cranberry sauce and shit

nursey and dex fucking love diners, drive-ins, and dives and they 110% quote guy fieri to each other, specifically nursey quotes it whenever dex is cooking/helping bitty. (”oh boy, dex is in the kitchen! looks like we’re riding the bus to flavortown!” “this cranberry sauce is MONEY, poindexter.” “shit, dex, this sandwich is OUT OF BOUNDS.” etc.) anyway when they graduate they go on a triple D road-trip across the country and hit, like, every place from the show

The Gang & Thanksgiving Day

-they invited the Shepard’s over for their makeshift Thanksgiving,,,,,, THE FIRST ONE W/O THEIR PARENTS

-Dally said something under his breath about Angela

-oops he has a broken nose & now sulking in the corner

-Curly offers Pony and Johnny (butmostlyPony) marijuana


-Johnny is so glad the guys decided to do this because Mrs. Curtis would always MAKE him come over and he was almost afraid he’d be alone on Thanksgiving

-Two-Bit’s mom had to work so he brings his sister

-His sister and Angela team up #girlpower

-So now there’s this young girl going around making innocent jabs at the guys while Angela is rooting her on.

-Most of the jabs are towards Tim but he absolutely loves it bc she is so adorable.

-Steve brings his own cranberry sauce because he’s the only one that likes that nasty shit

-Soda is not allowed in the kitchen, so he “decorates” the house

-Darry cooks from memory while Ponyboy is reading the cookbook and tries to correct him

-“Was that parsely?”

-“Yeah. Why?”

-“The book says to only add basil.”

-“I don’t give a damn what the book says.”

-Everyone brings a little dessert

-Dally even swiped a carton of ice cream

-They have a moment before they eat to silently think of what they’re thankful for

okay, after a lazy sunday and feeling kinda sick on monday/tuesday, i’m now more or less back on track for friendsgiving on saturday (because canada and i don’t get thurs/fri off, we had thanksgiving in october so it is not a holiday here folks, it is my boss pleading with everyone to put in overtime for black friday time (lol no fuck that noise not doing any overtime))

ANYWAYS, i have completed the following:

  • maple nutmeg cookies
  • ginger liqueur
  • gravlax seasoned with citrus, fennel, white pepper, and a tiny bit of clove
  • vegan spinach artichoke dip
  • cranberry sauce

before saturday, i must complete the rest:

  • buy a shit ton of veg
  • buy all the stuff i keep forgetting to pick up on various grocery runs
  • buy bread
  • brine the turkey drumsticks
  • chop root veg
  • prep swiss vegetable medley casserole
  • prep sherry kale stuffing
  • prep pomegranate cheese ball
  • prep stuffed mushrooms
  • clean off my desk (a TORTURE)
Lucky Day

I forgot to buy cranberry sauce, and you have the last can. Don’t make me fight you AU.

word count: 812

happy turkey day everyone!

She scrapes the snow and ice off her car with a shiver. Of course, the first real snow of the entire year had to happen on Thanksgiving.  She tosses her ice scraper in the back seat and gets into the car. She turns up the heater and buckles up. As she pulls out of her driveway, she gets a nagging feeling that she’s forgotten something. The only trouble is she can’t remember for the life of her what it is.

She had her keys, her cell phone and directions to Mary Margaret and David’s new house. What the hell was she forgetting?  Well, it must not be too important.

But a few minutes later, her phone goes off.

Remember the cranberry sauce!

Oh, shit!

Mary had specifically asked her to bring it. She knew that it wouldn’t be that big of a deal because Mary was the sweetest person ever. But they put on this huge feast every year and only asked her to bring one thing. Plus, Mary had reminded her several times. So, she makes a hard right turn and her tires slide in protest.

When she gets to the grocery store the parking lot is absolutely packed. She groans as she sends a quick text to Mary.

Will b late.

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