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If you’ve got 6 minutes to spare and enjoy Injustice 2, here’s a bunch of intros (with many of them unseen as of yet, including Green Lantern, Cyborg and DARKSEID)

They even include one of my favorite quotes in all of DC


My physical copy of Green Lanterns #17 doesn’t come for at least week, (thanks ebay…) so I read it online. I’m glad I did too, it’s such a good story! I love Jonathan’s characterization and I was even pleasantly surprised with the plot that revolved around Green Lantern Simon Baz.

Here’s a section of Jonathan Crane’s amazing monologue on fear!


Lanterns for peace: Japan marks 70th anniversary of Hiroshima atomic bomb | Video

On 6 August, Japan marked the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. In the city’s Peace Memorial Park, people floated dozens of colourful paper lanterns onto the Motoyasu river – releasing messages of peace into the world.

Even More Green Lanterns #17 Analysis

We establish pretty early on that Scarecrow’s #1 goal is to be afraid:

But his fear machine’s just not doing it for him, even when broadcasting directly into his skull:

He’s super stoked when Batman shows up because he’s finally scared:

So then he decides it’s time to scare Batman. (And the Lanterns, but he’s not really focused on them.) Why? Aside from “He’s been trying to scare Batman for 76 years of comics and he’ll be darned if he stops now”?

The comic doesn’t spell it out, but I have a guess, and it’s related to this panel:

He thinks Batman is his friend so he shares the thing he values most with him, assuming that Batman wants it too.

Someone needs to sit this guy down and explain to him what friendship actually is. 

And also that most people aren’t super big on the “overwhelming terror” thing.


Hey, one actually somewhat productive thing! That’s two Green Lanterns done, now.

I also did a couple ships, and tried coloring them after their respective pride flags. We have my OCs Aniko and Mahdo (just want to clarify the animals are symbolism, they’re not actually animals), and, of course, Scriddler.