crane skull

pfff I’m in fire today, so… uhm… he’s some concept art for Crane’s blaster form. I never did a full body of him so… here it is.

Crane’s body structure is shaped in a way that allow him to walk as a bipedal and run as a quadrupedal His tail is prehensil and snake like while the rest of his body kept amost the same proportion.

Art & Paper Crane© @little-noko

  • Junhui: Joshua, teach me how to be a gentleman.
  • Joshua: Well, Junhui, it's not really that hard. Let's start with a polite conversation. For example, "it's a pleasure to see you again. Lovely weather we're having." Now you try.
  • Junhui: "It's a pleasure to see you again. After Hogan's Heroes, Bob Crane got his skull crushed in by a friend who videotaped him having rough sex." How's that?
  • Joshua: Wow. Perfect. My work is done. But just for the heck of it, let's try it again.