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A Little Wicked - Part 2

Chibs x Vivi (oc)

Warnings:: swearing, character death mention, violence mention, wee bit of smut.

“Maybe this was a bad idea.” I said, staring at the Red Woody studio. Lyla gave me a little slap on the arm and rolled her eyes.

“It’s a great idea. It’s an actual date, Vivi.” She gave me a little push forward.

I gave tiny steps, Lyla still pushing me. I could hear the loud music coming from inside the studio, loud enough to drown the sounds from the boats on the docks. Harley bikes were parked to the left, a lot more than there usually were and I remembered Lyla telling me earlier that the Tacoma charter was down in Cali for club bussiness.

“Yeah, come to think of it, I don’t do dates.” I stopped suddenly, grabbing Lyla to make her look at me. “In the three years you’ve met me how many times have you seen me go on dates?”

“Exactly. You need it. You called me just to tell me how Chibs hit on you this morning.”

“That’s cause I’m a crow eater.”

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Sons and Daughters
The Decemberists
Sons and Daughters

Sons and Daughters  |  The Decemberists

take up your arms, sons and daughters,
we will arise from the bunkers
by land, by sea, by dirigible
we’ll leave our tracks untraceable, now

hear all the bombs fade away
hear all the bombs fade away
hear all the bombs fade away . . . 


A Little Wicked - Part 1

“Hey Prez”, I called out when I saw Chibs entering the clothing store I worked in. He pushed his sunglasses to the top of his head, the purple lenses catching the light. He gave me half smile as he walked my way and pulled his leather gloves off.

 "Hi, lass. Didn’t see ye at Red Woody last night, everythin’ okay?“ I blinked. I didn’t really think he notice, after all I was one crow eater among, well, a lot. Me calling him "prez” was pushing it too far already, I had exchanged only small talk with Chibs. That was it - not even bodily fluids, which was crow eater standard. 

 "Yeah, great. It was my sisters birthday last night and she had a party.“ He nodded comprehensively and then his eyes looked at the clothes around us. "Was wondering if ye could help me with somethin’.” He wiggled his brows slightly and I raised one in response.

 "Christmas is coming and I need ta get a gift for a lass. Should probably get gifts for ma brothers too.“ I nodded, wondering what ‘lass’ was that. "Didn’t know you guys were celebrating Christmas at the M/C this year.” I said, shooting him a look over my shoulder as I flipped through some women clothes on the rack.

“Followin’ a good catholic conduct.” He said, coming to stay close to me again, one had over his heart dramatically as he pulled an innocent face. I chuckled and he gave me a little laugh which quickly disappeared and his face grew very serious. "I thought it’d be a good idea. Jackie’s gone. The club needs somethin’ to bring us all togetha.“ 

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A Little Wicked - Part VI

Chibs x Vivi (oc)

Warnings:: SMUT, swearing and wee bit of fluff; character death mention

Other parts are here.

Tag list: @telford-ortiz-teller @sam-samcro @soafanficluvr1 @jaaxtellerasf @i-am-the-luna @teller-telford-old-lady @grungedaddykinks @i-like-it-heavy-so-i-can-panic @meggzz21 @make-things-beautiful2 

As always, gifs aren’t mine, credit to their owners.

At first, the kiss was small. Although I told him he could kiss me, I sensed that Chibs was being cautious, like he was giving me an opportunity to back out. I was done backing out, I wanted this. He needed to know that, just like he wanted me to know that he’d never hurt me.

I raised my arms to circle his neck, bringing us closer still, as I leisurely slipped my tongue inside his mouth. He responded, not as tentative as before. More demanding as his tongue met mine, swirling along. The hand he had on my cheek moved to the back of my neck, his fingers delving into my blonde hair. His other hand, which was holding onto mine, raised so his arm could go around my waist to press me against him.

Our kiss grew urgent at the same time, like we were both hungry for each other. He pushed me back onto the stairs, one of the steps poking my ribs, as he moved himself over me without breaking our kiss. The weight of his body on top of mine was just the best thing I ever felt in a while and it was easy to ignore the pain on my ribs. I opened my legs to accommodate his body as I pulled his lower lip between my teeth. The way he groaned against my mouth sent a jolt of heat down to my loins and I rubbed against him as we kissed, doing my best to bring our hips together.

Suddenly, he broke the kiss and my hands immediately grabbed his neck to try to bring our lips back together. But when I tried I got resistance and opened my eyes, looking up at Chibs questioningly.

“I’m not havin’ ye for the first time on a porch, Vivi,” he said gruffly, our noses touching. I frowned, ready to protest and tell him that I didn’t give a shit where, I just wanted him. Right now. “There’s a bed inside.”

He rolled off of me and got up, extending me a hand to help me up. I let him help me get to my feet and I instantly grabbed his hand, pulling him to the cabin’s door with me.

I stepped inside with him, nearly slamming the door behind us. I turned towards him, grabbing his kutte and standing on my tip toes so I could kiss him again. I didn’t want to stay away from his lips for more time than I needed to. But before I could, Chibs picked me up and latched my legs around his waist.

“Oh, shit!” I said, a little startled because of the sudden movement. I laced my arms around his neck, chuckling, as I met his eyes. He chuckled a little bit too, but then the amusement on his face quickly faded to a burning desire. It was enough to start a teasing throbbing between my legs.

I lowered my head to give him a small kiss as he walked through the cabin, still holding me, and then just held him in a hug as I planted kisses on the curve of his neck, keeping my head out of the way so he could see where he was taking us. I sucked on his skin a little, nibbling it until I got another groan out of him. The grip he had around my legs shifted until he had his hands on my ass. I sucked the skin on his neck again and he grasped my ass a little more roughly this time.

He walked through one last door and Chibs lowered me to a bed until I was laying down. He stepped back, still standing so he could remove his kutte and black leather jacket, leaving him in a black t-shirt. I pulled my shirt over my head and kicked my shoes off, as he placed his jacket and kutte on the bed’s headboard. I sat down on the bed, scooting over to the edge, so I could undo his belt and pants, looking at him earnestly as I did so.

He dipped his head to kiss me, one of his hands holding onto the nape of my neck, as I pulled his pants down. He stopped kissing me so he could kick his pants and boots off, leaving him in boxer briefs. I could see his length straining against his underwear, and all I could think about for a moment was taking him in my mouth until I felt him on the back of my throat.

But then he pushed me back to the bed, climbing on top of me as I pulled a bratty pout. “I want to taste you,” I said throatily as he kissed the corner of my mouth.

“Don’t worry, love, there’ll be plenty of time for that,” he said against my skin while he lined my jaw with kisses.

I wanted to protest again but my answer got caught in my throat as his hands found my breasts. His lips moved back towards my mouth so he could kiss me when he pulled my black bra down, his fingers quickly covering my nipples and pinching them slightly. I wrapped my legs around him, locking my ankles together to keep him near, as a strangled moan tore out of me.

Chibs dropped his head to my chest then, replacing his fingers with his mouth. He swirled his tongue around my nipple and sucked on it harshly. I knotted my fingers on his graying hair, pulling him harder against me as I bit my lip, moaning low on my throat. He alternated between my breasts, sucking and nipping on my nipples.

He trailed down my breasts to my stomach while kissing and licking my skin. I squirmed under him, craving his touch and anticipating the feeling of his tongue on my core. I watched as he slowly pulled my jeans down along with my panties down my thighs. When he pulled them off completely, throwing them to the ground, he started to plant kisses up my thighs slowly until he reached my hips.

“Jesus Christ,” I breathed. “Please, Chibs.”

“Filip,” he corrected, meeting my eyes briefly before finally dipping his mouth between my legs.

I arched my back as I moaned in pleasure. His tongue laid flat on my clit, pressuring it and doing circular motions at first. He latched his mouth onto me while sucking my clit repeatedly. I grasped the sheets around me when he shifted positions so my legs could settle over his shoulders and he picked up his pace. He stopped sucking on my clit so he could kiss me there lightly, only to swirl his tongue again. He was going so slow, I was sure he was trying to torture me, or trying to make me beg for it.

“I need you inside me,” I whimpered, hoping to god that would make him come up and fuck me.

He stopped long enough to say, “Tell me how much ye want me, Vivi.” Then he sucked on my clit again, longer and harder this time.

I threw my head back with the feeling as my mind went blank for a moment. My entire body shuddered as he sucked again, my jaw going slack and stopping me from answering him. His big hands held my hips in place as I twisted them in pleasure.

“Holy shit,” I finally cried out. I swallowed down my moans as he sucked on my clit so I could speak, “I want to ride you until none of us can’t take it anymore, I want your cock down my throat so I can hear you moan, I want to-”

He broke away from me, standing up to pull his t-shirt off, and I immediately stopped speaking, letting out a whine. I missed the feeling of his tongue, his hands holding me tightly. It left my body tingling and I just needed more and more. I wiggled my hips to the sides, feeling as my wetness dripped down to the sheets with the movement. Chibs – no, Filip – stopped, watching me with a smirk when he reached over to his kutte and pulled a condom from one of its pockets.

Excitement rose inside me as he bit off the packaging and I sat down on the bed, bending my knees underneath me as I pulled my bra off my body. I watched as Filip pushed his underwear down with one hand, releasing his long hard cock, while the other hand worked to put the condom on. I bit my lip, imagining myself licking up and down his length and gagging on him. One of my hands travelled absently to finger myself while the other rose to squeeze on my breasts.

He stared at me like he was mesmerized and then, after pulling the condom on, he leaned forward over the bed, using his hands to crawl over to me. I laid back down, spreading my legs underneath him so he could get on top of me. His hair fell over my face, brushing over my cheeks as one of his arms circled my waist, smashing me against him. I moaned, loving the feeling of his skin against mine. His lips met mine a second later, his tongue pushing against mine as he deepened the kiss, his free hand coming to hold my neck. Before, he just tasted like cigarettes but now it was a combination between cigarettes and the slightly salty taste of my juices.

I held onto him and wrapped my legs around him as we kissed. I felt the tip of his cock rubbing against my entrance and I wriggled my hips down, trying to angle them so he could go in. He buried himself inside me, filling me up completely in a swift movement and both of us groaned into the kiss. The sensation overwhelmed me for a moment, rendering me quiet as I tightened around him.

“Fuck me,” I said, pulling back from our kiss and staring into his eyes. “Hard.”

He pushed away from the bed and I let go of him so he could position himself on his knees, smirking as he lifted my hips off the bed along with him. He gripped my thighs, holding them tightly as he slowly pulled his hips back. He thrust hard then, forcing a loud gasp out of my throat as my walls clenched around his cock. And then he thrust again, and again, and again. Slow and hard until he increased his pace, going faster until he was pounding deep inside me.

“I’m gonna make ye come until ye can’t breathe,” he grunted, as he pumped in and out of me.

His words sent a shiver down my body, joining the pleasure that rippled on my loins. He kept his eyes fastened to mine while he pounded me and I bit my lower lip to keep myself from smiling. Not until a while ago he had been hesitant to kiss me and now he was fucking me so urgently, it’s like he was finally satisfying a desire he had. And to think that that desire was me made my walls tighten around him again. My hands crept up to my bouncing breasts, my fingers tugging at my nipples as I moaned out to the rhythm he settled.

Filip let go of my legs and grabbed my arms, jerking me up towards him. My breasts crushed against his chest as I gasped and my hair fell over my face with the abrupt movement. I quickly laced my arms around his shoulders to keep myself in place as he adjusted himself on the bed, sitting down so I could straddle him. His hands slid down my arms, caressing down my back until finally reaching my ass cheeks. His fingers sunk into my flesh so firmly that I was sure there was gonna be marks later.

I threw my hair away from my face with a head tilt so I could lean in and kiss him as I ground my hips on his. The way he moaned into my mouth was just the hottest thing ever and I rolled my hips around, sending him deeper inside me. I wanted to tease him with the movement but all I managed to do was send another wave of pleasure through my lower body, causing me to stop and moan loudly on his lips. Still with his hands on my ass, he forced my hips back and forth, almost demanding that I didn’t stop moving as he watched my reaction. I broke away from the kiss, my mouth hanging open in pleasure as he continued to move me.

“Oh my god,” I finally gasped out. And then he stopped, dropping his hands away from me, “What are you doing? Don’t stop! Keep going!” I protested, doing my best to mimic the way he had been moving my hips.

“Ye can do it, Vivi. C’mon,” he chuckled, seeing how desperate I grew as I ground myself roughly against him. “Aye, that’s it.”

“That’s it, huh?” I asked, just as I unlaced my arms from around him. Filip nodded, biting on his lower lip as he let me work. I placed my hands on his chest and pushed him down on the bed, smirking at him. He looked pleasantly surprised as I took over control, using his chest to stay up as I rode him. His hands groped my breasts as I moved

I felt my walls clenching repeatedly as I rolled my hips around, I could feel myself near my orgasm. Watching the pleasure on his face was just enough to make me move my hips quicker, moans spilling out of our mouths with each faster stroke. My loins twisted in pleasure, rendering me weak and I slowed down.

“Oh no. No, no. Don’t stop now, love,” he muttered as his hands grabbed me by the shoulders and slammed me down against him.

He smashed our lips together as he started to move in a merciless pace. His fingers tangled in my hair with both hands as he left kisses from my lips to my earlobe, where he muttered curses as he fucked me. Him whispering in my ear about how good I felt around him while he pumped in and out of me was all I needed and soon spasms broke through my body.

I felt his muscles tense beneath me and I knew he was close, too. Bliss washed over me as he went faster and deeper. My hips buckled and my eyes rolled back as I came in one intense moan. I couldn’t remember the last time I came that hard. Filip moaned out in what I guessed was gaelic, driving himself deep inside me and spilling out his release in the condom.

I crashed on top of him, resting my flushed cheek on the crook of his neck, the only sound was both of us panting. He untangled his fingers from my hair to glide his hands down my back. I turned my head a little so I could catch his eyes and I saw him gazing at me. He kissed my lips softly, his tongue snaking out to lick my bottom lip.

“That. Was. Fucking. Amazing,” I said close to his lips, my voice hoarse from all my moaning.  

He chuckled and kissed me again, “Agreed.”

When I finally regained my strength, I got under the blue bedspread, pulling the covers up to my chin. With so many trees around blocking the sun, the cabin felt pretty chilly after my body cooled down. I didn’t usually stick around after sex, but this time I was going to. Chibs – it was still kinda weird thinking about him as Filip instead of Chibs, being as I knew him for three years by his nickname only – came back from the bathroom after cleaning himself up and snuck under the covers with me, both of us still naked.

He gathered me up in his arms when he laid down and I rested my head on his chest, draping an arm and a leg over him. I sighed happily as I listened to the thumping of his heart within his chest. One of his hands moved to comb through my hair as the other drew patterns on my back, occasionally drifting over to the deep scar on my back. If I could stay like this with him forever, I would. I felt so warm, so protected with his broad body near me.

Still, there was something bothering me – I didn’t need to share it with him, not now, but I felt the need to. I would be getting something out of the way. There wasn’t another moment that I could do this without feeling like I was vomitting something on top of him.

“Y’know,” I started, my voice more like a whisper, “you can fuck me raw next time we do this.”

His fingers stopped combing through my hair momentarily but then he continued. He stayed quiet for a moment and I moved my head on his chest, looking up to to watch his face. His hooded brown eyes met mine, his eyebrows doing a little twitch.

“I’m STD free,” I said quietly. “I do tests whenever Lyla does, which is like once a month.” He nodded. “And I won’t get pregnant,” I added in an even smaller voice.

“Yer on birth control?” He asked, keeping his face blank.  

I broke my eyes away from his, staring down on his dollar tattoo. I moved my hand to his chest so I could trace the tattoo with my fingers. The tattoo with the name of his daughter was just beneath it. My index finger followed the lines of his tattoo as I kept quiet. I had started to talk but now I couldn’t bring myself to keep going. Chibs was deadly silent. His chest stopped moving as he waited for me to answer. I could lie to him, I thought to myself, but why would I start lying to him now? I didn’t lie to him from the start. I was honest with him, just as he was with me.

“Not really, no,” I finally answered, still not meeting his eyes. “I’m infertile. It won’t matter if you come inside me or not. And condoms bother the hell of out me,” I added, trying to sound lighter.

“I’m sorry,” his voice sounded deep with my ear on his chest.

“Don’t be,” I forced a laugh, “it’s probably easier this way. I shouldn’t have told you that now, I kinda ruined our moment, didn’t I?”

He stopped caressing my back and raised his hand so he could tip my head up, making me look at him. “Ye didn’t ruin anythin’, Vivi. Ye tellin’ me this only made me like ye more. It means ye trust me.”

I didn’t need to force a smile. At first, telling him seemed like a good idea, but when I got around to doing it I found myself nervous and uncertain. I wasn’t sure where sleeping with Chibs would lead me to. We had feelings for each other, we both admitted it, but there was nothing set in stone. I was a crow eater who was way younger than him, by twenty years at least, and he was the president of Samcro – a title he didn’t choose, and probably didn’t expect to receive so soon after Jax took over. Now, after I told him something that nobody else knew about, not even my brother and sister, and saw just how understanding he was, I relaxed.

My distrust in men caused by Pete didn’t bother me anymore, at least not when I was with Chibs. But my infertility really was something I needed to share. If this little thing between Chibs and I developed into an actual relationship then I didn’t want to get months or years into it before I told him about it. I needed to just get it out of the way and see how well he would handle it. Being infertile bothered me sometimes, I loved kids and I always wanted to have them, two or three of them, but it never made me feel like less of a woman – I knew some people saw it that way, though, and I didn’t want to be looked at that way. Especially not by Chibs.

I pulled the hand I had on his chest up so it could rest on his cheek as I stretched towards him. I pressed my lips to his, a dumb smile still spread on my face. “I do trust you,” my voice muffled as I kept kissing him. A thought crossed my mind and I shrugged mentally, thinking, oh well, since we’re at it.

“Does it bother you that I’m a crow eater?” I questioned, backing away from his lips to watch his face.

He furrowed his brows while shaking his head to the sides. “I told ye I don’t see ye this way.”

“I know that but it’s not what I meant,” I said, raising my brows at him. I was pretty sure he got my meaning when I asked him and he dodged the question. “Does it bother you that I fu- slept with most of your friends?” Figured I shouldn’t use harsh words if this was a sensitive subject. I have some tact, okay? Just enough, actually.

“A bit,” he sighed. “It’ll really bother me, though, if ye fuck one of ‘em after this,” he planted a kiss on my lips so I could understand what he meant. “You’re with me now.”

I smiled up at him before laying my head back on his chest.

There was a few months since I last slept with one of the guys, close to seven months actually since I had sex with, well, anybody. None of the Sons came over to me with sexual intent in the past months, not since Tara died – her death really took a toll on them, and I stepped up along with Gem and Wendy to look after Abel and Thomas; maybe it was then that the guys started seeing me more as family instead of just a crow eater, like Tig said.

I wasn’t one to throw myself over the guys as other crow eaters did, I’m not saying I’m better than them for this, but it just was never my style. I became a crow eater with the sole purpose of getting protection if Pete came after me, so when any of the guys wanted to hook up with me, I didn’t mind it – it was a small price to pay.

“Thank you, Filip,” I said softly, snuggling up closer to him.

“For makin’ ye come?” He asked with a laugh.

“Shut up,” I giggled, slapping him lightly on his shoulder and he laughed some more. “But that, too. I was trying to thank you for being patient with me, for understanding my reasons,” I locked my eyes on his, hoping he would comprehend how much that meant to me.

His hand slid down my back, the other one still combing through my hair, his fingers followed the reddened scar that cut through my side, from my lower back until it ended underneath my right breast. It was shaped like a half moon, as deep as his cheek scars, and one of the reasons I was so hesitant about Chibs before.

“Ye don’t need ta thank me for that, lass.”

I was about to lay my hand back on his chest when my eyes caught something just at the bedside table, past Chibs. Before, I’d been too distracted by the cabin’s flashy hunting decor to notice it, there were some stuffed fish on the bedroom’s walls – which was way better then having a deer head mounted there to watch me have sex – along with old photos and fishing tackle. But now the book resting on the wooden bedside table had my full attention. It was a hardcover edition of  Salem’s Lot by Stephen King. The cover was worn out at the edges, the pages yellow, maybe it was older than me. Maybe, just maybe, it was first edition. My mind flashed back to my book collection back at home. I had most of Stephen King’s books, but Salem’s Lot wasn’t one of them – and I wouldn’t find one of those anywhere else, especially in small Charming. 

My eyes must have bugged out or my mouth fell open while looking at it, because Chibs turned his head to see what I was looking at. He chuckled as soon as he saw the book and reached so he could get it.

“Careful, lass,” his voice low on his throat as a playful smile twitched on his lips. He held the book away from my eager fingers. “For a moment there ye looked way more interested in th’ book than in me.”

I opened a grin for him, using all my charm, knowing he wouldn’t be able to resist it. “I would never,” I said, dragging out my words. “It’s just that I can multitask.”

He narrowed his eyes at me, his tongue pressing against his lower lip. He was so attractive, god, I could just lean over and bite his lips when he did that.

“Let’s see if ye really can multitask,” he raised an eyebrow. “Get over here.” He untangled his hand from my hair, waving me over, as he handed me the book with his other hand.

Pulling my brows together, I broke away from his body and sat down next to him, shrugging off the covers so I could accept the book. His eyes lazily slid down my body and I shuddered with the want the rose inside me. I swung a leg over him, as he told me to, so I could straddle him. His hands immediately slipped under my thighs and he lifted me, causing me to gasp in surprise, bringing me forward, over towards his face. I looked down to see Chibs’ face between my thighs, the book still well between my hands as I moved my hips, yearning for that first lick, which he didn’t grant me.

“Go on, read the book,” he told me, his breath tickling me deliciously that close to my core.  “Out loud. I wanna see how far ye can get before I make ye come,” his accent became thicker with lust.

His hands on my thighs brought me down then, making me sit on his face, and just as I opened the book, my fingers curling in anticipation, I felt his tongue lapping on my clit.

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Jily Muggle au! where they meet on a plane and james has a son and lily completely adores them both and in the end lily thinks she'll lose them because they're family and she's just someone they met on a plane but jily gets becomes a couple.

Thank you for the prompt, I had so much fun writing this! I took a few liberties so I hope you don’t mind – it’s definitely longer than I initially intended; over 2k, whoops…

Perhaps It’s Fate

Lily was stuffing her laptop back into her bag, when movement on the periphery of her vision caught her attention. 

Something silvery and silky-looking fluttered onto the floor. 

Lily glanced up; the man who’d gone through the security check before her was shouldering his bulging backpack again and took his son’s hand with a cheerful “Come along then, Harry!”

“Sir?” Lily called after him.

He continued walking, unable to hear her over the din of the airport.

Lily muttered a curse and hastily grabbed the rest of her items off the tray, stuffed them in her hand bag, then struggled a moment to slip on her heels. 

She scooped up the silvery cloth and hurried after the man and his son – as much as one could hurry in a pencil skirt.

“Sir?” she called again, straining to pick him out in the crowd. Noticing the unmistakable messy black hair, she pursed her lips in determination. She chased after him, her heels clicking decisively against the polished tile floor.

“Excuse me, sir, I think you dropped this.”

The man finally halted and turned, looking quizzically at Lily. The boy holding his hand – five, maybe six years old – gasped. He broke free of his father’s hold and ran over to Lily.

“My Invisibility Cloak!”

Lily’s lips twitched, a single eyebrow arched. Invisibility Cloak?

The father gave her a sheepish shrug and mussed his hair.

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A Little Wicked - Part VII

Chibs x Vivi (oc)

Check my masterlist for previous chapters and my imagines

Warnings:: sexual themes (not actual smut though, still, get outta here if you’re not 18+), swearing, sickly sweet fluff (I guess?? I’m not very good at fluff) and a good measure of angst; there’s also a few funny bits because why not

Tag list: @sam-samcro @telford-ortiz-teller @jaaxsoadeaanspn @soafanficluvr1
@i-am-the-luna @teller-telford-old-lady @grungedaddykinks @i-like-it-heavy-so-i-can-panic @meggzz21 @make-things-beautiful2 @star-gypsy @i-was-made-of-nutella @telfords-glasgow-smile (let me know if I forgot to tag you)

Gifs aren’t mine, credit goes to their owners.

note: oh, I wrote a little through Chibs’ pov (it’s in italic and written in third person)

“C’mon, we have to get out of bed sometime,” I said, doing my best to slip away from Chibs but he held me well in place, smashing my back against his chest.

“We’re fine,” he murmured in my ear as he moved one of his hands away from my waist to cup my breast. He liked doing that when we spooned. At first he would just leave his hand there, resting it, but eventually his fingers would start teasing my nipple. That’s how we went from round two to round three. I’ll admit that I started round four. I couldn’t deny that I was surprised with his stamina – we went on for a long time and I was sure Chibs would be game for a fifth round if I was too. I could do with a fifth round if I wasn’t so sore. Or hungry.

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