I guess I thought Rocky Horror was going to be live??? Maybe I was wrong to assume that but I swore that it was going to be like Grease: Live! I mean I’ll still watch it but I was so confused. I guess I never read that it was going to be live specifically and I just assumed but I feel like I’m not the only one who thought this was going to be a live event. 

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1) Names: Maddie
2) Nicknames: Mae
3) Gender: Female
4) Star Sign: Aquarius 
5) Birthday: February 19
6) Relationship Status: single
7) Pets: two cats: Luna and Norman and two dogs: Phineas and Otto
8)Height: like 5′4″ 
9) Favourite Colour: I like grey because it goes with all other colours
10) Average amount of sleep: yikes well 5-8 on a school night and 10+ on the weekend
11) Lucky Number: 7
12) Number of blankets you sleep with : 1 in the summer and 2 in the winter
13) Met A Celebrity: Sadly no but I’m hoping to meet Panic! at the Disco in march 
14) Favorite fictional characters: Dean Winchester, Castiel, Kit Walker, B Smith, and I could go in
15) Favorite Books: I love the Zom-B chronicles it is most definitely my favourite book series, I also love the book moon over manifest.
16) Favorite Bands: twenty one pilots, Panic! at the disco, fall out boy, the front bottoms, the wombats, Hedley and Muse
17) Last Movie I Watched: Final Destination 3 (I had never seen any of these movies before)
18) Last TV Show I Watched: shameless….it’s so good 
19) Dream Trip: Ah I want to go to England and recreate all of the pictures in the Zom-B chronicles!!

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i need snk season two. i’ve been reblogging variations of the same 10 anime scenes for almost two years now and it is driving me insane. i get it. the world is cruel and also very beautiful. eren and armin want to see the ocean and the outside world. i get it. levi’s squad died and it was sad. i get it. we are so thoroughly out of material it it driving me up a wall. possibly up many walls. maybe even wall maria.