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TVLine: Memories From the Set: John Noble

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“..In Season 2, however, the show wandered a bit, and Noble got restless. “They didn’t have a clue what to do, and so that meant it was a pretty unsatisfactory year for me,” he says. He adds that he and co-star Tom Mison “were hoping to have more scenes together, because that’s when it was really interesting, when Tom and I had the shots to bounce off each other. He loved it, and I did, too. And that just didn’t happen.” Still, Noble says he plans to check in with the Fox series as a viewer. “Obviously, a lot of thought has gone into what to do with Sleepy Hollow. And if this network is investing in another 18 episodes, then they must have had very strong reassurances that there is a major reboot,” he says. “I’ll be fascinated to see what the reboot is.” Source