crane & sons


A Little Wicked - Part 2

Chibs x Vivi (oc)

Warnings:: swearing, character death mention, violence mention, wee bit of smut.

“Maybe this was a bad idea.” I said, staring at the Red Woody studio. Lyla gave me a little slap on the arm and rolled her eyes.

“It’s a great idea. It’s an actual date, Vivi.” She gave me a little push forward.

I gave tiny steps, Lyla still pushing me. I could hear the loud music coming from inside the studio, loud enough to drown the sounds from the boats on the docks. Harley bikes were parked to the left, a lot more than there usually were and I remembered Lyla telling me earlier that the Tacoma charter was down in Cali for club bussiness.

“Yeah, come to think of it, I don’t do dates.” I stopped suddenly, grabbing Lyla to make her look at me. “In the three years you’ve met me how many times have you seen me go on dates?”

“Exactly. You need it. You called me just to tell me how Chibs hit on you this morning.”

“That’s cause I’m a crow eater.”

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Sons and Daughters
The Decemberists
Sons and Daughters

Sons and Daughters  |  The Decemberists

take up your arms, sons and daughters,
we will arise from the bunkers
by land, by sea, by dirigible
we’ll leave our tracks untraceable, now

hear all the bombs fade away
hear all the bombs fade away
hear all the bombs fade away . . . 


A Little Wicked - Part 1

“Hey Prez”, I called out when I saw Chibs entering the clothing store I worked in. He pushed his sunglasses to the top of his head, the purple lenses catching the light. He gave me half smile as he walked my way and pulled his leather gloves off.

 "Hi, lass. Didn’t see ye at Red Woody last night, everythin’ okay?“ I blinked. I didn’t really think he notice, after all I was one crow eater among, well, a lot. Me calling him "prez” was pushing it too far already, I had exchanged only small talk with Chibs. That was it - not even bodily fluids, which was crow eater standard. 

 "Yeah, great. It was my sisters birthday last night and she had a party.“ He nodded comprehensively and then his eyes looked at the clothes around us. "Was wondering if ye could help me with somethin’.” He wiggled his brows slightly and you raised one in response.

 "Christmas is coming and I need ta get a gift for a lass. Should probably get gifts for ma brothers too.“ I nodded, wondering what ‘lass’ was that. "Didn’t know you guys were celebrating Christmas at the M/C this year.” I said, shooting him a look over my shoulder as I flipped through some women clothes on the rack.

“Followin’ a good catholic conduct.” He said, coming to stay close to me again, one had over his heart dramatically as he pulled an innocent face. I chuckled and he gave me a little laugh which quickly disappeared and his face grew very serious. "I thought it’d be a good idea. Jackie’s gone. The club needs somethin’ to bring us all togetha.“ 

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anonymous asked:

Jily Muggle au! where they meet on a plane and james has a son and lily completely adores them both and in the end lily thinks she'll lose them because they're family and she's just someone they met on a plane but jily gets becomes a couple.

Thank you for the prompt, I had so much fun writing this! I took a few liberties so I hope you don’t mind – it’s definitely longer than I initially intended; over 2k, whoops…

Perhaps It’s Fate

Lily was stuffing her laptop back into her bag, when movement on the periphery of her vision caught her attention. 

Something silvery and silky-looking fluttered onto the floor. 

Lily glanced up; the man who’d gone through the security check before her was shouldering his bulging backpack again and took his son’s hand with a cheerful “Come along then, Harry!”

“Sir?” Lily called after him.

He continued walking, unable to hear her over the din of the airport.

Lily muttered a curse and hastily grabbed the rest of her items off the tray, stuffed them in her hand bag, then struggled a moment to slip on her heels. 

She scooped up the silvery cloth and hurried after the man and his son – as much as one could hurry in a pencil skirt.

“Sir?” she called again, straining to pick him out in the crowd. Noticing the unmistakable messy black hair, she pursed her lips in determination. She chased after him, her heels clicking decisively against the polished tile floor.

“Excuse me, sir, I think you dropped this.”

The man finally halted and turned, looking quizzically at Lily. The boy holding his hand – five, maybe six years old – gasped. He broke free of his father’s hold and ran over to Lily.

“My Invisibility Cloak!”

Lily’s lips twitched, a single eyebrow arched. Invisibility Cloak?

The father gave her a sheepish shrug and mussed his hair.

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OC Sons of Anarchy :::

Name: Vivienne “Vivi” Crane

Age: 26

Crow Eater


Vivi moved from Sacramento to Charming three years ago to get away from her abusive husband. She decided to leave after almost getting beaten to death by him. When she moved to Charming she was afraid of her him finding her and finishing the job. She got friends with Lyla Winston quickly and saw a way to gain protection if her husband ever came looking for her: by being a crow eater. She didn’t trust the police enough to protect her – having been arrested a few times didn’t do much to help either. Lyla had always made it sound like the club was a big family and that they always protected their own so Vivi saw it as the best option. Rubbing against a few guys, serving beers, dancing and having the occasional sex seemed like a good enough fee to stay alive.


Honest to the point that she comes across as rude sometimes, good hearted, aggressive when she feels she need to be but is known for being very easy going, talkative, protective, evasive when it comes to romantic relationships, smiles a lot, good with kids.

Face Claim:: Amber Heard

idk i like the idea of having an oc to write my stories, makes it easier for me. I’ll use her for most of my stories with Chibs, i guess, not really certain. I’ll also try to develop friendships between her and the guys. might add some more things to this as time goes by.