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Special Mornings

A/N: Today, I woke up to something incredible.

They say miracles don’t just happen overnight, but the moment I checked my phone this morning, I found that five or six new, beautiful people followed me- just pushing me over the 100 follower mark. I cannot begin to thank you all for the support- I truly, truly am grateful to each and every single one of you.

It may seem like a small number to some, but to me… it’s unfathomable, almost. To know that a hundred people enjoy reading what I write. That being said, please enjoy some early morning Hiccstrid, sharing the first light of day in bed.

He woke up to find comforting warmth latching onto his left side. His left arm tingled from the lack of circulation it was receiving, but it was a subtle sensation he didn’t mind- especially when the person that rested upon it was a certain someone

Hiccup felt the tickle of silky blonde hair, uncombed and slightly tangled, against his collarbone. He felt the weight of a casual arm draped over his stomach, and another almost awkwardly looped around his neck. Her digits just barely grazed his skin with each of her steady inhales and exhales.

There was something beautiful about being able to see Astrid first thing in the morning. It felt ridiculously intimate- sure, they shared a bed, but seeing her in an unkempt, natural state where her walls were all down… It was an incredibly rare sight, seeing as she was simply always awake before first light. It was habitual to her, Hiccup assumed, to rise early and immediately head to Stormfly’s stable. Hiccup understood that; he shared the same morning ritual, only a little later and with Toothless.

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I assure you all I’m almost done with a fluffy imagine, I’ll post that soon, then hopefully try to crank out a short smutty imagine to satisfy you horny bastards. I love having this blog because I get to read everyone’s fantasies, I feel like some kind of sex god. I can’t wait to write some of these smutty ones, just reading the prompts gets me hot and bothered tbh. Love you all!