crane wife 1 & 2


The Decemberists ~ The Crane Wife, 1, 2 & 3 (Demo)

shoegayse  asked:

Periwinkle & orange!

Periwinkle - songs that make you calm

My Boy (Twin Fantasy) - Car Seat Headrest

Dear Friends - Elbow

Friends, Close - Ben Marwood

The Crane Wife 1 & 2 - The Decemberists

Eugene - Sufjan Stevens

…and since I have 2 playlists entirely of calming Mountain Goats songs: Southwestern Territory, Heel Turn 2, Hebrews 11:40, White Cedar, Jeff Davis County Blues, Outer Scorpion Squadron… and many more, all by the Mountain Goats!

Orange - songs you want other people to associate with you

St. Christopher is Coming Home - Frank Turner

Drugs With Friends - Car Seat Headrest

Chicago - Sufjan Stevens

The World You Love - Jimmy Eat World

You Were Cool - the Mountain Goats

This was hard to answer but I like it, thanks babe!