workout along with the paces.  My HR definitely shot up faster with each subsequent interval showing the increasing workload.

We did ride for about an hour on the crushed limestone trail afterwards.  Nothing intense but my legs were fairly shot.

I was completely exhausted afterwards last night.  Those intervals obviously did their job because they took a lot out of me.  It was also like 85 and humid so that didn’t help.