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Genre: smut, some fluff

Pairing: jungkook x reader

Word Count: 3k+

Written By: Admin Percy

A/N: hello, i am officially back enjoy this i spent about two weeks writting this and i also hate tumblr bc it keeps logging me out. ok, im done have fun! again, sorry if i made any mistakes, please tell me if there’s any.

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Enzo Amore, Big Cass, Carmella x Reader - Ride Along WWE

“Dibs on the charger.” Enzo blurts out as soon as his butt is in the backseat. “No… I need it.” Carmella turns around in the passenger seat. “Too bad I called dibs.” Enzo stuck his tonge out at Mella as he leaned forward plugging in his phone. “Kids if you keep fighting we are staying home.” Cass smirked as he cranked the car. You laugh as Enzo and Mella pout. Today you and three of your best friend were filming a Ride Along for the WWE Network. It was a double date edition. “I’ve missed this.” Cass announced as he backed the car out of the parking spot. “Me too… Its been forever since we drove to the next show… Having Mella here is like the old days and now that (Y/N) is here is like a cherry on top.” Enzo gave you a kiss on the cheek. “I feel like an outsider to this dream team.” You laugh. “Nah you’re family girl.” Carmella smirked as she looked over her shoulder at you. “So does anyone have any suggestions on how to make the time go by faster??” Carmella asked as she crossed her legs in the seat. “Truth or dare??” Enzo grinned evily looking to everyone in the car. “This won’t end well…” Cass chuckled. “You first wise guy.” Enzo leaned back in seat. “Hey I can’t play I’m driving.” “Then just do a truth.” Enzo scoffed. “Fine. Truth.” Cass rolled his eyes knowing there was no telling Enzo no. “Hmmm…” Enzo scratched his beard as he thought. “What was your first impression of Carmella…” Enzo wiggled his eye brows. Cass shrugged his shoulders as he changed lanes. “I thought she was teh most beautiful girl I had ever seen.” “AWWW BABE!!” Carmella gushed as she blushed. “Gag.” You and Enzo say in unison before you break out in giggles. “(Y/N) Your turn… Truth or dare.” Cass shot his eyes back at you from the rear view mirror as you calmed your fit of laughter. “Dare.” You smirk confidently. “Okay… Fake drunk text Finn Balor.” Cass smirked as Carmella died laughing. “Seriously?? Saying what??” You shake your head in confusion. “Better yet let Carmella type it out.” Cass got a laugh from Enzo that time. “Babe you’re supposed to be on my side.” You glare at Enzo. “I think it will be hilarious. Do it. You gotta its a dare.” Enzo encouraged. “Ugh fine… If the boyfriend is okay with it I don’t care.” you hand your phone over to Carmella who giggled excitedly. She took her time writing out a long text message. She sent it and handed it back to you. “You cant look at it until he replies.” Cass adds. “Anything else master of dares??” You scoff throwing your phone back in your bag. “Nope.” Cass smiled satisfied. “Fine Carmella truth or dare.” “Truth.” She batted her eyelashes looking back at you. “Other than Cass who do you think is the hottest guy in the industry.” You cross your arms over your chest. Carmella frowns as she thinks. “Hmmm… Maybe Roman… Those eyes are beautiful.” Carmella shrugged. “Gee thanks Mel.” Enzo huffed acting offended. “You’re annoying… I don’t know how (Y/N) puts up with you.” Carmella sasses. “Whatever. I’m twice the man Roman could ever be.” “Okay whatever… Truth or dare.” Carmella rolls her eyes. “Dare duh…” Enzo scoffs. “Put on one of (Y/N)’s bras.” “Fine.” Enzo undid his belt buckle and rummaged through the bags in the very back of the car. You smack his butt as he is leaned over the seat. “HEY!!” Enzo yelps. You and Carmella giggle as Cass just rolls his eyes again. “Found it.” Enzo held your bright pink bra up in the air. “Wave it around for everyone to see why don’t you.” You giggle as Enzo gets to work stripping off his jacket and shirt. He puts his arm through the straps and turns so you can hook it in the back. You pop it against his back and he lets out a yelp. “Ow that hurt.” “Remember that next time you think its funny.” You sass as he turns around. Carmella busts out laughing at the sight of Enzo in a bright pink bra. “Take a picture of that.” Cass laughs as he hands Mella his phone. “Smile.” Enzo makes a duck face and throws up a peace sign. “I’m at cochella!!” He says in a cali girl voice as everyone dyes laughing. The video ends with you four still bursting with laughter as Enzo continues to ham it up for the camera.

BONUS VIDEO: When you four make it to the hotel your phone goes off. “Oh crap I forgot about Finn.” You dig through your purse pulling out your phone. You read the messages and bust out laughing. “What did he say??” Enzo grabbed your phone and read it aloud. "(Y/N) I respect both you and Enzo both professionally and personally. I assume that you are drunk off your ass and I appreciate the offer but I am going to have to say no and suggest that you find Enzo and sleep off the alcohol… Good luck with the hangover.” 

You post a screenshot of the actual text message that Carmella posted on your instagram when the episode airs. 

“Heyyyyyyyy Finn… I am LIVING righ nwo… This paty is LIT…I was wondering ig you ever get some tiem off from looking so SMExY that you would want to help me out with an experihmetn… Is regular you or demon you btter in bed?? Its for science honestly… please let me know somtine soon… lke now possibly… i love you BAElor… get it like bae… yeah…” 

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING… i hope this turned out good… i have been toying with this idea for a while now… please let me know what you think and if i should do some more ride along fics… any and all feedback is welcome… THANKS AGAIN FOR READING


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Pairing: Arenlor “Arie” Aeducan/Leliana
Rating: G
Word count: ~300, drabble written for the Warden day of @dwarfappreciationweek :)

Were she a storyteller, she would describe her with only the most lovely of terms. She’d paint her in all the colors of the surface world: in sparkling river-blues, burning sunset-oranges, and pale, petite petal-pinks. And yet, all that leaves her mouth for now is ‘friend’.

Friend, comrade in arms, a blade at her back and a body by her side.

Friend, who sits with her by the fire; whose long, elegant fingers unwind her hair from the shapeless chestnut lump on the back of her head and braid, brush it into complex shapes the likes of which she hadn’t worn since the exile, just for fun.

Friend, whose soft breaths make fine red hair dance in the darkness of the tents on those long, cold nights- nights when she struggles to fall asleep, and amuses herself with counting the long lashes that hide those pretty pale blues.

Friend, whose pupils swallow all color when she rouses at an errant sound and they exchange whimsical words made of more breath than voice till sunrise.

She has always admired the way language can condense all these meanings, this matrix of emotions and all the relations they have with one another -comrades, sisters-in-arms, women sharing their tents and food and breath with one another- into one word; friend.

But right now, as Leliana’s face lights up and her fingers curl around the stem of a pale blue flower the same color as her eyes -a silly, pretty, wonderful little thing- she prods at the word, turns it in her mouth, seeks purchase where there is none.

But she’s never been a storyteller. She can’t paint with river-blues, sunset-oranges or petal-pinks, yet she can no longer collapse all that is swelling in her heart and sweep it under the shroud of ‘friend’.

Still, it’ll have to do. For now.

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Do you think there will be more than one album after reunion?

I think 1D can go on for years if they want to. But don’t expect them to feed the beast by cranking out an album every year or even every other year. Future 1D will have have to work around all their individual projects and their personal lives (I assume marriage and kids will probably be happening at some point). 

That’s fine with me. I want them all to have well rounded careers and be individual superstars. Patiently awaiting the media frenzy that will accompany the news that all 5 have signed a new group deal. Can you imagine all the fake “we never saw this coming” articles? LOL It’s gonna be a good time. Sure 1DHQ will plant “Zayn comes crawling back to 1D” articles, but they can’t drag me down. It’s still gonna be a good time. :)

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What is the strangest looking gun you ever fired? If I want to get a gun I want it to be weird looking cause why not. The only one I can think of is that one that has sights on the mag and you need to crank it 20 times or something.

You’re thinking of the Calico.

Hmmm… I have fired hundreds of types. I would probably say it would have to be a Borchardt. Predecessor to the the Luger, really odd looking. Did not care for it.

Sometimes I like to think about how all of Chrom’s other female supports would help Robin prepare for her and Chrom’s wedding.

Like, obviously Maribelle is the first to jump in and crank up Robin’s etiquette training to the max. RIP Robin’s ribs once she starts corset training. She’s also the first to say something if someone questions Robin being queen. “If she’s good enough for Chrom, she is good enough for Ylisse.”

Sully gives Robin the scoop on the nobles and how they really act. Every little thing Robin needs to know when addressing the court. Not to mention she’s there for her post etiquette to both poke fun at and comfort her (because god knows she hated those classes as much as Robin does).

Sumia, obviously, helps Robin with the wedding. She gets a whole ton of books on weddings and wedding gowns and goes over them with Robin up until the early mornings. Cordelia is kind enough to steer Sumia away from the super puffy gowns with 10 lbs of fabric and to something that more compliments Robin’s figure.

Olivia, on top of performing at the wedding, help Chrom and Robin learn how to ballroom dance to a point they don’t step on one another’s feet.

I just love the idea of these girls doing their damnedest to make Robin’s wedding very special.

Curry Turkey Bites + Apricot-Ginger Sauce
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Contrary to popular belief, most of my best friends IRL aren’t Paleo eaters. But who cares? I hang with a gal pal posse that meets for regularly scheduled meals and coffee dates to escape for an hour or two from our hectic schedules. These ladies help keep me sane, especially when I’ve been cooped up at home, cranking away on all things Nom Nom Paleo. Besides making me laugh every time we gab, my friends also keep me grounded in what “normal” folks want to eat. They’ve made clear that my Paleo-fied chocolate cake (a recipe that I’m testing for cookbook #2) passes their scrutiny, but they’re totally not onboard with my offal-filled delights. Despite our dietary differences, though, we do agree that all recipes should be family-friendly, easy yet flavor-packed, and filled with protein and veggies. If the dish can be made ahead, freezable, and portable, all the better.

Today, I’m dedicating this recipe to my gluten-lovin’ buddy and fellow posse member, Maria, who was thisclose to moving away with her family to the East Coast this summer. Luckily, fate intervened, and our “talking club” is intact for the foreseeable future. Inspired by a recent conversation about ground turkey—Maria’s favorite protein—I experimented in the kitchen with different vegetable and spice combinations to come up with the perfect savory bite. If you’re not a ground turkey super-fan like Maria, feel free to substitute ground chicken, pork, beef, bison, or lamb. (Heck, you can even throw in some ground hearts, too, if you’re feeling extra Paleo.) The tangy and sweet dipping sauce makes the turkey bites taste even better, but make sure you find a jam that’s sweetened with only fruit and isn’t packed with other crazy ingredients. 

Now, who’s ready to make these savory turkey “cookies”?

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I just randomly decided to write some of my current WIP in longhand, on lined paper, in a notebook - guys, it was an epiphany. I don’t know the last time when I wrote any story by hand…but it was more than ten years ago, for sure. I’d forgotten what it was like. It was MARVELOUS.

I’m an obsessive edit-as-I-go writer, which is a big problem for me when I’m trying to crank out the first draft of anything - writing it longhand limited me to the most basic cross-it-out-and-try again editing. Also not being able check or any of my usual resources/distractions was a huge help.

And I can still write in cursive! Who knew? I feel really glad I discovered this and really dumb that I didn’t do it before. I always dismissed it with “yeah but I can type way faster than I write” which is TRUE buuut doesn’t take into account, say, tumblr breaks that end up taking half an hour. I churned out about 500 words in 15 minutes THAT NEVER HAPPENS I AM SO SLOW AT FIRST DRAFTS.