cranberry pancakes

torchfang  asked:

Hey, I was lookin to see if you had a masterpost of all your gluten free recipes, but I couldn't find one. If you have one could you help me find it?

I can make one right now! 

Algae SoupArtichoke DipAutumn’s BountyBaked Fish, Bean Hotpot (substitute with GF flour), Carp Surprise, Cheese Cauliflower (GF flour) Chowder (GF flour), ColeslawComplete Breakfast (GF flour for Hashbrowns, buckwheat flour for pancakes), Cranberry CandyCranberry Sauce,  Crispy Bass (GF flour), Dish o’ The Sea (GF flour for Hashbrowns), Eggplant Parmesan (no breadcrumbs), EscargotFarmer’s Lunch (GF flour for parsnip hashbrowns), Fiddlehead RisottoFish StewFried EggFried MushroomFruit SaladGlazed YamsHashbrowns (GF flour), Ice CreamLobster BisqueMaki RollMiner’s TreatOmelet, Pale Broth (GF flour), Pancakes (buckwheat flour or GF pancake mix), Parsnip SoupPizza (GF flour), Pumpkin SoupRadish SaladRed PlateRice PuddingRoasted HazelnutsRoots PlatterSaladSalmon DinnerSpaghetti (GF noodles/spaghetti squash), Spicy EelStir Fry (over rice or GF noodles), Super MealTom Kha SoupTrout SoupVegetable MedleyKale and Walnut SaladGrilled Steak and Linguine with Mushroom Cream Sauce (GF noodles), Yellow CurryZucchini Fritters and Spicy Marinara Sauce (GF flour for fritters).

I’m sure some of the recipes I’ve excluded could be made with gluten-free flour as a substitute but I didn’t want to make any assumptions, so I only left the ones that I was certain would work. Sorry for the slow response to this, I was away at my sister’s wedding.

3-ingredient eggless pancakes! These are the easiest pancakes to make, and so nutritious as well!

To make the pancakes:
For 2 servings: Blend 1 cup of oats until it becomes a powdery, flour-like consistency. Into your blender, add ½ ripe mashed banana along with a splash of milk (plant milk if you want to keep this vegan). The amount of milk you use really depends on the thickness of your batter at this point, but I’d start with about ¼ cup first and then work up from there if necessary. Also sprinkle some cinnamon. Blend everything together until it forms a smooth batter.

Heat some oil in a pan over medium heat. Pour your batter in (I use a heaped scoop of batter per pancake). Once small bubbles start forming on the surface, you know it’s ready to be flipped. Repeat the process until you’ve run out of batter and have yourself a nice stack of pancakes!

I topped mine with a generous drizzle of peanut butter, the remaining ½ banana, fresh strawberries, nuts and cranberries.

Here is the recipe for my vegan pancakes:
150 gram buckwheat flour
20 gram sugar
1 tsp baking soda
375 ml sojamilk
½ tsp @finnberry blueberry powder
½ @squarebars Cocoa Cherry
Mix everything in a bowl together, besides the blueberry powder! Make sure to split the dough and mix it with the powder afterwards. Preheat the Pan and fry the pancakes for 2 minutes in it.
For the crumble just preheat a half squarebars and top it.